Bank Blog: NFL Draft Day One Thoughts

The first night of the 2016 NFL draft is in the books, and it was certainly one of the wackiest opening rounds in league history. What took place Thursday evening?

BIGGEST WINNER OF THE NIGHT? You could make the case that the 31 players drafted are tied as the biggest winner, but after that it's easily Urban Meyer. The Ohio State program was on display last night, and Meyer had every reason to feel as proud as any parent in the green room. The talent was amazing, and don't think recruits at home weren't paying attention. The individual players themselves were so classy and so likeable, that this was a great evening for Meyer and his program. 

BIGGEST LOSER OF THE NIGHT? Somebody REALLY hates Laremy Tunsil, and I'm guessing it will turn out to be his step-father that was behind the video and the text messages. Tunsil lost upwards of eight million dollars, any future endorsement opportunities, his self respect and he might have personally brought down to his college. That was a planned assassination, and not something that was cooked up five minutes before the draft. That was a pre-planned hit that would make Mafia hit men proud. Laremy Tunsil had a really bad night. 

NEXT BIGGEST LOSER OF THE NIGHT? Hugh Freeze has a problem on his hands right now with the NCAA, and even if they can explain away the Tunsil texts, the whole evening was a disaster for the Ole Miss football program. Between Tunsil and Robert Nkemdiche, the Rebels really looked bad. And that's really hard to do with three first round picks. They were lucky Laquon Treadwell came across as normal, because the other two sure looked to be everything that's wrong with college football. By the end of the night, every time they mentioned Ole Miss you felt like you needed a shower.

WHO OWES OLE MISS A HUG? Definitely Nick Saban. On a night when he should have been squirming in his seat regarding the sudden resignation of suspected NCAA rule breaker Bo Davis, he was hardly an afterthought. With Ole Miss dominating the negative news cycle, Saban got a relative pass on the night and I'm sure he sent Hugh Freeze a thank you card today. 

BEST PLAYER IN THE DRAFT? To me, it was clearly Ezekiel Elliott and I would have taken him first overall. I know it's a passing league anymore, but Zeke could be plugged in to the runningback spot for the next decade and a team could build on his back. I never thought much of Demarco Murray, but he ran for 2K behind that great Dallas O-line. I expect Zeke to do the same and more next season. He's also a great blocker and a tremendous pass receiver, so he's my early pick for rookie of the year. And a Hall of Famer in 2029. They have their next Emmitt Smith.

SHOULD HE STAY OR GO? I thought it might be risky to leave early, but obviously Eli Apple and his team had this all figured out way ahead of time. I was hoping my Steelers could get him at #22, but he was long gone before then. He's a Jersey kid, so going to play for the Giants is probably great for him. And I'm sure his parents have to be happy. If only he could cook. 

MADE FOR NEW YORK? Darron Lee has so much personality and is so classy, that the Jets fans are going to love him. If they can become a playoff team, Lee could end up with a lot of endorsement deals. He is a three-down player that is ready for the NFL, so he's my pick for defensive rookie of the year. I thought Lee and his mother, Candice, were the polar opposites of the Ole Miss folks and came across as people you root for no matter who your team is. 

WHAT ABOUT THE OTHER TWO? Do not mean to slight Joey Bosa or Taylor Decker, and both guys were drafted higher than I thought either might go. As was consistent with all the Buckeye draftees, these two also conducted themselves with so much class. For Bosa, it was good to see him become emotional. Decker proved why he made a great choice in returning to Ohio State for another year, and he made himself a lot of money. 

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