Bank Bag: Football's Starting PART-ONE

High school and college football are about to begin and excitement is high in Ohio. The BSB subscribers have questions and Bill Greene has the answers.

Hayze: What players in the 2018 class would you say are near locks to be Buckeyes?

BG: Just going to look in-state right now. Let's go with Jaelen Gill, Chris Oats, Jack Carman, Trenton Gillison (if offered) and Tyreke Smith (if offered). It's too early to look at out of state kids, although I believe Emory Jones is IN. 

bridgette: With the football season continuing to get longer during the recent past with adding the extra game, conf championship games, and bowl games - does it not make sense to expand the total scholarships from 85 to 90?  With injuries this seems to make sense to me. My guess is even though it would mean more sholarships across the country for players, they are afraid of the top teams getting those extra players. Question #2 - When does the Bill Greene golf season end?  When football starts or when the snow starts?

BG: I don't think they NEED to expand scholarships to 85 at all, but if it gets more kids in college I'm all for it. The NFL gets by with drastically less numbers than college and they do quite well. Last year, Ohio State redshirted over 20 players. Hard to sell me that they need more bodies, but again I like it for the aspect of seeing more players become educated for free. My golf season ends when the temperatures dip into the mid-30's. If it high 30's and low 40's, I'm playing. 

kirkbride: Watching some of the clips on Jones from FL, it looks like he has a long delivery dropping the ball down to his hip. Was this just a rare moment or something that needs addressed.

BG: Assuming you mean Emory Jones out of Georgia from 2018. I love the kid. The delivery might not be Tom Brady, but he's not Terrelle Pryor either. Jones might need tweaked a bit, but he still has two years of high school left. He's going to be fine. What you mentioned didn't appear serious to me. 

BadHabit48: The staff took three linebackers last year, three the year before and could potentially take up to four (assuming one of White/Pryor move down) this year. Do you feel this kind of depth at the position is necessary? Also, on a more hypothetical note, assuming Michael Jordan starts at guard this year, do you feel the staff would be inclined to move him over to tackle when a spot opens up or would they keep him at the position they know he can play at the college level?

BG: I only count two from last year, Borland and Jones. Don't see Malik Harrison as an LB. This year, I'm just not sure they know where Pryor and White play in college. If they get the two out of Texas, that could cause Antjuan Simmons to get a little nervous. Regarding Michael Jordan, him starting this year is a commentary on the development, or lack of, for the returning linemen in my mind. Hate starting freshman O-linemen, unless they're Orlando Pace. I don't see Jordan as Pace. If he's all that, I definitely see him having the ability to play tackle if they need him there. 

osubuckeye12189: If you're putting money down in Vegas, you putting it on Trump or Hillary to win the White House?

BG: The demographics in this country currently sure doesn't favor the Republican candidate. Forty years ago Ronald Reagan could get 63% of the white male vote and win in a landslide. Four years ago Mitt Romney got 62% of the white male vote and got killed. Therefore my money would be on Hillary to win easily, with approximately 315 electoral votes. 

shoefan:  In this new age of where so many recruits receive an offer, how does a player know that he truly may still have a spot available and how does he proceed with his verbal announcement? Do all players have to receive permission before an announcement? If so, who on staff would he have to contact?

BG: You want to know if you have a valid offer? Try to commit to the head coach. You definitely should have your commitment cleared and know it will be accepted before announcing it. I would want to hear it from the head coach, or if it comes through the position coach, have him let me know the head coach approves beforehand. 

BuckeyeAlum98: Buy or sell: 1. Meyer still at Ohio State in 2026 2. Next Ohio State coach will come from Meyer tree and not Tressel tree 3. Harbaugh still at M*chigan in 2020 4. JTB remains at Ohio State in 2017, leads team to NC and wins Heisman 5. Zeke wins NFL Rookie Of The Year Question: Which one uncommitted player, irrespective of class, would you say Bucks should pursue and will have greatest impact if they land him?

BG: 1- Gotta sell that one. Don't see Meyer going through this grind into his 60's. 2- Gotta come from the Meyer tree. Who can coach from the Tressel tree? Haynes? Hazell? Siciliano? Doc? Bollman? 3- I think Harbaugh will be at Michigan in 2020. He might settle in there and decide that will be his last job. 4- I think J.T. SHOULD stay because I do not see him as an NFL QB at all. But he's telling people this will probably be it in Columbus. 5- YES, YES, YES on Zeke. I'm taking him first overall in any draft I'm in. Demarco Murray stinks and he set records behind that Dallas O-line. Zeke might win MVP. BONUS: The best football player I've seen for 2017 is Najee Harris, so I would choose him. 

joebuckeye: The best year of football talent in Ohio since you started following it? Will OSU stack back-to-back great classes in 2017 and 2018? Who wins a conference championship first? Penn State or Miami Hurricanes? The most talented football player from Ohio to never pan out for whatever reason?

BG: Great question, but I'm still partial to the 2002 group of Mo Clarett, Mike D'Andrea, A.J. Hawk, Bobby Carpenter, Justin Zwick, Troy Smith, Rob Sims, Doug Datish, and a bunch of other good ones. Yes, Ohio State recruiting is going so strong that I definitely see great classes in 2017 and 2018. I would go with Miami over Penn State, for two reasons: A- The division Penn State plays in is so loaded and not changing soon. B- I believe in Mark Richt and there's nobody in the Coastal he shouldn't be able to handle. The most talented player from Ohio to never pan out is Clarett by far, although he had 8 or 9 great games for Ohio State. As far as a total bust, I would go with Dareus Hiley out of Glenville in 2003. He had more talent than any other kid I've seen before or since. 

dirtysouthbucks: best player you've seen now that summer camp tour is staring to wind down?   how many more years do you think saban will coach?  lot of chatter down here (gulf coast) that he really came close to retiring after this past season.  dabo Sweeney a shoe in to replace him? most important recruit for OSU in 2017? where is najee harris going to land?

BG: Najee Harris is probably going to be the answer to a few of these. I think Nick Saban is very comfortable in his spot at Bama and I think he might go a few more years. When you're winning national titles every other year it's hard to walk away. Dabo Sweeney makes all the sense in the world to replace Saban, unless he doesn't want to be the guy to replace the greatest coach in college football history. That's a burden to carry. They aren't getting Harris, so let's go with Shaun Wade as most important. I think Harris just might stick with Bama in the end. 

buck1075: Akers in or out?

BG: OSU definitely has a shot and a good one, but I can't call him IN right now. 

diznick: How is Malcolm Pridgeon looking in workouts? Urban said he expects Michael Jordan to start. Any chance Pridgeon shuffles the deck? I thought Weber was more of a "big back," but it appears Marotti has him slimmed down. Is there a good RB comparison to Weber in OSU history? Will Cory Smith truly "break out" this year? Who is the deep threat? The DL looks really deep. The LBs look really shallow. Agreed? DBs 1. Conley 2. Lattimore 3. Hooker 4. Webb... Who is 5, 6, 7 re: nickel and depth chart? Who is the best player on the team? What is the best unit on the team? Who is your "freshman of the year?

BG: Have not heard a thing on Pridgeon yet. Coming in this late, Pridgeon needs to be really good to jump into a starting role. Tough to see Pridgeon starting. Weber is a Combo back, similar to Zeke. Weber is jacked up. Hopeful Corey Smith has a big year. Not sure they have a true deep threat like a Devin Smith right now. Let's see who develops, but I see Smith, Brown and Mack as possession guys. The DT's concern me, although the DE's are as good as any in America. Agree on LB's being totally unproven. For the DB's? Give me Gareon Conley. After that it's a crapshoot. The guys you mentioned are in the mix, So are Eric Glover-Williams, Denzel Ward, Damon Arnette and Erick Smith. And everyone else on the roster that plays DB. Best player on the team? Raekwon McMillan. Best unit? The DE's. Freshman of the year? Austin Mack. 

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