Back to business but never back to normal

Everyone agrees that it is time to get back to work, and Bucknuts is no exception, but it won't be easy.

Today marks an "official" return to business for Bucknuts as we have gone through a desultory week of deciding what was appropriate and what was meaningful. That exercise might have been the only positive learning experience we took away from last week's lesson in terror...

The impetus of a terrorism campaign is to take away the security and simple enjoyment of life and to replace it with the complexity of terror. Say what you want about the perpetrators of this horror, but they certainly accomplished their goals. As fanatic as we are about OSU football, fanaticism itself doesn't seem so much fun anymore.

The changes are everywhere in sports. The national anthem that used to be an annoyance at the beginning of the game now seems the only relevant part. The "good old days" used to be somewhere between 5 and 50 years ago. Now, it is any time before last Tuesday. Even hating Michigan seems less appropriate as we should join with Wolverine fans in focusing our wrath on the true enemy.

The Buckeyes are preparing for UCLA in a week that should have followed a tune-up game with San Diego State. October 20 is the designated date for that "do over" game with the Aztecs. How we wish there could be a "do over" for the whole last week! By this Saturday, some of the familiar feelings will return as we get excited over our anticipation of playing a nationally televised game in the Rose Bowl. But the bloom is off those roses. Instead of eagerly boarding a charter for the West Coast, the players approach that trip with a certain dread and trepidation. Instead of psyching up for the big LA crowd, we think that 100,000 people are going to gather to watch a football game and it makes them seem vulnerable.

It is a Pandora's box for handicappers of sporting events. After analyzing the facts and figures, you have to calculate in the feelings of the players now. Go figure. Terrorism 1 - Rationality 0. Or just leave it at: Terrorism won.

The Bucknuts radio shows will be back on the air this week, doing our thing as we feign normalcy. For those of you who are not on to the musical puns of the Bucknuts College Football Review, two of the segments were easy to score for this Friday's show. For the national scene, we selected "Satisfaction" which expresses our ambivalence as to what is going to happen. For the Buckeyes' game against the UCLA Bruins, we are leading in with "California Dreamin" which is the way it should have been. And to kick off the show? An old Doors song called "Waiting for the Sun". After railing against all the waiting we do in life, Jim Morrison intones, "This is the strangest life I've ever known". What could be truer...

As we all wait for the sun to rise, we go back to doing what we do. There are no do-overs. To paraphrase Hemmingway, life breaks everyone; it's only what you do afterwards that makes you any different.

This is what we do. Let's hope all of us try to make a difference now.

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