Photo Album - 1998

Here we have some of the best pics from 1998 in this first of a two part series. The Buckeyes were ranked #1 in the preseason in 1998 and were expected to remain in the top spot wire-to-wire but suffered an unexpected loss to Michigan State late in the season. However, the Buckeyes still won 11 games and the Sugar Bowl that season.

The best pics from 1998

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WinfieldGarnett96 Getty Image)

LB Cortland Bullard intimidating the opposing offense


WR David Boston schooling Michigan Wolverine nemesis Tommy Hendricks


S Damon Moore with the menacing stare-down


LB Andy Katzenmoyer ready for battle


QB Joe Germaine better have a permit for that gun


WR Michael Wiley catching 'em any way he can


DE Rodney Bailey playing it cool on the sideline


FB Matt Keller exploding through the Wolverine D-Line


WR David Boston tip-toeing the sideline and getting props from his boy Damon Moore


WR Ken-Yon Rambo holding on tight


Brooks Burris getting ready to take charge on the field




Stay tuned for more from 1998!



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