Ohio State Buckeyes Down To 86 Scholarships For 2016

Urban Meyer and Ohio State are still one scholarship over the limit heading into the summer.

If the roster remains the same and all incoming freshmen arrive as expected, Ohio State will have 86 scholarship football players on its roster. The NCAA limit is 85.

After the 2015 season wrapped up it seemed like the Buckeyes might be even further over allowed number of scholarships, but linebacker Kyle Berger was granted a medical hardship after suffering through multiple knee injuries to bring the number down to 87. On Wednesday, Ohio State head coach Urban Meyer announced that defensive tackle Donovan Munger's playing days were over as well, in this case due to the recurrence of a pulmonary embolism.

Even with Berger and Munger unable to continue playing, the arrival of 17 new recruits this summer – not including punter Drue Chrisman, who will grayshirt in 2016 – means the Buckeyes will need to cut down one more scholarship this summer.

(For an enlarged version of the scholarship breakdown click here.

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