BSB Staff Draft: Rounds 12-21 Of Our Draft Of The Best Ohio State Football Players

The Buckeyes return just six starters from last years team, but plenty of talent is back for Ohio State. With that in mind we're drafting two teams from the pool of Buckeye scholarship players to determine where the most talent lies and for office bragging rights.

As a fun off season exercise we've decided to have a two-team draft of every scholarship player on Ohio State's 2016 roster.

Not only was this a fun exercise, but one that told us a lot about who the most valuable Buckeyes are, the deepest positions on the roster and the players who need to take a step forward in order to not be forgotten.

Last week we outlined the teams (Tim and Blake against Ryan and James), our respective draft philosophies, as well as our Top 10 players and first round picks. We then dove into the team-building process with rounds 2-11, selections that saw many of the will-be star Buckeyes come off the board. Still, plenty of talent remains so here are the next 10 rounds. 

Off the Board:

  1. Pat Elflein
  2. Raekwon McMillan
  3. J.T. Barrett
  4. Gareon Conley
  5. Jamarco jones
  6. Isaiah Prince
  7. Sam Hubbard
  8. Curtis Samuel
  9. Malik Hooker
  10. Tyquan Lewis
  11. Billy Price
  12. Michael Jordan
  13. Nick Bosa
  14. Damon Webb
  15. Denzel Ward
  16. Noah Brown
  17. Malcolm Pridgeon
  18. Joe Burrow
  19. Marcus Baugh
  20. Mike Weber
  21. Dontre Wilson
  22. Torrance Gibson

12th Round

  • Ryan and James: Chris Worley

Linebacker was one of the few areas we hadn’t already addressed, and so Worley got the call here. His ability to hold off Jerome Baker thus far in the competition at outside linebacker is a sign of how much he’s improved as of late.

  • Tim and Blake: Jalyn Holmes

We already had Tyquan Lewis locking down one end of the defensive line and with Hubbard and Bosa off the board Holmes was unquestionably the best pass rusher available. With the offensive skill positions locked up it made sense for us to build the defensive line.

13th Round

  • Ryan and James: Tracy Sprinkle

With the end spots already filled, it was time to address the interior of the defensive line. Sprinkle is a player who showed flashes last season and continued to improve this spring. Pairing him with Sam Hubbard and Nick Bosa should lead to a formidable defensive line. 

  • Tim and Blake: Demetrius Knox

To this point we had just two offensive linemen, Prince and Jordan, so we took what we thought was the best offensive lineman available in Knox and got our third starter up front to protect Burrow.

14th Round

  • Ryan and James: Bri’onte Dunn

What’s the point of an offensive line if it has nobody to block for? With Curtis Samuel and Mike Weber off the board, it was imperative for us to pick up Dunn and give the team a veteran option in the backfield.

  • Tim and Blake: Mike Hill 

We’ve already got both of our defensive ends and with Sprinkle off the board Hill is unquestionably the best interior defensive lineman left in our eyes. Hill should eat blocks on the inside and free up lanes for Jalyn Holmes and Tyquan Lewis.

15th Round

  • Ryan and James: Austin Mack

Similarly to the Dunn pick, we had to add some more skill position talent – this time on the outside. Mack is a player that drew rave reviews all spring as an early enrollee and gives Barrett an explosive target.

  • Tim and Blake:  Erick Smith

We’ve already got our top cover corner in Gareon Conley and a safety-corner hybrid in Damon Webb so adding Smith here helps to fill out the back end of our defense. Smith has elite talent when healthy and had he been able to play this spring likely would have been off the board much sooner.

16th Round

  • Ryan and James: Dante Booker

Given that the Scarlet team ended up with Raekwon McMillan, it was important for us to go back to the linebacker room here. Along with Chris Worley, the addition of Booker gives our squad two talented players at the outside linebacker spots.

  • Tim and Blake: Matt Burrell

Another pick that gives us versatility along the offensive line. Burrell came in as a highly rated recruit and drew the most praise out of true freshmen offensive linemen last season aside from Isaiah Prince. He projects as a potential center for the Buckeyes in the future and he’ll play that role for us.

17th Round

  • Ryan and James: Marshon Lattimore

We needed someone to pair with Ward at cornerback, and Lattimore was the pick. He’s had some injury troubles but remains one of the most talented members of the Ohio State secondary.

  • Tim and Blake: Jerome Baker

Baker wowed at the spring game with his one-handed pick, but he brings more to the table. An elite athlete, Baker will slide into the role next to Raekwon McMillan and offers us a strong one-two punch at linebacker.

18th Round

  • Ryan and James: Corey Smith

His career numbers through the 2015 season are probably not where he’d like them to be, but there’s no reason why Corey Smith can’t reach his potential as his college career winds down. While Austin Mack provides the youthful spark, Smith gives our team an experienced receiver.

  • Tim and Blake: Jordan Fuller 

This might be a tad high for a player who hasn’t taken a snap in college, but Fuller is an elite talent and cornerback is a position that proves to be very translatable. He won’t be asked to be the No. 1 guy and can fill in nicely alongside Gareon Conley. 

19th Round

  • Ryan and James: Eric Glover-Williams

In a draft like this where it’s impossible to grab the best players at every position, versatility is key. We liked that EGW could potentially play cornerback or safety, and he clearly has the talent given that he was one of four true freshmen to play last season.

  • Tim and Blake: Evan Lisle 

We still needed to fill out our offensive line and Lisle gives us our fifth starter, perhaps a bit later than we would have liked.

20th Round

  • Ryan and James: Dre’Mont Jones

This is a name we heard a lot this spring, and probably for good reason – Jones can flat-out play. His ACL tear as a senior in high school likely played a role in his redshirt last fall, but at full health he gives you a defensive tackle with the quickness of a defensive end.

  • Tim and Blake: Jashon Cornell

We saw little difference between Jones and Cornell and were comfortable pairing either next to Michael Hill on the inside. With Jones off the board we had to grab the other converted defensive end. 

21st Round

  • Ryan and James: Tyler Gerald

We might have gotten a little too careless in letting Michael Jordan, Demetrius Knox, Matthew Burrell and Evan Lisle slip away, but we believe we got a good one in Tyler Gerald. He started for IMG Academy – which is basically a college team – and was a four-star prospect who enrolled early. Once he gets to full health he could be a star.

  • Tim and Blake: Justin Hilliard 

Hilliard finishes out our starting defense. While he’ll be a second-team player for the Buckeyes this season, we feel he is talented enough to start for many teams. As is the case with Baker, we expect McMillan to bring out the best in Hilliard.

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