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Ohio State Football: Warinner Relishing New Role

For the second straight offseason Ed Warinner underwent a title change. The offensively coordinator and newly minted tight ends coach said he's comfortable with the latest switch.

When Tom Herman departed for Houston following the Ohio State’s 2014 national championship, Ed Warinner received a promotion.

The offensive line coach has offensive coordinator added to his duties. His work with the line, however, was deemed too important for Warinner to head to the booth and he famously called games from the field. After the Buckeyes lost to Michigan State, he moved to the booth and guided the team to two wins by a combined score of 86-41.

“Well the whole thing about being removed like that, elevated, is you can process all the information without it being relayed to you,” Warinner said Tuesday of his move to the box. “Someone doesn’t have to see it, tell it to you then you don’t have to listen to it and then make a decision, you can do all that on your own. So that transition time is 1 or 2 seconds instead of 7 or 8 seconds and then you can go faster. Or you have time to think if you don’t want to go faster, you have a little more time to decide.

“Up there you see all the pieces if you have a good broad vision of what’s going on. So it’s easier to do that and it’s less chaotic. The sideline is, you know, very high energy, loud, somewhat chaotic, weather can effect things down there.”

That was enough to convince head coach Urban Meyer that Warinner should be in the booth in 2016, but the offensive line coach needs the hands-on approach of the sideline. Thus, Warinner took on the role of tight ends coach and Greg Studrawa was brought on to coach the offensive line.

Though Warinner could be seen working with the offensive linemen at times during the two practices that were in part open with the media, the coach said he has taken well to his new responsibilities.

“Well, with a guy like Greg Studrawa here, that allows him to have eyes on five; I can have eyes now instead of on those five, more on the six skill,” the offensive coordinator said. “We have great coaches at the skill, but it allows me to have eyes on that a little bit more and just see things and be more involved in the whole package. Now it’s just kind of a better fit in terms of doing the whole thing.”

That may mean a bigger role for his position group. If that’s the case, the biggest beneficiary would be projected starter Marcus Baugh.

The junior tight end said transitioning from coach Tim Hinton to Warinner as the head of the position group has been smooth.

 “Just like his leadership, he’s tough, he’s tough just like coach Hinton,” Baugh said. “But just tells us what we need to do and goes out and coaches it.”

The move to the tight ends may not be a promotion in the way that Warinner’s 2015 title change was, but it may allow the coach to better execute his role as offensive coordinator.

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