Bank Blog: OSU June Camps Are Over

Ohio State concluded their third summer camp day for June last Friday, and several top prospects made appearances throughout the month. Where do things stand with Ohio State recruiting?


The big news with this position group is that Ohio tackle Joel Honigford was told that Ohio State will not be recruiting him going forward. He was at camp last Friday competing for an offer, and was told that is not going to happen. I expect Honigford to end up at Oregon, Michigan State or Auburn, so this kid can play. 

Why would they let Honigford go without at least keeping him on the line as a possibility for down the road? The only answer for me is that they KNOW they have a big-timer lined up that they feel good about. Could it be Trey Smith? Yes, it could but I don't know that. 

Trust that they are going to pull at least one, and possibly two, big time linemen for this class. Bank That.


I know Trevon Grimes no-showed OSU for the 4,876th time, but I'm not worried at all. My people tell me he "should" be in Columbus for Friday Night Lights, and that he's all Buckeye. 

Tyjon Lindsey is IN, if they want him, and I assume they do. Not so enthused about Ohio State adding Jaylen Harris as I have been previously. He's in no hurry, and I think they're pressing for a decision. They wanted him on campus and he never made it, and it's a lot easier getting to Columbus from Cleveland than from Fort Lauderdale.

An interesting player to watch is Caleb Stoneburner, because I think Urban Meyer was quite intrigued by Stoney at camp. Is there room for him right now? Maybe not. Could he be a gray-shirt candidate for later enrollment? Stay tuned.


I have Jeffrey Okudah IN this class. There's your next Vonn Bell. What about cornerback? Marcus Williamson is committed and solid to Ohio State. Then you have Shaun Wade, who they're treating as a prospect they need to recruit. And they do. It's either OSU or Bama for Shaun Wade.

Then you have three cornerbacks, Amir RiepLamont Wade and Jamyest Williams, and I think this would be Ohio State's order of how they view these three. It would be my order.

With Riep, I think Michigan State is the favorite to land him, but he had a great visit to Ohio State last week. Was it enough to bring him back to the Buckeyes? I'm not sure. If OSU doesn't get Riep, they will get one or both of the other two. I don't think there's room for all three.

*** TIGHT END ***

I still don't see OSU taking a tight end in this class, especially if they get creative and add Stoneburner. You have Trenton Gillison for the 2018 class, and you also have Blue Smith on the line.

Now you can't get Blue as a tight end, so you recruit him the way they recruited Torrance Gibson as a (wink, wink) "quarterback". Tell him he's a wideout, and once he's signed show him his future lies at tight end. 


Not much change here, although they might have moved up for Anthony Hines, over Baron Browning. I think they land one of these two potential studs.


Obviously, they're set at QB with Tate Martell, and there is nothing new to report with Danny Clark. They are trying to add players at both D-line and RB, but I don't have much to report on either position at this time. 


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