Bank Blog: OSU Best Guess List Mid-July

Ohio State currently has the number-one ranked recruiting class in the country for 2017, but what will the class look like on the first Wednesday in February?

The last "best guess" list was published in early June and there have been a few developments since then that could impact this class before National Signing Day.

The numbers issue is real and it is probably the driving force in building this class. They are probably trying to stay around 20, which will require lots of roster management, but 21 or 22 would not shock me either.

Regardless, this is absolutely going to be a great class and will end up being the highest rated class in the Urban Meyer era with an average star rating well above 4.0. 

QUARTERBACK: In the last update we successfully predicted that Tate Martell was IN and that Kellen Mond was out of the picture. We also had Danny Clark staying in this class, and I still feel that way today. Might end up needing to be creative, but I see Danny at Ohio State. This position is done.

RUNNINGBACK: Now that Todd Sibley has officially moved on to Pitt, Ohio State will continue to pursue both Najee Harris and Cam Akers, with the latter being a real possibility. I love J.K. Dobbins, but there are rumblings he might not be too happy about Ohio State adding another back to this class. If Akers jumps aboard it will be worth tracking Dobbins to see how that rests with him. 

WIDE RECEIVER: Trevon Grimes is IN and there are no worries there. Grimes falls under when, not if. There are no plans to take three wideouts, so that does not bode well for Jaylen Harris being in this class. He knows the drill, and I think he's fine with waiting it out and going elsewhere. That leaves Tyjon Lindsey and I have him as IN the class and probably the next one to commit. Two and done is the plan right now.

TIGHT END: This is a position where they need subtraction, not addition. See earlier references to dead guys in Cowboy movies.

OFFENSIVE LINE: LAST MONTH:  "They have two beauties committed in Jake Moretti and Josh Myers, but they will take a third. My guess is it will be Ohioan Joel Honigford. If not him, they will try to land Trey Smith. I see three O-linemen in this class." WRONG on Honigford. WRONG on three. BUT correct on still trying to land Trey Smith, who they love. If they don't get Smith, then they will stick with three and that will eliminate one of my WRONG'S. 

DEFENSIVE TACKLE: LAST MONTH: "I know they're chasing some big-timers here, but I think they will end up signing Jerron Cage and Haskell Garrett. I think two will be it, unless it's Jay Tufele, Marvin Wilson, or someone on that level." THIS MONTH: they aren't getting Marvin Wilson, but Tufele is still on the radar. Not much has changed with this position group. 

DEFENSIVE END: LAST MONTH: "I think they're getting Chase Young, which will put a bow on defensive end recruiting." THIS MONTH: They're getting Chase Young, which puts a nice bow on the position.

LINEBACKER: I still feel real good about the chances of Ohio State landing Baron Browning, but I now feel just about as strong that they can also pull Anthony Hines. These guys would be a Texas two-step that Luke Fickell would dance all night to. I think they would go one more in this group for Hines, but probably only him. 

SAFETY: Two words----- Jeffrey Okudah. He is coming to Ohio State and he might be the best overall football player in this class. A bigger, more physical Vonn Bell. My choice for a three-and-out guy in this class. 

CORNERBACK: And now it gets interesting. Very interesting. I was pretty sure Amir Riep was going to Michigan State in the last update, but now it's Lee Corso time, with a little "not so fast my friend" thrown in there. Ohio State has battled back with Riep and made him a priority recruit, which could get him in this class. I think they want Riep and Shaun Wade more than they want Jamyest Williams, Darnay Holmes and/or Lamont Wade, and I would agree 100% with that line of thinking. They are looking at Shaun Wade as an uncommitted recruit that they still have to land, and that's exactly how I see things. But they can still win this one. The good news is Riep deciding in two weeks, which lets you know where you stand. Should they land Riep, and I think it's better than 50-50 that they do, it will let them decide what to do with Williams, Holmes and Lamont Wade. 

STOCK UP: Cam Akers. Trevon Grimes. Tyjon Lindsay. Trey Smith. Chase Young. Baron Browning. Anthony Hines. Jeffrey Okudah. Amir Riep. 

STOCK DOWN: Jaylen Harris. Najee Harris. Donovan Peoples-Jones. Marvin Wilson. 


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