Bank-Bag: Easter Edition Part-Three

Spring football is under way and recruiting is humming right along at Ohio State, so it's time for Scout's Bill Greene to answer questions from the BSB subscibers.

drewsus: Another for the what-if game... You have mentioned that not using Zeke in the MSU game cost OSU a NC. I agree. However, if Ohio State  squeezes the MSU game out and wins by 3 and if Zeke doesn't rip the play calling after the game does Warriner ever go up to the booth? Or do they keep the status quo and if so does OSU still finish the season as strongly as it did against mich and ND?

BG: I don't place much emphasis on having Warinner in the booth as the reason they played well in the past two games. Warinner was in the booth early in the year when they looked like dog doo-doo offensively, so that doesn't mean anything to me. There's no right way or wrong way to place coaches. It's Urban Meyer's job to have his team in a position to play at their very best each and every week. Zeke didn't get the football against Michigan because Warinner was in the booth. He got the football because the game plan put together early in the week emphasized getting the ball to the best football player in the country. In contrast, the game plan against MSU was more about J.T. Barrett being the main ball carrier behind ten blockers, and going left to avoid running behind Chase Farris or having to throw with Farris in pass protection. It was a fatal mistake, and the thought process would have been the same no matter who was in the booth or on the sidelines. 

Coors73: How serious do you think Meyer is about changing to a more pass oriented attack?  Will this take 1 season or 3?  Do you believe when it gets really gritty against a good team that he reverts back to qb left then qb right as in the MSU game?

BG: I'm not sure we will see that 100% this year, because Barrett is a far better runner than he is a passer. But when you look at the QB's being recruited (Burrow, Haskins, Clark), those guys all throw it far better than they run it, so I do think the change is coming to more of a passing offense in the future. But for this year, I think it will be more of what we've seen the past few years. J.T. Barrett is their best offensive player, and they have to do what he does best. That's the zone read. 

mancow3: Most looking forward to watching on offense and defense this upcoming season? "Sleeper" pick on each side of the ball to have a breakout season.

BG: I guess I would say offense, because I think the defense is going to struggle next season. I'm envisioning a lot of 42-38 games, and Ohio State has to hope they get the 42. I think the offense can score behind Barrett, but I think this defense is going to take a few steps backwards. They're going to miss Chris Ash, a defensive genius, although I like Greg Schiano a lot. And you cannot replace Joey Bosa, Darron Lee, Adolphus Washington, Josh Perry, Vonn Bell and Eli Apple with inexperienced players. I'm expecting a lot of shootouts next season. Sleepers? How about Malik Hooker at safety and Evan Lisle at guard? 

BuckDiego: Favorite Troy Smith story?

BG: Troy was an after thought in the great 2002 recruiting class, with Justin Zwick as the headliner. EVERYONE was so excited about Zwick, and I thought he was really good myself. I saw Troy Smith as a punt returner/wide receiver/defensive back. I remember asking legendary high school coach Thom McDaniels if he thought Zwick would start as a freshman. At the time, Ohio State was pretty awful after Tressel's first season and nobody saw them as national championship caliber. Not too many people were excited about Scott McMullen or Craig Krenzel, and Zwick was thought to be the savior. McDaniels told me "I don't think Zwick will ever start a game for Ohio State in his career. Troy Smith is a much better QB, and he will beat him out and take that job at some point." I couldn't believe what I was hearing, but McDaniels knew his stuff. 

ohiostate2002nc: Does Meyer lack faith in his OL as a whole ? Do u think JT was gun shy to throw downfield last year because of the benching after a few picks ? Does JT lack down field vision ?

BG: I wouldn't say Meyer lacked faith in his O-line as a whole, but the game plan for Michigan State indicated he felt they couldn't handle them, especially Farris. Barrett was not very good early in the year, for whatever reason. Maybe he wasn't fully healthy. Maybe it was the pressure of trying to beat out Cardale Jones. He was pretty special in the last two games however, and that should carry over. I think Barrett is a decent passer, but he's more of a runner in the zone read than he is a great thrower. You play to your QB's strengths. Tom Brady could never run the zone read. I don't think J.T. Barrett could run the New England offense. But both can win for their teams doing what they do best. 

buck1075: Do the Illini win the West within three years with Lovie at the Helm?

BG: Interesting thought. I like Lovie a lot, but he has a long way to go. He needs to overhaul his MAC roster and bring in better players to compete with Wisconsin and Iowa, but he just might be able to do that. I think he's a great choice by Illinois. 

EddieHeisman: Did you watch the Larry Sanders Show?  If you didn't, you should start frown Rashod Berry, will he ever make a difference at OSU?  I liked his athleticism.

BG: Not a fan of the Sanders show. Never got Garry Schandling's humor at all. We have to see about Berry. Not sure he has a position, but you're right about the athleticism. 

Morris2530: Record for the Bucks this year (2016)? Do still talk with Nevada?

BG: Want to hold off on predicting a record until fall. So many guys are out/limited this spring that it's tough to know what they have. Nevada and I are still friends and that will never change, but we don't speak as much as we used to when he was with Scout. 

statboy2: What do you think are the Buckeye's chances with either of the big DTs out of Texas?

BG: Too tough to say right now, although I'm not all that optimistic they land either one to be honest. I think they would be thrilled to hang onto Haskell Garrett, and then add a third tackle. 

notobigkat: Who is being overrated by NFL scouts and who is being underrated by NFL scouts in this year's Ohio State draft class. Over for me would be Bosa Under would be Vonn Bell. 

BG: I think Cardale Jones is being hugely overrated and I don't think he can play at that level. I hope I'm wrong. I see reports of Bosa dropping and I think that's crazy, because he's going to be a star. I agree with you on Bell and I think he will be one heck of an NFL safety. 

40cms401: Best guesses....1. 2 running backs that sign 2. Martell Y/N? 3. Do we get Josh Kaindoh (DE IMG) 4. Position group that is going to cost OSU the most next year?

BG: HAHA, great questions. (1) How about Akers and Dobbins? (2) How about maybe/possibly/probably on Martell? (3) No on Kaindoh. (4) Let's go with safety as the top culprit. 

BuckeyeNatural: How would you rank the in-state WR/H class? I've heard you say before Jalen Harris was probably at the top for you. But I'm curious how you would rank and order Danny Davis, Lynn Bowden and Javonte Richardson currently?

BG: I love this group as a whole. I would have Jaylen Harris at the top for sure. I would have Bowden second, with Davis a close third. Richardson is good, but I would have him below those three by a decent margin. He might be a linebacker at the next level. 

OSUmdFAN: Best guess as to total number in the 2017 Class and who is most likely to finish out as of today

BG: I would think 23 is a working number, but that's going to take a lot of attrition. Out of the class? Doesn't look like things are trending well for Sibley with all the RB's they're chasing. Haskell Garrett and Shaun Wade are both ones to watch as long as they're still taking visits to top schools. 

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