Trevon Grimes (© Chad Simmons/SCOUT)

Bank Blog: OSU Hits WR Daily Double

Ohio State strengthened their hold on the nation's number-one ranked 2017 recruiting class Monday with the commitments of five-star wideouts Trevon Grimes and Tyjon Lindsey. What do these two bring to the table?

WHY I LIKE GRIMES: I've seen him more than once in person, and to me Trevon Grimes is the most talented wide receiver Ohio State has landed in the past decade. They fell in love with him early and never were in danger of losing him. He brings size, speed, agility, toughness and great hands to the table. Other than that, not too much. He hits the depth chart today and he plays next year in the rotation. Bank That. 

WHY I LIKE LINDSEY: After seeing him for the first time at Friday Night Lights, I was sold on Tyjon Lindsey. He obviously has great speed, but the route running was really impressive. And he caught everything away from his body, and is a hands-catcher. Like Grimes, Lindsey plays next year. With Dontre Wilson gone and Curtis Samuel more than likely leaving early, this is a guy that hits the depth chart at the slot. And possibly as a kick returner. 

THESE ARE TOP OF THE BOARD GUYS: That means a lot to me. Urban Meyer will always recruit highly ranked talent. Should Lindsey decommit and go elsewhere late in the process, Ohio State will go and grab a Danny Davis or a JaVont'e Richardson, and the recruiting rankings will be the same. But I KNOW Ohio State did not want either of those guys, and they're settling for what they can get. Recruiting rankings do not reflect "first choices" as opposed to second and third choices. These guys are both ones in Urban's eyes.

THE ZACH SMITH FACTOR: Looks like he's not getting fired, eh? He is one of THE top recruiters in America, and this is just more Zach being Zach. There are some rumblings that the NFL is not enamored with the development of the Buckeye wideouts, but Smith keeps getting his guys paid. What he did with Devin Smith, Mike Thomas and Jalin Marshall is remarkable to me, and those three all got better under Smith's guidance. Much better. 

HOW THESE TWO AFFECT NEXT YEAR'S DEPTH CHART: These two aren't going to be scout team guys, or developmental guys. They won't be guys you spend years with trying to teach how to be wideouts, or how to catch the football consistently. They won't be fighting to hit the third string in their second or third years. And all of the guys that the above does match, look out for your careers. These two are playing, and some others are sitting. If they're still on the roster. 

HOW DOES THIS AFFECT JAYLEN HARRIS? Gotta see how this shakes out, but "right now" Ohio State is done at wide receiver. I do not think they would take Harris today. Could something open up down the road? It's possible, and the fact that Harris wants to take his time and take official visits could work to his advantage. But for all intents and purposes, wide receiver recruiting is finished. 

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