BSB Staff Draft: Rounds 2-11 Of Our Draft Of The Best Ohio State Football Players

The Buckeyes return just six starters from last years team, but plenty of talent is back for Ohio State. With that in mind we're drafting two teams from the pool of Buckeye scholarship players to determine where the most talent lies and for office bragging rights.

As a fun off season exercise we've decided to have a two-team draft of every scholarship player on Ohio State's 2016 roster.

Not only was this a fun exercise, but one that told us a lot about who the most valuable Buckeyes are, the deepest positions on the roster and the players who need to take a step forward in order to not be forgotten.

Yesterday we outlined the teams (Tim and Blake against Ryan and James) and our respective draft philosophies, all of which you can check out here. We also gave away our top 10 players and the first picks of the draft, which likely would have gone in this order regardless of who picked first.

Off The Board:

  1. Pat Elflein
  2. Raekwon McMillan

Now we move on to the meat of the draft with a look at the next 10 rounds complete with justification for our selections.

Second Round

  • Ryan and James: J.T. Barrett

The gap between Barrett and Joe Burrow might not be as high as it is at other positions, but the experience gap is certainly there. And when it comes down to it, how can you turn down a guy who has shown the ability to be a Heisman candidate while operating Ohio State’s high-powered offense?

  • Tim and Blake: Gareon Conley

We came into this draft content to miss on Barrett if Ryan and James were willing to pull the trigger this high, so we were happy to take Conley here. The unquestioned best corner for Ohio State, we had Conley as the No. 3 player on our board so getting two of our top three with our first two picks was great for us.

Third Round

  • Ryan and James: Jamarco Jones

Conley would have been our pick if Tim and Blake hadn’t snatched him up, but we were more than happy to continue building on the offensive line. Jones played as a reserve in his first two seasons and this spring he was productive enough to win the left tackle job.

  • Tim and Blake: Isaiah Prince

We had Prince No. 10 on our big board, but this was a reactionary pick. With Jones (our No. 6) off the board we felt we had to lock up one of the top two tackles. We just couldn’t afford to miss on both Jones and Prince.

Fourth Round

  • Ryan and James: Sam Hubbard

After using our first three picks on offense, it was time to make sure the Silver Bullets had some high-end talent. Hubbard is an elite talent and goes in line with our philosophy of building around the offensive and defensive lines.

  • Tim and Blake: Curtis Samuel

We were between Hubbard and Samuel here anyway, so we were happy with this pick. Samuel is, in our opinion, the No. 1 playmaker on Ohio State this year. Knowing we will have an inexperienced quarterback it was important to stick to our draft philosophy and start surrounding him with playmakers.

Fifth Round

  • Ryan and James: Malik Hooker

More defensive help arrives. This pick was maybe earlier than most people will have him, but we believe Hooker will not only start at safety but also be one of the biggest breakout stars of 2016. He’s one of the most athletic players on the team and his practice performances drew rave reviews from teammates in 2015.

  • Tim and Blake: Tyquan Lewis

Our top priority positions were offensive line, linebacker, cornerback, skill position and defensive line. We’d checked every box but defensive line to this point so we pulled the trigger on Lewis, the most experienced Ohio State defensive lineman.

Sixth Round

  • Ryan and James: Billy Price

We returned to the offensive line to take a guy that we had as one of our 10 most valuable players. Heading into his third year as a starter, Price should give our offensive line a dominant interior as he pairs with Elflein.

  • Tim and Blake: Michael Jordan

This is admittedly early for a true freshman, but the early enrollee was taking some reps with the first team this spring and we are very high on his ceiling. At 6-7, 316 Jordan should be versatile enough to play either inside or out for us and since this process will result in small rosters versatility is important.

Seventh Round

  • Ryan and James: Nick Bosa

Perhaps slightly forgotten because of the outstanding play of early enrollees Michael Jordan and Austin Mack, Bosa projects to be OSU’s best player in the class of 2016. And with Tyquan Lewis lining up on the other team, the path is clear for him to play alongside Hubbard and give the opposing offensive line nightmares.

  • Tim and Blake: Damon Webb

With Conley and Hooker off the board we felt like Webb was the best defensive back on the board. Another pick based on versatility, we feel that Webb can line up opposite Conley at corner or play safety for us as he did for Ohio State this spring.

Eighth Round

  • Ryan and James: Denzel Ward

Since Conley was already off the board we had to address the defensive secondary before the Scarlet team snatched up another cornerback. Ward was one of four guys in the class of 2015 to play as a true freshman and has the size and speed to excel not only at cornerback but also on special teams if needed.

  • Tim and Blake: Noah Brown

We wanted to go back to playmakers and Brown was the only player from the top 10 on our big board still available. Getting the presumptive No. 1 outside receiver this late seemed like a no brainer.

Ninth Round

  • Ryan and James: Malcolm Pridgeon

We feel like we got a steal here considering Ohio State has a talent dropoff after the first three tackles. Adding a five-star JUCO tackle to pair with Jamarco was a no-brainer and should give Barrett plenty of time to throw to the receivers we’ll eventually get around to drafting.

  • Tim and Blake: Joe Burrow

We needed to get a quarterback at some point and Burrow is clearly the top option behind J.T. Barrett. The threat of Ryan and James taking him to put us in a difficult spot was growing more and more real by the round.

10th Round

  • Ryan and James: Marcus Baugh

With Samuel and Weber off the board, it was important for us to get a player who can make some plays out of the backfield. Although Wilson has struggled with injuries, his ceiling when healthy is still that of someone who would be picked much higher than this spot.

  • Tim and Blake: Mike Weber

We know that we have the lesser quarterback in this situation so our plan to surround him with playmakers continues. We feel we already had the top overall playmaker in Samuel and the top true receiver in Brown so adding the top running back felt like a great move for us.

11th Round

  • Ryan and James: Dontre Wilson

With Samuel and Weber off the board, it was important for us to get a player who can make some plays out of the backfield. Although Wilson has struggled with injuries, his ceiling when healthy is still that of someone who would be picked much higher than this spot.

  • Tim and Blake: Torrance Gibson

The run on offense continues for both teams here. Gibson might have the highest ceiling of any receiver on the Ohio State roster and with the redshirt freshman we have a playmaker group of Samuel-Brown-Gibson-Weber. Ryan and James are going to struggle to stop all those impact players.

Check back with to see how the rest of the draft unfolds and to help us decide whose draft resulted in the better team.

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