Excerpts from Ask the Insiders Message Board

We have a look today at some of the topics discussed on the Ask the Insiders Message Board this week. Take a look.

Below are some excerpts from recent posts on the Ask the Insiders message board.  We have some posts on various topics:

  • Duane Long with some news on high school scrimmages: "My eyes and ears in Stark county, Bill Greene, made a tour of scrimmages yesterday... Mike Massey was the best player he saw all day. Says he had 5 or 6 sacks and 5 or 6 pressures. Dominated the line of scrimmage, beat double teams and in general reeked havoc. He spoke to him and thinks the Buckeyes are the team to beat.

    "(Brian) Hoyer looked really good. Bill shares my opinion that he has better physical tools than Zwick and he showed well early leading St. Igs down the field on their first possession. He was so impressed that he went and talked to the gregarious Hoyer and found him solid and unwavering in his commitment to Michigan State."
  • Question on Delbert Ferguson: "I'm kinda suprised Delbert Ferguson has not been offered yet by Ohio State. Do you still think he gets an offer, and will it be too late if/when it happens?" 

    Duane's answer:
    "We are not going to see Ohio State or anyone offer him until he gets on the field again. He needs to clear up the hands issue and right now the injuries are a concern."
  • Dave Biddle responding to a question on a few Buckeye players: "Stan White was playing a lot of H-back on Monday, so he obviously can play tight end or fullback if need be. He seems to be strictly an offensive player right now... Curt Lukens and Reggie Smith are playing OLB... RJ Coleman is playing guard and will be a starter next year IMO. He is quick and strong and really seems to excel on the pull blocks. If they go with a O-line rotation like Bollman has hinted, then we could see a lot of Coleman this year."
  • Question on LB James Bryant: "IMO James Bryant is big for a high school LB. Do you think he may end up a DE when he plays next year in college?"

    Duane's Answer: "In most cases I say yes but this kid claims a 4.4-4.5 forty. He has a better shot at staying at LB than most 240 lb high school LBs."

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