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Bank Blog: OSU Best Guess List Mid-August

Ohio State picked up two huge commitments on Monday, and the Buckeyes continue to have the nation's top 2017 recruiting class. With 18 commits, how many spots are left?

SICK STAR RATING: With Ohio State currently sitting with 18 commits and way out in front for the top 2017 class in America, once again the average star rating sticks out. 4.22 is a ridiculous number and all you need to know about it is every time a four-star recruit commits, the star rating goes down. Amazing.

WHAT IS THE FINAL NUMBER? We keep saying 20 as the target, with the ability to stretch to 21 or 22 if big timers want in. I'm hearing they may go all in and stretch to the higher number, but we need to see how that looks in January. Not now. I'm probably going to work off 20 going forward and adjust if necessary. 

DEFENSIVE BACKS: Still the usual suspects here. Priority one is locking down Shaun Wade, and that battle will continue for a while. He will probably string this out a while longer, and it's either Ohio State or Bama. He's a great player and they want him. Next up is Jeffrey Okudah, and he is right there with Wade as a talent. I've had Okudah IN for a while now, and I'm not backing off that at all. I'd keep an eye on Darnay Holmes, but I think he's going to UCLA unless something changes drastically. I have Lamont Wade and Jamyest Williams going elsewhere. 

LINEBACKER: After trending upward for both Anthony Hines and Baron Browning for months, it appears things might be cooling for both. Right now, I have Hines on the OUT. As far as Browning, I'm getting conflicting reports weekly on him. I'm going to leave him in my "maybe/possibly/probably" category for now and try to update later on this month. There are rumblings about Antjuan Simmons possibly not being in this class, and I've got my eye on that. Not sure if that would be his choice or OSU's, and it might be nothing. 

DEFENSIVE TACKLE: It looks like it will be Jay Tufele or bust at this position, and to be fair Ohio State has a lot of defensive tackles on the roster. Would they take him? Yes. Can they get him? Here is a direct text from someone very close to Tufele: "I think OSU can get him, he has some family ties to USC, family in the area and some people in Utah think end of the day, it might be tough for the kid to leave the state but I think Ohio St might be his top school right now." 

OFFENSIVE LINE: They absolutely love the three committed, and they should because all three are potentially great players. They are chasing super tackle Trey Smith, and they want him badly. Personally, I think the kid is going to stay home and play for Tennessee, but you fight this one to the bitter end. As we told you after FNL, Massillon offensive tackle Thayer Munford dominated the camp and is in the mix. He was ruled ineligible this season by the OHSAA, but that should not trump what they saw out of the kid this summer. I think Munford has a reasonable shot to be in this class, but that depends on two things. One: academic progress which has been trending positively. Two: Trey Smith telling OSU No. This bears watching going forward. 

WILD CARDS: Three guys to watch would be Cam AkersNajee Harris and Jaylen Harris. I don't have any of these three in the class but things can change over time. Akers is one to watch, especially since J.K. Dobbins has said this would affect his commitment to Ohio State. I don't see Najee Harris at Ohio State, but if Urban Meyer gets him to visit officially, all bets are off. With Jaylen Harris, do the commitments of Lindsey and Grimes knock him out? I believe today it does. What about a few months from now? Assuming they feel there's a spot available, he could get in because they really like him a lot as a player. 


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