Photo Album - 1995

We continue a look back through the years 1988-1998 with a look at some images from 1995. All photos copyright Getty Images.

Here is the next installment of the Buckeye Photo Album.  Here, we relive some of the moments of 1995.

(All images are Copyright of Getty Images)

WR Ricky Dudley

Terry Glenn pulls one out of the sky

CB Shawn Springs

Script Ohio

Rob Kelly

WR Rickey Dudley with the catch

Terry Glenn

Not the proudest moment from the '95 season... wait a minute, is that Mr. Bucknuts?

OSU Offensive Big Men

QB Bobby Hoying Scrambling

Eddie George and the Buckeyes in the huddle

Central McClellion

Mike Vrabel

Vrabel downs Jay Riemersma

Nicky Sualua tears up field!

Larger than life: Orlando Pace

Terry Glenn in action

Nicky Sualua drags the defense


Look for more to come!


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