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Bank Bag: Football's Starting PART-TWO

High school and college football are about to begin and excitement is high in Ohio. The BSB subscribers have questions and Bill Greene has the answers.

jchiero08: Which additional 2017 recruits commit to OSU?  Any current commits you think might de-commit.

BG: I think Ohio State will land Jeffrey Okudah, Trevon Grimes, Tyjon Lindsey and are squarely in the mix for Cam Akers, Jay Tufele, Baron Browning, Anthony Hines and Darnay Holmes. They need to re-recruit Shaun Wade. As for a decommit? You wonder about Danny Clark obviously, and how would landing the Texas LB's affect Antjuan Simmons. 

buckeyeinsc:  Is there a recruit that maybe deep under the radar they will sign in Feb? Or with numbers thats not possible?

BG: Tough to say right now because they have identified most of the targets they want. But things can and usually do change later in the year, so maybe they grab a Marvin Wilson or a Najee Harris late? 

binarysniperbuckeye: I now you have Okudah as IN. When do you see him deciding? Also Bill, which recruits do you see ending up in this class?

BG: I believe Okudah has a decision date set next month, but I would have to double check that. Most of the names I see were named above, but things usually get nutty after January so watch out for a surprise or two. 

nwohiobuck1: There will be a lot of new faces catching passes this year.  Who do you think will become JT's favorite target and lead the team in receptions this year?

BG: Great question, but impossible to answer. Maybe Noah Brown if healthy? Or maybe Corey Smith? Maybe it's time for the tight end to be the primary target and Marcus Baugh goes off? 

victor64: Does Danny Clark stay? Ward or Lattimore at CB? Any chance Parris Campbell gets some look at RB? You have questioned his hands.

BG: I think Danny remains in this class in the end. Both Ward and Lattimore are in the mix to start, one at corner and one at the nickel. I might favor Ward because he's always healthy. I thought Campbell would play runningback or corner at Ohio State because I've never seen him catch the football comfortably and easily. Maybe he's hit the gun machine and gotten better at catching the football? We will see. 

joebuckeye: Who do like at inside linebacker next year? Do you still like our chances at landing one of the TX linebackers?

BG: Next year will be important because Raekwon McMillan is gone. I want to see who is the true backup in the middle this year. My guess is it could be Justin Hilliard. I definitely like OSU's chances with both Browning and Hines. 

NorthwestBuckeye: Hi Bill, thanks for doing all that you do. My question is regarding our linebacker corps...how well do you think they will perform this year? It is my opinion that Lee and Perry will be very difficult to replace and that, despite his ranking, Booker is a big drop off from that pair.

BG: I would agree 100% and from what I've seen so far there's a HUGE dropoff between Lee and Perry to Booker and Worley. But that's why they line up and play the games. Booker has the talent to be a heck of a player, no question about that. He needs to be more physical. I think Jerome Baker will eventually push Worley for PT.

rookeye: Bill, you and Teddy have alluded to a number of coaching changes on the OSU staff after this season.  Is Urban aware of which particular coaches plan on moving on, or is it more of a general feeling that there may be changes after the season? I know its hard to predict, but with such a stellar recruiting class how do you see the recruits reacting to these potential coaching changes?

BG: Yes, I think Urban knows that assistant coaches moving on is a direct result from having such a great program. If Ohio State doesn't fall off the map, Greg Schiano will be a wanted man. And he wants to be a head coach again. It also might be time for Luke Fickell to spread his wings and take an outside job to better prepare him to be the head coach at Ohio State. I don't think any assistant leaving would affect this class at all. 

Todd2854: Negative recruiting seems to be an interesting topic at the media day. College football is a business and the coaches are in to win. I'm not sure I see a big issue with the so called negative recruiting whether Meyer does it or not. Just wanted your thoughts as to what your he thinking is of negative recruiting

BG: I don't know what negative recruiting is, to be honest. You either get the purchase order, or your competitor gets it. EVERY coach says what he feels he has to say to recruit the best players. Everyone sings from the same hymnal. It's a non-issue to me, but makes for good media fodder. 

buckeyebones:Which of our 2017 commits / targets do you think might get bumps in their ratings?

BG: Tough one to answer because everyone is ranked so high right now there's not much room for moves upward. Maybe Shaun Wade up to a five-star? 

JohnCarrollBuckeye:Has Urban had any conversations yet with current players telling them they should start to look into transferring?

BG: I wouldn't think so, because now is not the time for it. That conversation will take place after the bowl game if it has to happen. Anyone reporting next week figures to be in the mix to play this year.

NoKyBuck: For 2018, yes I know that is really, really early but......, what player(s) in your mind is/are the MUST get player? What will be the biggest area of need in 2018? Will any LB move down and play with their hand on the ground in 2016, if any? Of the remaining prospects for 2016 who is the biggest need? Thanks for this and make the next one with videos please. What position group will have the biggest attrition by NSD?

BG: I think you always need to have your home state covered, so Jaelen Gill, Chris Oats and Dallas Gant would be guys I think they need to land. For 2018, I still think they need IMPACT D-tackles. I like Garrett and Cage, but think they need a few bigger monsters inside. I think they're too thin at LB to move anyone down, and I think the DE's are as good as any in the country. I think they need a second RB to go with Dobbins. Attrition? Tough to say, maybe wide receiver? 

timoz: Who are the four playoff teams? Thanks for doing this Bill, great feature.

BG: I think Florida State can win it all this year. They were Ohio State last year with so many new and unproven players. They have experience now. Others? How about Michigan, UCLA and LSU? I'm only going with FSU for sure right now. Want to wait for the season to start before picking my four team officially. 

luvosu: Why do you think Urban excepted Danny Clarks verbal so early in the process and do you now think he regrets that decision?

BG: I thought it was way too early to offer and accept a kid that young. Didn't think it was good for Ohio State, and not good for Danny either. Not sure Urban looks back on that one and thinks he did the right thing, but I do think they like Danny. If they didn't, they would cut him loose. 

Tom45: Were you surprised Gillison did not work out at FR night lights? Seemed like a strange decision if he wants an offer...

BG: I'm going to cut the kid some slack here. He did work out for OSU at camp two weeks earlier. Also, his team was in a big 7on7 that day so I'm going to give him a pass. 

Coors73: Bill I'm from NW Ohio but follow highschool ball state wide.  Who are the top teams D1 through D3?  Who wins the B1G?

BG: I think D-1 is wide open, but the teams in the southern part of the state could be the strength this season. For D-II, I think La Salle lost too much and my Perry team did also, so that's tough to say. For D-III, I think Akron Hoban might be even better this year. 

bucksoup: Does JTB finally become a throw first QB this season, similar to how Troy Smith developed?What are your 5 most favorite golf courses in Ohio?

BG: I don't see Barrett being a throw first QB at all this year because that's not the type of player he is and it's not really the type of offensive system Urban has ever run before. So I'm very skeptical. I think Barrett runs the zone read a lot. A LOT. I don't think he can throw the football well enough to be a throw first guy, but we might be surprised. Five favorite Ohio courses? No order, but Brookside in Columbus is sweet. I love Wilkshire in Bolivar, the Quarry in Canton, Reserve Run in Poland, Eagle Sticks in Zanesville and Shale Creek in Cleveland. 

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