Bank Bag: OSU'S Opening Week

It's the opening week for Ohio State and optimism is high in Buckeye Land. Bill Greene answers questions from BSB subscribers about the team and the sports world in general.

mrbigbux: Well - lets start with Torrance Gibson. I remember when he was being recruited you said something to the effect that he need Urban Meyer more than Urban Meyer needs him simply for structure in life.This being said - and with Meyer sticking up for him - do you think he stays with the Buckeyes?

BG: I have to watch what I say here, but from what I have learned about this deal Torrance should not have been suspended. I always look at these things from the perspective of my daughter being the female in these situations too. I do think Torrance stays with Ohio State, but I have not been told that yet.

joebuckeye: Will Baron Browning take his official visit to Ohio State, and if he does, will he pick OSU?

BG: I would say YES for the first part for sure, and MAYBE/POSSIBLY/PROBABLY for the second part. Let's see how that visit works out for him. 

internationalbuckeye: Bill have you watched Last Chance U from Netflicks? If yes what do you think about it?

BG: I have not seen it yet, but I do intend to watch it this weekend at some point. 

NoKyBuck: Assuming a comfortable margin in the first half of say 21+ points this weekend do we see the 2nd &/or 3rd QB play or are they mop up only in the 4th quarter? We've talked a great deal about who are the remaining members of this class but are there any concerns on existing members? A corollary to the above, who are best guesses for the remainder of this class?

BG: I think we will see Joey Burrow and Dwayne Haskins prior to the fourth quarter this week, assuming there's a big margin. No need to risk J.T. Barrett, and the other guys need to be ready if he gets hurt down the road.I'm only concerned about Antjuan Simmons a little bit, but there might be nothing there. They want another DB, a LB, a DT, an OL and possibly another RB. They want Jeffrey Okudah, who they're getting. They have good shots at Jay Tufele and Baron Browning. I do not see Trey Smith coming aboard and guys like Cam Akers and Najee Murray are too tough to call right now. 

PCBuckeye: Make your predictions on OSU's player with the...Most Rushing yards Most Receiving yards Most TD's scored (not passing) Most Receptions Most Tackles Most Interceptions.

BG: Rushing: J.T. Barrett. Receiving yards: Noah Brown. Most TD's: J.T. Barrett. Most receptions: Noah Brown. Most tackles: Raekwon McMillan. Most interceptions: Gareon Conley. 

Coors73: I've heard a rumor that Saban won't coach past 2017, do you think there's any truth to it?  Who could you see 'Bama pursuing and maybe getting as a replacement.

BG: I know every college football fan outside of Tuscaloosa prays that is true, but I doubt that. He is in the process of making history right now, and I think he's at the top of his game. There have been no health issues I'm aware of, so why quit? The replacement has to be Dabo Swinney.

BuckeyeBlind: Bank, I now reside in Mississippi and Cam Akers gets a ton of press this way. Do you think the Buckeyes will get him? The locals seem more concerned with tOSU than they do Alabama, but I think the sentiment here is he picks Ole Miss.

BG: I think Cam is going to want to wait as long as possible to see what the NCAA does with Ole Miss before making his decision. I have them the favorite but if the NCAA goes Harambe on them and shoots them between the eyes all bets are off. 

HINYG8: Will Weber go for 1,200 yards during the regular season? Will JTB be the distributor or the over thinker version of himself? How long before CF eliminates the KO?

BG: No on Mike Weber, because I think Curtis Samuel gets a ton of carries. J.T. HAS to be the guy that played against Michigan and Notre Dame and not the guy that was awful early last year. I hope they never eliminate kickoffs because they've made this game too girlish enough already. I'm not ready for full blown 7on7 football just yet. 

buckeyeinsc: What do you think of Haskell Garrett? I watched most of that game and he seemed good, but is he truly the guy they want? Or are there others (Tufle?) they are hoping to land?

BG: I think Garrett is good and he fits with the caliber of DT they're getting lately. Cage, Hamilton, Landers, Sprinkle, Hill, Cornell, Jones and the like are all good players. But they have missed out on difference makers like Christian Wilkins and Terry Beckner. They want Tufele, but he's not Marvin Wilson. 

rollymolly2: Did any of our coaches attend last weekends HS games that were on TV?

BG: The window for coaches to go out on the road opens on September 1 I believe.

WSPBuck: Ranking 1-6, who do you think will average the most touches at the end of the year per game?

BG: 1- Barrett 2- Barrett 3-Barrett 4-Samuel 5-Weber 6-Brown. Followed by a bunch of guys that all have 25 touches in total.

FunkMastaBuck: Let's play a game where you tell me which receiver you'd want Barrett throwing convert a key 3rd and 5 on a slant? to test the defense deep downfield? to make a man miss and pick up YAC? or not a catch at all but to block on a jet sweep?

BG: Slant: Noah Brown. Deep ball: Terry McLaurin. Make someone miss: Curtis Samuel. Block: Paris Campbell. 

aurorabuckeye: How committed are the coaches, really, to not running JT very much? Obviously, if the game is tight and needs to be won, they'll do what it takes. But in the past when they've said they were going to run the QB less they didn't really stick to it, even when it didn't seem they needed to.

BG: Well I think running the QB is the number-one option in tight games, and that has been proven since the day Urban Meyer arrived. They probably will back off once the game is in hand from running Barrett, but I don't think this is the year to open up the passing game with a QB that isn't a great thrower, new WR's and new offensive tackles.

BuckeyeL: What are your thoughts on Lovie Smith at Illinois? He's gone seemingly under the radar considering his NFL success as a head coach.

BG: I thought he would have more of an impact recruiting the in-state kids, but so far I haven't seen it. 

JohnCarrollBuckeye: Are you still coming down to the Liberty/Glenville game and how big of a win do you think Liberty's win was over North Alleghany?

BG: I will not be there for that game. I think Liberty is really good and that was a big win for them. I will see them play in the next few weeks for sure.

Sports509: Should there be cause for concern with a freshman starting on the o-line? They have "seemed" to recruit well and it's puzzling at the lack of depth. Does Cincinnati get the invite to the Big12?

BG: There is concern from me about starting a freshman, but if he's your best guy you have to play him. I think the O-line is talented, but there have been a few projects recruited that I have never been too high on, especially the 2015 group outside of Prince and Burrell. Would love to see that for Cincinnati, but I have no clue.

HINYG8: Can you give us an update on RB recruiting? Lots of smoke that Akers and Dobbin are both trending away from Ohio State.

BG: I think they're in a tough spot. They want/need a second RB, and they love Akers. But getting Akers could cause Dobbins to bolt, and just chasing Akers apparently has him upset. The risk is chasing Akers hard, losing him, and causing Dobbins to look elsewhere in the process.

bucknutsinurface: Say Osu loses 3 games this year and have another mass exodus of players leaving early. Will Osu suffer next year do to inexperience and breaking in a new qb?

BG: The easy answer is YES they will suffer. But if you know your Ohio State history, you KNOW that the best years of Buckeye football always occur with a first year QB. I think they're going to be really good next year, with or without Barrett returning. 

BadHabit48: Who is most likely to start a game at offensive tackle at OSU: Michael Jordan, Josh Myers or Wyatt Davis?

BG: Great question, because in a perfect world all three are best suited to play guard I believe. It's not going to be Davis, who's inside all the way. I will go with Jordan because he's going to have that year of experience, but Myers could play tackle early as well. 

rollymolly2: Still have Jeffrey Okaduh as in. Want this guy.

BG: Yes, I definitely have him as IN the class.

WraithBuck: Do you think the offer to the TE out of Sacramento (Falo) will be a commitable one if we have space?

BG: I've always said NO to a tight end this year and I still feel that way. But if Marcus Baugh leaves early, a real possibility, and you aren't happy with some of the tight ends on the roster, they might add one. Let's see.

BuckeyePete: What is your best guess about when Meyer retires?  How many NCs do you think Meyer wins at OSU?

BG: No way to answer this, but let's say he stays seven more years and wins two more titles. But if Saban leaves and Ohio State becomes the top program in America, Urban might want to chase him as the top college coach of all time. This could keep him at Ohio State a long, long time assuming he stays healthy. 

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