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Bank Bag: OSU'S Opening Week PART-TWO

It's the opening week for Ohio State and optimism is high in Buckeye Land. Bill Greene answers questions from BSB subscribers about the team and the sports world in general.

RelivBuckeye: Why does there seem to be so little respect for Joey Burrow?  His high school stats and results were incredible against reasonably good completion.  True his team lost to Central Catholic and DeShone Kiser in the championship game, but only because Catholic had the ball last.  What a game!  He had a great spring game, where he made good decisions, showed great touch throwing the ball (no surprise), and ran pretty well when he needed to.  I'm as excited as anyone that we continue to add great QB depth.  Competition is great, it makes everyone better, but anytime there is a discussion about the future of OSU QB's Burrow is barely if at all mentioned.  

BG: I think people really like Joey and have high hopes for him as a starter one day at Ohio State. I know I do. And I don't think Kizer beat Burrow in the state title game you referenced. Think DeShone was a freshman at Notre Dame when that game was played, but I could be wrong. 

victor64: 180 yards downhill sidehill lie. Water left bunker right. What do you hit? Football question, Studrawa seems ok with the OL depth. Are you getting there with that?

BG: 5-iron and pray. If you are starting a true freshman it's tough for me to think the depth is good, so we shall see. I do think the O-line will be decent this year, but better going forward. 

donfatman: Which current assistant coach has the best chance to end up on the Mount Rushmore of Ohio State coaches with Woody, Jim T and Urban?

BG: I'm going to go with Luke Fickell, and that's reluctantly. I guess he could end up a successful head coach at Ohio State one day, but it's tough to see that. It's possible Greg Schiano could succeed Urban if he stepped down suddenly, but realistically I don't see the next great OSU coach on this current staff. 

notobigkat: Bill, when you say a guy isn't going to cut it at OSU that generally turns out to be the case. Sometimes you kind of say it after the fact I think out of respect. Can you name a few guys who you really didn't think were going to cut it at OSU, but ended up working out and being big time contributors? Thank you

BG: In all honesty, there have been very few kids that I've said I would have never taken at OSU. Some that I did were mostly offensive linemen like Sam Longo, Tommy Brown, Cris Carter, Antonio Underwood and Tim Gardner. And that's going back many, many years. There are a few kids on the current roster that I said that about, but I will probably not do that again because it seems kind of mean. Some that I felt could not play at OSU that really could play were guys like Tyler Everett, Johnathan Hankins, Carlos Hyde and Michael Thomas. Everett was flat out better than I thought he was. Hankins was a fat slob when I saw him. Hyde stopped going to high school as a senior, ballooned up to 280-pounds and earned the right to go to Fork Union. Thomas went from being a joke at the Under Armour game to being one heck of a WR. 

JohnCarrollBuckeye: Best guess who starts at QB After Burrow assuming he becomes the starter after JT leaves, Haskins, Martell, or Jones?

BG: I'm going with Emory Jones, who has the best combination of running and throwing skills I've seen recruited at Ohio State since Urban Meyer arrived. 

NorthPoleBuckeye: J.K. Dobbins - do we keep him?

BG: Probably going to depend on what Cam Akers does in the end. 

NorthPoleBuckeye: Which hat will Anthony Hines select - Texas, Oklahoma, Ohio State?

BG: Boomer Sooner.

buckeyebones: Favorite teams when you were 10 YO?

BG: 1- Pittsburgh Pirates. After that, it would be teams like the Lakers in the NBA, Steelers in the NFL, and whoever was hot in college football. I liked Ohio State when they were great, but I liked USC, Texas, Oklahoma and Alabama too, when they were good. I've always liked the game itself, and individual players, more than a certain team in college football. 

donfatman: Any chance the offense is so good this year that Coach Warinner gets that head coaching job he wants so bad? Which change is harder to adjust to: New offensive coordinator or new defense coordinator? (Buckeyes doing it back to back years a big deal?)

BG: No on Warinner getting a head coaching job. I think defense will be a harder change, because the offense is Urban's offense no matter who the coordinator happens to be. Urban owns that side of the ball. 

donfatman: Mark Sanchez is now so bad he can't keep the perfect job that just got handed to him. He was really good in college. What happened!

BG: Hard to say, because he has more raw talent than Tom Brady does, but he isn't half the player. Shows just big the mental side of QB play really is. I thought Sanchez was going to be a star.

donfatman: My beloved Browns, how long till they are relevant again? Who would have been the most successful as an NFL coach: Urban Tressel Woody? 

BG: That is such a tough jump to make that I think it takes a career NFL guy to be successful in that league. Woody might have succeeded in his era, because the dictator style might have worked in the 1960's. Urban would never make it work because his strength is in recruiting and you don't do that in the NFL. Tressel is interesting but his reliance on being the offensive coordinator and running the Covered Wagon would doom him. 

tridentawc: How well prepared is Joey Burrow to come in the event he is needed to step in?

BG: We will never know until we see him, but I have a feeling Burrow could do just as well as Barrett. Maybe better, because I think Joey can really throw the football well, and really run it.

jakied: Will Leonard Taylor, DL from Springfield, sign w/Osu?

BG: Not sure OSU would take him today. Think he has to show more on the field to be a Buckeye. 

Vogues: Sorry if this has already been asked, but don't have enough time to go through the thread...If Dobbins were to decide to flip to Texas and Akers decided to go to elsewhere, where do you think the Buckeyes would turn? Do they really want two backs in this class?

BG: Your scenario of losing Dobbins and Akers is disastrous for Ohio State. I think they do need two in this class, because depth is not good at all. If they lose both guys I have no clue where they go next. Maybe take a flyer on local back Morgan Ellison? 

kevboa22: Best guess, will the following Big 10 coaches still be at their current schools at the beginning of the 2020 season? Jim Harbaugh - Michigan Mark Dantonio - Michigan State Pat Fitgerald - Northwestern Kirk Ferentz - Iowa Mike Riley - Nebraska James Franklin - Penn State Lovie Smith - Illinois. 

BG: That's a great question. Harbaugh is a YES, because I think he's going to do really well. Dantonio is YES, because he has worked so hard to make MSU elite and I don't see him leaving. Fitzgerald is a YES, because I think he loves Northwestern. Ferentz is trickier, because last year's success might be a springboard to elevating Iowa back where it was a decade ago. Riley seems like a terrible fit at first glance, so I'm saying No. Franklin is a guy I like a lot and hope does well, but he had better win this year. I give Franklin a YES, but shaky. Lovie should be safe through 2020, and it's too soon to say how he will do. 

TB777: OSU against Alabama in the NC game. Game is now in Overtime. Would you prefer Urban or Ed to make all the offensive play calls in OT? On Defense, of the coaches on the current staff who do you want to make the major calls and adjustments in OT for all the marbles? 4th down from the two yard line with this present team. OSU scores a TD they win the NC. Get stopped and they lose. What is your play call with current players?

BG: This is Urban's offense. Nothing gets called without him wanting it called, so Ed would be irrelevant. On defense, it is going to be Greg Schiano and I'm confident he's going to be fine. Their best play call since Urban arrived is the QB running the zone read, and that's what I would go with. 

woodyl: Does T. Gibson stay at OSU or leave in a couple of weeks?

BG: Right now, I'm going with STAYING. If it changes I will post that. 

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