Bank Blog: Spring Game Rumblings At OSU

The Ohio State spring game always brings a lot of excitement to Buckeye fans, and this year is no different. What should folks be on the lookout for on Saturday?

- Najee Harris is a player that I do not feel Ohio State fans are as excited about him as they should be, in my opinion. Do people feel he isn't really all THAT good? Do they feel Ohio State is a longshot to land him? That's too bad, because both of those opinions are incorrect. This is a STUD football player, the kind you win national titles with. I've seen a lot of the top 2017 prospects in America live already. NOBODY comes close to this kid. 

- HOW WOULD I RECRUIT HARRIS? Not that Ohio State needs my two cents, but after seeing Harris at the Future-50 in Orlando, it's so apparent that he's more than a 220-pound battering ram. He is an ATHLETE supreme, and he catches the football as well as any receiver in the 2017 class I've seen to date. He can change direction on a dime. In short, I would sell him that he is not Derrick Henry. Harris is not someone that would be limited to carrying the football 35-40 times between the guards, and getting his head beat in every game. He is more Zeke Elliott, and he can run the football inside or out, and also catch it in space. Why not become a more rounded football player, take less of a pounding, and set yourself up for the NFL in a system that is perfect for your skills? 

- WHAT ABOUT TODD SIBLEY? I did speak to Sibley briefly on Friday, off the record, and he is one of my favorite kids in Ohio for 2017. Since it was off the record, I will honor that. Do I think Sibley will end up at Ohio State? I do not. Will leave it at that for now. If he chooses to speak on the record, we will have that on Scout. 

- WHAT ABOUT DANNY CLARK? I do expect Danny to sign with Ohio State, AND I expect Ohio State to take two quarterbacks in this class. I think some folks have given up on Danny way too soon and written him off. I'm not one of them, and think he has a lot of talent. If Clark continues to work on his game, he has a fine future at Ohio State. He has great size and a rocket arm. Work on getting faster and quicker, and improve the accuracy, and you have a heck of a QB prospect. 

- WHAT ABOUT WIDE RECEIVER? Too soon to panic or worry about Trevon Grimes or Donovan Peoples-Jones. Focus on Jaylen Harris, who has great talent and I think he's a future Buckeye. It might not happen this weekend, but Ohio State will get Harris. That leaves them plenty of time to chase another outside receiver until Signing Day. Grimes or Peoples-Jones committing to anyone today probably means nothing anyway. Welcome to 2016 recruiting. 

- WHAT ABOUT DEFENSIVE BACK? Is this miracle DB class falling apart? I would not say falling apart, but what once looked like it would include Richard LeCounte, Shaun Wade and Lamont Wade now looks quite differently. I still think Ohio State gets Lamont Wade, but the Shaun Wade recruitment looks similar to Terrell Hall or Kareem Walker, and that ending could be near. Do not forget about Amir Riep, who has the talent of all the above mentioned DB's. I have Riep in the class, and he has a chance to be a star so no worries here. 

- WILL ANYONE COMMIT THIS WEEKEND? I know of nobody close, but if I had to guess I would go with offensive lineman Jack Carman, the 2018 Fairfield monster. Jaelen Gill will not be at the spring game because he has a baseball game, but I think it's too soon for him to pledge to Ohio State. But I have Gill as a future Buckeye. Bank That. 

- NUMBERS, NUMBERS, NUMBERS. Timing is everything, and sadly this would be a great year to have 28 openings for Ohio State to add to the 2017 class. They are in a horrible numbers bind, and it's complicated even more by the fact that Ohio State is on so many highly-rated players. As usual, these things always work themselves out, but there might be a little pain going forward inside this class and on the roster. I still see them taking 22-23 recruits, and there are nowhere near that many openings. Again, welcome to 2016 recruiting. 


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