Quotebook - Adrien Clarke

OSU OL Adrien Clarke spoke with the media today, and Dave Biddle has the results of the Q&A posted now.

Some of the defensive players have been talking about re-claiming the scarlet jerseys on Saturday. Have you heard any of this?

"Not so much. Being on the offensive line, we don't really hear much of anything. We just go out there and do our jobs. But if they want the red jerseys back, they have to fight for it. That's all I have to say."

With the scrimmage almost here, is there a light at end of tunnel as far as camp goes?

"Pretty much. This right here shows exactly where we're at right now. It shows us if our offense is as good as we say we are. Because, let's face it, we're facing one of the best defenses in the nation on Saturday. Especially one of the best D-lines in the country. So, it shows us where we are at right now and what we need to improve on."

How good is the offensive line? Is it night and day compared to last year at this time?

"I feel we are pretty good. There are certain areas we need to improve on and that we are improving on. As of right now, I think we're gelling as a unit and I can honestly call ourselves a unit. I don't think it is night and day, but we are definitely a better unit and a more confident unit."

Is pass protection the area the O-line still needs to improve on the most?

"Pass protection is always the hardest thing as an offensive lineman. So, of course that is something we need to improve on. But, day by day, we are getting better."

Looking ahead to the Washington game, if Clarett is out, will you get extra satisfaction if you can run the ball well using your backup running backs?

"Truthfully, I don't even look at them as backups. I feel they could start anywhere, even here. As long as they go out and do their job, we are going to do our job. We are confident in each other. We feel like we can play with, or without, whoever is here."

Have you started game planning for Washington yet?

"No, we've just been concentrating on ourselves so far. Just getting us together and make sure we have all our formations taken care of and all our assignments taken care of. Then, once Washington comes around, we'll start worrying about Washington. But right now, we're just worried about gelling as a unit."

When will you start game planning? Next week?

"Truthfully, I have no idea. It will probably be next week though."

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