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Bank Blog: BG Scrimmage Review

Ohio State demolished Bowling Green 77-10 Saturday afternoon in Columbus. Is there anything that can be learned from this event that can help see where the Buckeyes are headed as a team?

THE OBVIOUS: Bowling Green is a bad team with bad players, so that was the reasoning for the 52-13 score prediction. What was good to see for Ohio State was the overall attitude and effort put forward by every player that took the field. A more talented team snoozed through games with Hawaii, Northern Illinois and Western Michigan last year, but nobody was snoring on Saturday. This team looked hungry and motivated to get better, even against a terrible team. Great start to the 2016 season. 

THE COACHING: No QB controversy this season, so J.T. Barrett was able to overcome an early Pick-6 and play his game. Would he have been looking over his shoulder last year after such a mistake? Urban Meyer had this team tuned up for a big effort, and he got what he wanted. Hard to judge Ed Warinner and Greg Schiano off a glorified practice, but things seemed tight and buttoned up. 

THE QUARTERBACKS: Barrett set school records and that's all well and good, but there were a few throws he'd like back. He was off the mark on a few and that's not a concern, but the bad decisions need to be learned from and not repeated. Picks and pick-6's get you beat against real teams. I think Joey Burrow is ready to go should an injury occur to Barrett. He was a little nervous Saturday and it showed, but this kid is a better passer than Barrett and a nice runner. No worries with this group at all. 

THE RUNNINGBACKS: Have to be impressed with Mike Weber for a redshirt freshman, and Curtis Samuel showed how special he is out in space. Demario McCall showed great burst and speed for his first showing. Nothing to be concerned with here at all. 

THE WIDE RECEIVERS: These guys were all good, but we won't see much more of these 4.5 wideouts running past 4.8 defensive backs for pitch-and-catch scores. Not sure we learned much, but I like the hands of Noah Brown a lot. He will be the guy that goes over the middle and makes that 3rd-and-9 catch in a close game. Marcus Baugh caught some short ones as well. Still not sure if this group is big-time or above average, but we will see going forward. 

THE OFFENSIVE LINE: Great first game for a newer group, and it was good seeing Michael Jordan, Isaiah Prince and Jamarco Jones play well. Can they pass block Oklahoma? Can they move Wisconsin on 3rd-and-3? We shall see. Matt Millen said this group has the potential to be better than last year, and I agree. Taylor Decker was great, but Chase Farris was below average, so I like this starting five's potential going forward. Not sure on depth, but that usually plays out over time. 

THE DEFENSIVE LINE: You look stupid criticizing anything in a 77-10 win, but I thought the defensive tackles got moved off the ball more than they should have by the Bowling Green line. They ran the ball between the guards fairly well, and Coppet and Cleveland ran it 18 times for 69 yards, not 18 times for 27 yards. This was a concern going into the season, and it bears worth watching. There was not much of a pass rush Saturday, and that was surprising. Sam Hubbard and Tyquan Lewis were handled off the edge for the most part, and that has nothing to do with the vanilla scheme but is more one-on-one beating your guy. I know BG got the ball out quickly for the most part, but I guarantee they give up more than 12 sacks on the year. Another point to watch going forward.

THE LINEBACKERS: I wrote in my mid-camp report that Joe Burger was ahead of some scholarship guys and he got a heck of a lot of time against BG for Dante Booker. Draw from that what you want regarding the guys behind Burger. Raekwon McMillan is a monster and is set to have an All-American season. Will need to see how this group lines up going forward, but they all played well Saturday. 

THE DEFENSIVE BACKS: Sometimes you see plays happen and you know you saw a special athlete do something his teammates can't do. Vonn Bell had a leaping pick against Clemson that was a WOW, and Malik Hooker did the same thing against BG that was an incredible play. He was all over the field and never missed a beat that I could see. No hesitation at all, and looked like a seasoned vet. Damon Webb was OK, and I think he gets his PT threatened going forward. The corners were really good, and I liked seeing Gareon Conley, Marshon Lattimore, Damon Arnette and Denzel Ward continue to play press man on the outside. 

THE SUMMARY: Not sure any major conclusions could be drawn from Saturday, and I have no clue what Tulsa brings to the table next week. With all the upsets that happened this weekend I'm sure Meyer is thrilled to win and move on. One down and 11 to go. 

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