Ohio State Football: Everything Any Buckeyes Coach Or Player Has Said About Austin Mack This Spring

Ohio State wide receiver Austin Mack has impressed both teammates and coaches in his first few months of college football.

Austin Mack lost his black stripe on March 31, just seven practices into Ohio State’s spring.


Even though Mack came to Ohio State as a four-star wide receiver who was a U.S. Army All-American, it’s unheard of for early enrollees at OSU to lose their black stripe in their first spring. If you’ve been paying attention, however, it shouldn’t come as too much of a surprise that Mack was the one to do it.

What follows is a chronological list of every quote from a player or coach discussing Mack since he showed up on Ohio State’s campus in January.

Urban Meyer Feb. 3 (National Signing Day)

“You look down through these names and one that jumps out is a guy like Nicky Bosa. Austin Mack, Demario McCall, those are the most enjoyable ones to recruit.”

Urban Meyer, Feb. 3 (National Signing Day)

“Austin Mack is a guy that’s already made an impact in this program. He should probably play this year.”

J.T. Barrett, Feb. 17 (Winter interviews)

“We have a young freshman, Austin Mack, I think he's going to get some reps. He came in early. He's been grinding out here in the offseason. A lot of young guys to look forward to on the edge.”

J.T. Barrett, Feb. 17 (Winter interviews)

“I talk to guys during workouts and say, 'Go get you a spot.' I'm messing with Torrance, say 'You want to go be the X? Go be the X.' Austin Mack, he and Torrance are going against each other, who wants to be the X? Austin Mack said he wants to be the X. I've never seen him play, but he says he's going to be an X. I threw it to him one time, and asked 'What position do you play?' He said 'X.' Well, in our offense, at the X, you gotta be a Mike Thomas. You gotta be a dog. You know what I'm saying? There was a reason his Twitter handle was @CantguardMike. It wasn't on accident, it was on purpose. It is one of those deals like 'Go get you a spot.' In the spring, that's when you go win a job. Now having so many positions open, that's the mindset. How bad do you really want it? If you really want it, that's when you're going to find out, in the offseason workouts and it’s going to translate to spring ball.”

J.T. Barrett, Feb. 17 (Winter interviews)

“I think early, which was crazy, it was Austin Mack. He's got a little fight in him. That's the thing, when things are hard in our workouts, those are the times you see you're like, ‘All right, he's got a little dog in him.’”

Urban Meyer, March 8 (Spring practice No. 1)

“I think Torrance Gibson and Austin Mack right now are battling for the starting X in practice and then that also gives guys like Paris Campbell, he’s also in the hunt for the starting X, and Terry McLaurin, guys that really have to step up.”

Ed Warinner, March 10 (Spring practice No. 2)

“Austin Mack for a young guy just coming in really has shown some nice things. Terry McLaurin who’s been here, but I really like what I’ve seen out of Terry.”

Urban Meyer, March 11 (Ohio State Pro Day)

“Austin Mack is going to play next year. I know it’s too early to say that and I have a tendency to over-evaluate guys and get too excited about them, but he’s doing fantastic.”

Noah Brown, March 24 (Spring practice No. 4)

“Even watching the young guys out here in the spring – Austin Mack, Torrance Gibson – they can pull their weight.”

Urban Meyer, March 29 (Spring practice No. 6)

“Austin Mack continues to earn time and so is Mike Weber. Just names off the top of my head.”

Greg Studrawa, March 31 (Spring practice No. 7)

“He just plays hard and plays fast. He’s hungry. He’s not taking plays off. Even if he’s wrong, he goes 100 miles per hour and we’ll fix it. We can fix a mistake. Your effort, that’s from within. He goes. He goes.”

Greg Studrawa, March 31 (Spring practice No. 7)

“I think it’s great. I think it’s a testament to his training before he got here – his family and how his coaches trained him before he got here and obviously the training that’s taking place with Coach Mick and his staff in the offseason and winter conditioning. He’s a hungry guy… I think it’s good for other young players to see, ‘That’s a possibility for me too.’”

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