Practice Notes - 8/18

Will Brandon Mitchell be a starter at safety? He was working with the first team today. In addition, several players stood out today, including David Patterson, Troy Smith, John Hollins, and Santonio Holmes. We have more now from Dave Biddle.

Wearing yellow non-contact jerseys today were Chris Gamble, Angelo Chattams, Maurice Hall, Branden Joe (who is no longer wearing a sling), Devin Jordan, Marcel Frost, Mike Kudla, Bobby Britton, and walk-on fullback George Anderson.

Wearing blue jerseys (minor injuries; can take part in most drills) were Donte Whitner, Justin Zwick, Mo Lee, Dareus Hiley and Stan White.

Aside from Joe, none of the players seemed seriously injured. The coaches might have held Gamble and Hall out just to be safe; both seemed to be running around just fine during warm ups.

Ben Hartsock, who suffered a broken hand last week, was not on the practice field today.

The most telling portion of practice came near the end of the day during the 11-on-11, full-contact drills.

The ones went against the ones, twos vs. twos and threes vs. threes. This gave us a good idea of which players are moving up, or down, the depth chart.

The first-team linebackers were Bobby Carpenter (Will), Rob Reynolds, (Mike) and AJ Hawk (Sam). Fred Pagac and Mike D'Andrea both practiced and when they went in, Reynolds shifted to Sam and Carpenter came out. D'Andrea got all of his snaps at MLB today. He did not see any time at defensive end.

With Gamble out, the first-team cornerbacks were E.J. Underwood and Dustin Fox. The first-team safeties were Brandon Mitchell and Will Allen. That's right, with Mitchell's strong showing in the scrimmage last Saturday, he appears to have leaped ahead of Nate Salley on the depth chart.

In nickel situations, Carpenter came out and Salley ran with the ones.

Besides Mitchell, there were no new starters on either side of the ball (with the exception of Ryan Hamby in for Hartsock at tight end and Underwood in for Gamble).

The second-team offensive line looked like this: LT: Mike Kne, LG: RJ Coleman, C: Nick Mangold, RG: Adam Olds, RT: TJ Downing. Doug Datish and Tim Schafer also saw some time with the second team. Schafer is now strictly an offensive lineman and has switched from No. 92, to No. 68.

The second-team defensive line looked like this: LE Joel Penton, DT David Patterson, DT Quinn Pitcock, RE Jay Richardson. (Note: Marcus Green also worked in with the twos, but he was getting most of his reps off the bench with the ones.)

The big story there is Patterson. He is extremely quick off the ball and will see the field quite a bit this year. Overall, that second-team unit looks lethal. We all know how good the starting D-line is (Will Smith, Darrion Scott, Tim Anderson, Simon Fraser), but they have some stud backups as well. It will be interesting to see which of them end up getting the most playing time this year.

The second-team linebackers were: Jason Bond (Sam/Mike), Anthony Schlegel (Mike) and Thomas Matthews (Will). Carpenter also got some time with the twos and when he came in, Bond played the middle and Schlegel came out. Also getting a long look with the twos was freshman OLB Reggie Smith. The coaches seem really high on him.

Running with the second-team defensive backs were: Ashton Youboty (corner), Steven Moore (corner), Salley (safety) and Tyler Everett (safety).

Freshman tight end Louis Irizarry got several snaps with the ones during two tight sets.

Running back Ira Guilford has switched from No. 3, to No. 5. … Guilford's arms must have been tired after practice because he had to drop and do push-ups several times during pass-catching drills. For every ball dropped, the backs have to drop and do push-ups.

Roshawn Parker looked good running the ball during the full-contact, goal line drills. He had better success at punching it in than Guilford. If the Bucks have to use one of them at tailback this year, it will likely be Parker (who is also getting some snaps at fullback behind starter Brandon Schnittker).

Of the receivers, John Hollins and Santonio Holmes had good days, especially Hollins. Picture Dee Miller running around out there and you have Hollins. He runs crisp routes, has reliable hands and deceptive speed.

The Buckeyes worked on shifting around the offensive line a little bit today. In one set, Shane Olivea lined up at left guard and Adrien Clarke played right tackle.

Troy Smith got more practice snaps than usual and made the most of them. He looked really good out there making plays with his feet and arm. He seems to be putting more touch on his short passes, but can still gun the long ones. The thing that still stands out to me about Smith is the effortless way he throws the ball. Even when he guns one 50 yards, he throws with a nice, easy motion.

According to OSU sports information director Steve Snapp, Kne has not been placed on scholarship. However, I'm guessing he will be in the near future. Jim Tressel likes to reward walk-ons usually the last week of camp and Kne has been impressive since the start of last year's camp.

Craig Krenzel was working on a lot of fades today in the end zone and looked sharp. Mike Jenkins had his way against some of the smaller DBs. … Drew Carter looked OK, but we're still waiting for him to really break out.

Alex Stepanovich was having a lot of trouble with his shotgun snaps today. One went over Krenzel's head and one short-hopped him. More reasons to start Mangold at center and Stepanovich at guard.

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