Bank Blog: OSU Best Guess List

Ohio State currently has the number-one ranked recruiting class in the country for 2017, but what will the class look like on the first Wednesday in February?

First off, the number's issue is real and there is genuine concern over how Ohio State is going to be able to squeeze in a class of 20 or more for 2017. This would have been a great year to bring in 25-28, but that cannot happen. 

Adding to the number's woes is the fact that a lot of these recruits are planning on enrolling early, and it's going to be hard opening up spots next summer let alone on January 1, 2017. Some of these guys will be asked to not enroll early, and a few may be asked to delay for a full calendar year. 

For me, I'm going to try to stick with 20 as the optimal number, knowing full well that is just a guess. While we are guessing, let's try to guess at who fills out the class next February. 

QUARTERBACK: They're getting Tate Martell, so Kellen Mond is OUT. Martell could commit at an Ohio State camp this summer, or it could come at The Opening later in July, but he will be committing to the Buckeyes. Bank That. Martell wants to enroll early, and Ohio State will welcome that to prevent January visits. What about Danny Clark? I still see him in this class if he chooses to be a part of it, but it could be as a gray-shirt. 

RUNNINGBACK: Love J.K. Dobbins, and they will chase big fish like Cam Akers and Najee Harris until Signing Day. I think they end up signing two. I see no possibility of Todd Sibley being in this class, either as a signee or as a gray-shirt. 

WIDE RECEIVER: Trevon Grimes is IN. Bank that. It gets tricky after that, because there might only be room for one more wideout. Tyjon Lindsey is planning on committing to Ohio State this summer, and I believe they will take it. Jaylen Harris appears to be in no hurry, but at some point soon he might be asked to make a decision. They will wait on Grimes to go public whenever he wants, but there is no worry with him being a Buckeye. 

TIGHT END: Have to pass here, unless it's the second coming of Rob Gronkowski. 

OFFENSIVE LINE: They have two beauties committed in Jake Moretti and Josh Myers, but they will take a third. My guess is it will be Ohioan Joel Honigford. If not him, they will try to land Trey Smith. I see three O-linemen in this class. 

DEFENSIVE END: I think they're getting Chase Young, which will put a bow on defensive end recruiting. 

DEFENSIVE TACKLE: I know they're chasing some big-timers here, but I think they will end up signing Jerron Cage and Haskell Garrett. I think two will be it, unless it's Jay Tufele, Marvin Wilson, or someone on that level. 

LINEBACKER: They have Antjuan Simmons in the fold, and would love to add Baron Browning, who I think they just might be able to land. They would take one more after Simmons.

HYBRID: Not real sure where to list Brendon White and Isaiah Pryor, but they count against the number no matter what position they're listed under. Don't see anymore pure athletes for defense.

SAFETY: They want Jeffrey Okudah very badly, and I think they're going to land him as well. That will wrap safety up nicely. 

CORNERBACK: Marcus Williamson is IN. I would lump Shaun Wade in with the uncommitted guys, although I'm more optimistic about them landing him now that he visited. Guaranteed decommits hide from the staff, and this latest visit means Ohio State is in pretty good shape. He will take all of his officials, but I can see Ohio State signing Shaun Wade. Then you're looking at possibly two, but maybe only one, from a group of Lamont Wade, Amir Riep, Jamyest Williams and Darnay Holmes. 

KICKER: I'm assuming Blake Haubeil will be gray-shirting and not enrolling until summer of 2017. 


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