Bank Blog: The Impact Of Tate The Great To OSU

Ohio State's number-one recruiting class received a boost Sunday night with the commitment of the nation's top quarterback Tate Martell. How does Martell's pledge impact Ohio State?

The 2017 Ohio State recruiting class had not received a commitment since J.K. Dobbins back in March, but Tate Martell changed all that Sunday evening by pledging to the Buckeyes. Ohio State currently has the nation's top recruiting class. 

HOW DOES MARTELL AFFECT THE QB POSITION? I'm assuming J.T. Barrett returns next season to Ohio State, and that probably puts Martell as the number-four quarterback, behind Barrett, Joey Burrow and Dwayne Haskins. I see a redshirt year for Martell to learn the offense, and put distance between himself and Burrow and Haskins from an eligibility standpoint. I don't think Martell makes his mark on the field for a few years, but he adds to the quality depth at the quarterback position.

CAN MARTELL PLAY OR IS HE A MEDIA CREATION? Have not seen Martell live yet, only film, but it is impressive. Brandon Huffman and Greg Biggins have both seen the kid in person and swear by his talent. There aren't two guys I respect more in this business than those two, so their evaluation means a lot to me. With Emory Jones probably coming in behind him, and possibly committing very soon, Martell is going to have to be good or he's going to get buried on this depth chart. I would say the same thing for Burrows and Haskins as well. My feeling is the kid CAN play, and might bring some Johnny Manziel-like skills to Columbus.

HOW DOES MARTELL IMPACT THIS RECRUITING CLASS? Martell brings star power to the class, and it was already ranked at number-one. He makes it even more cool to be at Ohio State, and we have to see how that affect other recruits. I already have Trevon Grimes and Tyjon Lindsey as IN the class, but this only reinforces their decisions to come to Ohio State. Does this help attract Marvin WilsonCam AkersNajee Harris? Let's see. 

WHAT DOES THIS SAY ABOUT TIM BECK? That maybe Ohio State fans should get off his back? That maybe he's not an inch away from being fired? That maybe others above him in pay grade screwed up the offense last year? Yes. Yes. Yes. Beck is recruiting his tail off right now, and that cannot be questioned. He has them in position to rake in talent from outside Ohio. 

WHERE DOES THIS LEAVE DANNY CLARK? This is a tough situation, but it's college football in 2016. I do not believe Danny was ever promised he would be the number-one guy, so I do not see this as anything but adding more talent. If Danny Clark wants to be a Buckeye, I believe Urban Meyer will make it happen in a creative fashion. Should Danny decide he doesn't want to bang heads with Haskins, Burrow, Martell and Jones, I believe Ohio State would help him find another school. A point to remember is that Clark has played a major role in recruiting the bulk of this class, and the other recruits like him a lot. 


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