Recruiting Update - Brandon Nicolas

Santa Ana (CA) Mater Dei lineman Brandon Nicolas says recruiting could be winding down. A decision could be coming as soon as next month, but right now, things still seem a bit open. Charles Babb caught up with him recently for an update.

Ahh… Summer is almost over. While that may be a real downer for some, for those that love football, it is almost as nice as Christmas. One present that Buckeye fans would love to find under their tree this year is Brandon Nicolas.

While most teenagers spend their last break before their senior year sitting back, relaxing, maybe working some on a summer job for spending money, and hanging out with friends, top football recruits concentrate on using this time wisely. Brandon, a senior this year at Mater Dei, has done just that. Aside from running and lifting (getting an arm that was broken back up to full strength), Brandon has been making stops all around the nation. He has visited campuses and coaches in trying to figure out just where he would like to play football.

While it is easy for fans to get impatient with these young behemoths, it is understandable that they take time in making their decisions on what school to pick. It is a difficult decision "just trying to figure out where I want to go for the next four or five years," Brandon states. "It is a big part of your life. Either going away or staying here. What coaches you are going to be with..."

Indeed it is, especially when every coach under the sun would love to have you on their football team and is busy trying to convince you why you should want to be there with them. Right now Brandon is still hearing from a whole host of schools, including "Colorado, ASU, UCLA, OSU, Arizona, Cal, Nebraska, Notre Dame…"

In other words, the "Who's Who" of college football powerhouses.

At the same time, it only seems logical for Brandon to begin narrowing down his list of choices. Does he have a top three?

"Not really. It is more like a top five I would say. They are all pretty even. Colorado, Arizona State, UCLA, ND, and Ohio State."

What attracts him to each school?

"Colorado – I love their campus. I went out there and visited. I really liked their coaches. Their stadium is right on campus – I like that a lot. ASU – they have great new facilities. The stadium is right there on campus. They have a really good line coach I like a lot. UCLA – They are really close to home and good opportunity to play there early maybe. OSU – Strong tradition and they have good coaches there. Jim Tressel is really good coach. Notre Dame – Another great tradition and great football team. With Tyrone Willingham they are going to be good. I have visited all of those schools, and I really like them all – I like the coaches at them all."

How much longer will these coaches and their fan bases have to wait? Is Brandon enjoying the process? When does he want to pull the trigger?

"Hopefully – at the latest – September," he said. "I want to get it done as soon as possible, but I don't know. There are still a lot of schools that are open – probably the middle of September."

It looks like Christmas will come early this year for some lucky program…


Are you getting tired of the recruiting process yet? "Not too bad. I heard it gets worse in September. I don't like that idea."

What is your dream – what would it look like in 5 years if you were able to get everything you wanted? "I would be still playing in college or the NFL."

So you do not mind if you redshirt? "No."

What are some of your favorite movies? "My favorite recent movies – The American Wedding, Dumb and Dumberer, Basic."

What position(s) will you play this fall? "I will still be playing both ways." (Offensive and defensive line)

Do you want to play both ways or would you prefer to concentrate on one position?

"I like playing both ways. I don't like coming off the field. I think it is more fun if you play the whole game."

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