Photo Album - 1996 ( Pt 2)

Here we have the second part of a two-part series featuring Buckeye football from 1996. There are some shots from some regular season games,and, of course, the best moments from the Rose Bowl victory over Arizona State.

1996 - Part 2

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WinfieldGarnett96 Getty Image)

Winfield Garnett battling the Gophers


Luke Fickell taking a quick breather


Leshun Daniels: One of many big Buckeyes


Celebrating a Buckeye victory


1996 Rose Bowl

David Boston with the big score


Greg Bellisari riding the Buckeye high!


The Buckeye D-Line showing the Sun Devils whose in charge


Stanley Jackson with the getaway


Joe Germaine showing it off in the Rose Bowl


David Boston with another TD


Raise the Trophy!


David Boston basks in the glow of a Rose Bowl victory


"Coop" tips his hat to a Buckeye Rose Bowl victory


These are just some of the best Buckeye moments of 1996. Look forward to more great Buckeye images.



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