Bank Blog: OSU Recruiting Offense

Ohio State has not landed a commitment for the 2017 class since early March, but things are about to heat up with summer camp dates on the horizon. Let's take a look at the offense.

Numbers are still the big issue for Ohio State with the 2017 class, so they've been taking things slowly lately. With the Buckeyes in on so many players that will take late visits and decide near Signing Day, the pace works well. 

There are big satellite dates upcoming, plus Ohio State has their own camps set for June, so I believe this recruiting class is going to expand from 13 to possibly 15 or 16 before July 1. This class also won't look the way it looks today, in terms of who's in and who's not.

QUARTERBACK: They have one committed in Danny Clark, and his situation has been discussed to death. To me, Danny is going to be in this class. He has been their best recruiter, and has helped put the class together. Whether it's gray-shirt, red-shirt, or polka-dot shirt, I believe Danny Clark gets a shirt in February. 

Ohio State will ABSOLUTELY take another quarterback in this class. Two players are in their crosshairs right now, Kellen Mond and Tate Martell. I've always had Mond as the top choice because there's NO WAY he is signing with Baylor. Mond's odds are higher that he signs with Akron than Baylor.

With Martell, he loves the recruiting game and while he could make a commitment tonight, would it mean anything? Can you trust that he is going to be your guy if you get a commitment from him? Will he take visits the weeks before Signing Day? Ohio State is ABSOLUTELY in this game, without question. If you put a gun to my head on who they sign on the first Wednesday in February, I will take Martell. But it might be a fun ride getting to that day. 

RUNNINGBACK: Todd Sibley is still listed as a commit, but that's just window dressing until he formally decommits and finds another school. He's not going to be in this class. I think they would love to take two in this class, because depth is thin behind Mike Weber and Antonio Williams.

They have J.K. Dobbins in the fold, and he is as close to Zeke Elliott in skill set as anyone they've recruited since him. Love this kid's talents, and if they have to settle for one they would be fine with Dobbins.

I think they will get one of Cam Akers or Najee Harris, with Akers being more realistic. Both of these guys have superstar potential. Pair one with Dobbins and runningback depth becomes a strength. 

WIDE RECEIVER: I've had Tyjon Lindsey IN for a few weeks now, and I'm not changing that an inch. I believe he is the slot guy for this class. I think Brendon White could play receiver, but realistically he should start out on the defensive side of the football.

They could get by with one outside guy, but would take the twosome of Trevon Grimes and Jaylen Harris. They will chase both a while longer, but I don't see commitments on the horizon. The wide receiver position has too many bodies now, so adding one outside guy would be fine. They will wait on Grimes until Signing Day. Would they wait that long for Harris? I'm guessing No. 

TIGHT END: Numbers being what they are, combined with the fact that they took three last year, I believe they have to pass this position. Unless an unbelievable talent drops into your lap. Which I do not see happening, so I'm going with none. 

OFFENSIVE LINE: Josh Myers is a given as the next superstar offensive lineman at Ohio State, and he has big time skills. After seeing Jake Moretti at the Columbus Opening Regional, I saw a vastly improved player over last year at Ohio State's camp. I would move Moretti from "pretty good", to "possibly dominant" at the college level.

With two studs in the hopper, Ohio State will go slowly adding a third, but I think they will add a third lineman. My choice? I believe Joel Honigford can be that guy with a strong OSU camp in a few weeks. If they take Honigford, that would probably conclude O-line recruiting, another area where numbers have bordered on being too high. 


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