Bank Bag: Ohio State Week-Two

Ohio State opened up the 2016 season by demolishing Bowling Green last Saturday at home. There were several other big performances last week. Bill Greene answers questions on the first week from BSB subscribers.

tridentawc: Looking back at Kyle Berger leaving football due to injuries, in your opinion Bank what differences would Kyle bring to the current Buckeye D?

BG: First off, if Kyle's healthy, either Dante Booker or Chris Worley are sitting. Bank That. He was going to be a great player. All he needed was more size, which would have come easy under Mickey Marotti. He had speed, instincts, sure tackling ability and football smarts. He could have been as good as Darron Lee, in my opinion. Other than that, not too much!!!!!

WSPBuck: where is Tom Herman coaching next year? If there are 5 one loss power 5 teams/winners at the end of the season & and undefeated Houston.. who makes the playoffs? Let's say: TCU, Ohio State, Alabama, Washington, Florida State, Houston .. If you think Houston gets left out in that scenario how loud will the 6 or 8 team playoff become? Does a scenario like this need to happen or do you think 6 or 8 is just a matter of time?

BG: I want to be real clear about something. I DID NOT buy into the Tom Herman madness last year, and I was late to this party. After beating Florida State and Oklahoma, I'm now fully on this bandwagon and I'm a believer. Where will he be coaching next year? A lot depends on Charlie Strong surviving at Texas, which looks a little better since Sunday night. Would Herman take A&M? We don't know that answer. My guess is that he would. He DEFINITELY would take Texas. What about LSU? We don't know that answer, but my guess is that he would. It's WAY too soon for playoff scenarios. I do think eight teams will be the ultimate playoff look. Houston at undefeated won't jump a one-loss Power Five in my opinion. 

rdsbucks: Bill you had high praise for Demario McCall during his recruitment (good call by the way). I think you once said you thought he could be the best version of the oft-quoted, "Percy Harvin role" in Meyer's offense. But after Saturday do you or does OSU see him as a pure RB?

BG: I do not see Demario as a runningback, but is he a Curtis Samuel type runningback? I think he could get 5-8 touches per game there, but in the long run I see him as a slot receiver and kick returner. A better Dontre Wilson in time. 

HINYG8: 1) Are we a real contender...or was BG just pretty fireworks? 2) Is UM a real contender...or are they more hype than substance? 3) How big of an impact will losing Sprinkle have on the season? 4) Does the Sooner loss change your forecast on what will happen in Norman? 5) Favorite place to eat in Columbus?

BG: 1- Absolutely, along with 15 other teams right now. BG was pretty, but I have this team for two losses which makes you a contender for sure. 2- I do think Michigan is for real, but nothing I saw against hapless Hawaii makes me feel better or worse about them. 3- I don't think it hurts that much. They have a lot of tackles, and I never thought he was all that much better than the others. Better to lose Sprinkle rather than Raekwon McMillan. 4- I still have Oklahoma beating Ohio State, but my REAL prediction on the game will come on Friday before they play. 5- Only Tommy's. I really don't spend much time in C-Bus. 

OSUee85: When Urban retires, hopefully in the distant future... do you think Herman is likely the next HC at Ohio State?

BG: It's the coaching profession, so it's hard to predict next week let alone a few years down the road. I would say NO right now. I think Tom Herman will have a destination job in another year. Would he leave Texas for Ohio State? No. Would he leave A&M for Ohio State? Possibly. Will he be in the NFL? Possibly. Too tough to call, but he won't stay six years in Houston and wait for OSU. 

buckeyeinsc: Do you feel (as others have written, etc.) that moving Ed up to the box was that big of a factor? When you look back at Va Tech (yeah they stalled a little) but still beat them by 3 big of a factor in your opinion is that...and why not move him sooner, if in fact it was such a huge factor? Or was it just Urban blew the MSU game quite frankly?

BG: There is no right or wrong answer on this. The right answer is finding what works best as a staff. When the team plays their best all decisions look good. When the team sucks, everything is wrong. Right now, it's working so don't change. If you would agree to not use Ezekiel Elliott any opposing coach would let you put Bill Bel.ichick and Nick Saban up in your coaching box. The Michigan State loss has to be viewed as a coaching loss in my opinion. Mark Dantonio outcoached the pants off Meyer. To beat a stacked OSU on the road without Connor Cook is a legendary win. 

dirtysouthbucks: have you heard anything on or off the record about how and when the NCAA investigation with ole miss will conclude? how is Erick smith coming along since injury last year?  any chance we see more Erick smith and less damon webb going forward? if things go sideways with dobbins and akers any chance the bucks get involved with morgan Ellison?  he violates your rule about a history of injuries in high school, at RB to boot.

BG: That thing will conclude when it concludes. The NCAA people or the Ole Miss people could not tell you when that will be. I think they like Erick a lot, and if he's healthy I think we will see him this season. I think he can play, but I would not write Webb off yet. Morgan Ellison LOOKS like an Ohio State runningback. I think they would like to see a full season before making that call. 

aurorabuckeye: OSUee85 wrote: When Urban retires, hopefully in the distant future... do you think Herman is likely the next HC at Ohio State? My question is a sort of corollary to this: What schools would Herman NOT leave for Ohio State? 

BG: Great question and the answer would be "not too darn many." He wouldn't leave Texas, Oklahoma, Alabama, Florida, Michigan or USC, in my opinion. Anyone else? Probably would leave. My feeling is the NFL might come calling for him. 

mrbigbux: Thoughts on the Southern Cal program. They still get all the hype of a big time player in college football but there is no doubt their game has been trending down.

BG: Two words: Clay Helton? Really? It's a great program, without question. Get yourself a great coach and watch the Wins roll in. This program shouldn't be a training ground. The Sark hiring was also bad. Lane Kiffin was a disaster. Get the best coach available, not a rookie. 

JohnCarrollBuckeye: Today is signing today in your opinion which of these players are signing with the Buckeyes?   Danny Clarke, Jay Tufele, Barron Browning, Antjuan Simmons, Jaylen Harris, Bubba Bolden, S. Wade, L. Wade, Darnay Holmes, J.K. Dobbins, and Cam Akers? You can pick all of them or none of them.  Please answer based on what you think will happen by signing day not where things stand today.  Follow up question. If S. Wade goes elsewhere can Ohio State still go and get Holmes at corner.

BG: I think Clark is IN, but could delay enrollment and grayshirt. No on Tufele, Bolden, Harris and Lamont Wade. Simmons "should" be Ok. They have a shot at Browning, but watch out for Texas. Dobbins concerns me especially if they get Akers and I have Akers as "possible". See Holmes staying out west. Shaun Wade is a pure 50-50 deal right now. Most of these guys won't get interesting until after the bowls are over. Then the real recruiting starts. 

BlufftonBuck: Thoughts on Prince at RT. I watched game again and boy he had a good game. Seems like he doesn't get the press that Elflein, Price, and Jordan did but he appears to be future star...thoughts?

BG: Agree 100%. Prince might be the most talented O-lineman on the team. I have Jordan second. Those two are future NFL high draft picks. 

donfatman: If you had to pick a long time doormat program that is going to be the next one to join the big boys who would it be? Let's leave the newbies out so no Houston, Boise State, TCU, Baylor. Someone that will go 2-10 this year but could be the next TCU/Houston. Follow up: if you could pick an unknown coach right now that is going to be the coach that can pull it off, who would it be?

BG: They won't go 2-10, but I really like Washington to make a huge jump this year and next under Chris Peterson. They can be top-10 under Peterson for a long time. I love Matt Campbell at Iowa State, but I'm concerned he took a no-win job that will get him fired in three years. If he can win there, Campbell will land a Texas, USC or Ohio State in the future. 

donfatman: It's been a few lifetimes since an Ohio team has beaten Ohio State. It's just impossible that it never happens again. Who is the Ohio team that will eventually knock the Buckeyes off? (And hopefully it's AFTER my lifetime!) I know nothing about Tulsa and had to look up their nick name, so this should be easy. Tell us something about Tulsa that we should all know....What is the biggest difference between Schiano and Ash coaching-wise AND personality-wise? Who are the two BEST non starters on Offense? On defense?

BG: The only Ohio team that could remotely challenge Ohio State would be Cincinnati when they are fielding their best squad. We saw Northern Illinois lose by 7 last year, so a MAC could do it one day I guess. Since I'm a Golden Flash, I'm going to say Kent State but it might be in 2068. Tulsa is NOT Bowling Green. More on them this Friday. I think Schiano and Ash are very much alike, both coaching and personality. Don't see too much in terms of differences. The two best non-starters to me would be Austin Mack and Demario McCall on offense. For the defense, give me Denzel Ward and Jalin Holmes. 

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