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Bank Bag: Football's Starting PART-THREE

High school and college football are about to begin and excitement is high in Ohio. The BSB subscribers have questions and Bill Greene has the answers.

bobosu:  How do you see the RB recruiting end up? There is one committed and one Possible future commit. Like your take on the RB recruiting this year.

BG: Love J.K. Dobbins and think he can be pretty special. That said, depth is not good at all and I think they need two runningbacks in this class. I think Ohio State knows it too. Will bringing in another one cause Dobbins to look elsewhere? That's a key point to follow. 

KansasCityBuckeye: How long will Greg Schiano's contract be at Penn State when he is hired there after this season? What staff will he take with him?

BG: I actually think Penn State is going to be pretty good this year, so James Franklin might earn a contract extension. Should Franklin be let go, Schiano makes all the sense in the world to me. I doubt Schiano would take anyone of high value with him. Chris Ash didn't. 

otterbuc: What's your 2 deep for the OL. And approximately how many guys on the current team would you characterize as "couldn't play dead in a western?"

BG: You start with Pat Elflein and Billy Price first off. Then it looks like Michael Jordan and Jamarco Jones are starting. I have Isaiah Prince as the fifth guy. The next group? Maybe guys like Knox, Burrell, Bowen, Taylor and Lisle? With Feder, Trout and Pridgeon looking to sneak in? LOTS of question marks here. Including the new position coach. As for the second part I'd say "not too darn many" to be politically correct and not overtly mean to a few guys. 

dplaw: Is DT Thompson gone for good?

BG: I would think so. Grade issues. Been injured a lot. Questionable talent. Not a pretty combination. 

buck1075: Give me two players that nobody is really talking about that we will make a huge impact on this season.

BG: I am going to go with Denzel Ward, who could end up starting at cornerback ahead of some older guys. And I also think Jerome Baker will end up beating out Chris Worley at linebacker. 

Sports509: What highschool teams in Ohio do you feel are elite? Is the lack of taking Ohio kids helping the other BIG schools and hurting tOSU rep with coaching staffs? Ask this every time but any more talk of expansion down the road?

BG: There are way too many elite teams in Ohio to mention all of them, but coaches like Chuck Kyle, Steve Specht, Tom Bolden, Brian White, Tom Lombardo, Jay Minton, John Rodenberg, and others make their schools elite all by themselves. I don't think not taking marginal kids has hurt Ohio State with the Ohio coaches at all. When one of their kids gets offered they usually jump at the chance. Expansion is not my area of expertise at all. My unprofessional opinion is that the Big 12 cannot keep Texas and Oklahoma happy much longer. Once these two powers bolt, that would be the end of that conference and bring about four super conferences, which has to happen I believe. 

TB777: Who ends up with more career TD Pass receptions out of Noah Brown, Austin Mack, Torrance Gibson, and Trevon Grimes? Which College or High School coach or player is the best golfer you have ever played with? If you could add one coach from another staff to OSU's, who would it be and why? Five years from now, will Harbaugh at Michigan or Dantonio at MSU have the upper hand? IF you could add one former OSU player from any era to make this team better who would it be?

BG: Wow, tough first question. I'm going to go with Austin Mack on the wide receiver question. I really don't play golf with many coaches at all. Adding a rival coach? Lincoln Riley as offensive coordinator. Why? He's pretty special. I think in five years Harbaugh just might be able to turn things back in Michigan's favor, but that won't be easy. Dantonio is elite and one of the best in America. I would take Ezekiel Elliott to return to Ohio State because he is the best pure football player I've seen in the past few years and he makes the Urban Meyer offense go. 

WraithBuck: Was Terrelle's punishment too harsh in your opinion?

BG: Yes it was. Ohio State overreacted and went too far with Pryor in banning him from campus for five years. He deserved to be thrown out of the program, but that would have been enough punishment. in my opinion. 

cjdjbucknuts: What Olympic events do you watch?

BG: Less and less with each passing Olympic year. What seemed so big when I was a kid just doesn't mean all that much to me now. I'm not sure why. 

ohiostate2002nc: is the Michael Jordan will/can start a smoke screen to motivate his upperclassmen OL ? What is a good # of OL to carry on a 85 man roster ?? what position group do you worry about the least (besides QB).

BG: The Michael Jordan thing sure seems real to me and not any kind of smokescreen. I don't like it, because I think it is a commentary on the older guys. I've asked tons of college coaches this very question and the consensus answer would be 15. Position group I worry about the least would be the defensive ends, because they're elite and proven. I'm with you on the quarterback as well. Everywhere else is a big concern to me.

ohiostate2002nc: Can OSU change its future schedule to be more strategic ??  ie schedule Indiana wk before Michigan etc ..schedule a patsy for week 1 in anticipation of possible 1 gm suspensions that occur during summer ..if so, who does this fall on ?? AD ?? Having Mich St and Mich back to back wks is not ideal .. why was this not considered. Why not have your week off after week 7 or 8 or 9 when the grind/injuries are at its worst.

BG: Not sure how flexible things are with the schedule, so I'm probably not the guy to ask. They do have a patsy for week-one this year with Bowling Green, but last sure was a lot tougher with Virginia Tech. That does make sense though. I don't know who this falls on and how much each individual school can dictate who and when you want to play with the Big 10. I like the bye week later in the year also, and think it makes sense before MSU or Michigan. 

ohiostate2002nc: When facing lesser opponents (Tulsa, BG, Indiana, etc) should OSU go up tempo (plays in 10 seconds) to get more plays in for their playmakers to keep everyone happy.  If you get 80 plays off instead of 50 .. helps u figure out which works better and keeps playmakers happy and fresh .. what do u think .. I don't like when JT looks over at sidelines and uses all 25 seconds on most plays .. which happens a lot . .  u don't need to look over the defense when playing Indiana .. just call hike and go

BG: They run a lot of plays as it is. I like establishing how you play against every opponent, and make that your norm. The longer the QB waits to snap the ball, the more time it gives the offensive staff to change that play based on the defensive alignment. I just like playing your style of football every week, whether it's Bowling Green or Alabama in the championship game. That's what I admire about Alabama under Nick Saban. They are who they are. Week after week after week. No frills. No tricks. Just play their game, take names and kick butt. My only minor criticism of Meyer at OSU is that they get tight when things get tight, after playing a free-wheeling style all year long. Buttoning up and just running the QB during times of stress doesn't seem right to me. But 50-4 seems like the writer should shut up and let the coach do what he thinks is best.

notobigkat: Will Dontre Wilson have a significant role on offense this year? Do Jalin Marshall and Tyvis Powell secretly feel foolish and remorseful?

BG: We've been hearing about Dontre Wilson for a few years now, but I haven't seen much yet. Maybe this is his year? Tyvis Powell probably feels like he did the right thing and it was time to go. I get that and don't disagree with him. I don't think anything he did this year would have made him better than he is today. He has his degree and will get his shot at the NFL. I like Jalin Marshall so much, but I hated his decision to leave. He could have gotten SO much better with another year or two at Ohio State. If he is on an NFL roster this year, then No I don't think he feels foolish at all. If he gets cut, he has to look back at his decision with some remorse. 

JohnCarrollBuckeye: Who wins week 2 Glenville or Olentangy Liberty? Any Glenville players I should be looking for at the game?

BG: I will be there, so stop and say hello. I'm going with Liberty behind Brendon White and Edward Warinner to win a tight one. I really like Christian Bryant's little brother Kobe at Glenville. Will be a senior cornerback. 

mrbigbux: Do you see Torrance Gipson making a contribution this year? Or is he one one of your suspect receivers on the roster?

BG: He's very raw as a receiver because he just has not played the position much at all, but Torrance has a ton of talent. He just needs reps to learn the game. Right now, I think he dazzles against the Bowling Green's, but wonder how he will do in the fourth quarter against Michigan State. He will be good in time, just not sure when that time is. 

rdsbucks: 2018 RBs Bill...Who do you like best of the 2018 RBs OSU is recruiting? How do the other 2018 RBs compare with Snead? Who do we get at RB for 2018?

BG: Brian Snead sure looks like the real deal, and he and Jaelen Gill look like future stars at the college level. I think OSU lands Gill. With Snead's commitment, I think it puts OSU in the top-5 to land him. Him visiting means he knows what state Ohio State is located in. Maybe. 

buckeyebones: Have you seen Malik Barrow play in person Bill? Thoughts?

BG: I have not. The film looks really good. If he's healthy he fits in with guys like Landers, Hamilton and the like. He's not Terry Beckner or Christian Wilkins to me though. 

JohnCarrollBuckeye: Bill one last question. Have you heard of defensive end Chester Graves from Missouri? He goes to Park Hill High School and has told people there is a good chance he ends up at Ohio State. Do you know if he has an offer?

BG: I do not think he has an offer, nor do I think he would be a taker for Ohio State at all. 

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