Bank Bag: Ohio State Week-Two PART TWO

Ohio State opened up the 2016 season by demolishing Bowling Green last Saturday at home. There were several other big performances last week. Bill Greene answers questions on the first week from BSB subscribers. Here is Part-Two.

BuckeyeAlum96: I like to carry a "Breakfast Ball" mulligan in my bag for early tee times. I am offering you one for your playoff picks. Care to use? If so, what are the changes?

BG: Didn't like seeing UCLA go down to Texas A&M, but a loss on the road to the SEC isn't fatal. Still think they win the PAC-12, while the Big 12 beats each other up. No mulligan yet. Love Florida State. Like Georgia a lot. Still think Michigan rates a slight edge over Ohio State. But check back with me in a few weeks. HaHa. 

joebuckeye: How worried should I be about our interior D-line?  Does Les Miles last the season? Who does OSU sign at RB for 2017?

BG: Would not say "worried" is the correct term right now for the D-line. How about "watching closely"? Les Miles WILL NOT last the season. He will be the first coach fired in 2016, maybe soon too. I'm going with Ohio State signing J.K. Dobbins, but in pencil not in pen. That one could bear watching going forward. Texas wants him badly. 

diznick: Is there a depth chart here that can survive a playoff run? (Lists all the Ohio State defensive linemen). 

BG: I'm not down on this defensive line at all, but I'm not convinced this is a national championship unit either. Like most position groups, these guys fall into an unknown area for me currently. I think we are going to find out a lot in two weeks. The Joey Bosa's of the world cover up a lot of sins and he isn't here. 

rollymolly2: Moving to 2018...Taron Vincent. Top 3 DT from Florida. Are we sitting pretty with him as I thought he wanted to commit but family told him to slow down. What are your thoughts on recruiting and his play.

BG: Like Vincent a lot. My IMG guy told me that Ohio State is the place he likes the most right now. 

curt414: Both Clemson and Houston put 30 on the board against OU do you believe we are likely to do the same? and can we hold them under 30 The other question I have long believed that Illinois given the right coach is the most dangerous team in the Western division. Do you see Lovie taking them to that level?

BG: I would think the Ohio State team total will be around 28 for the Oklahoma game, and Yes I think they can hit that number. I think it will be tough to keep the Sooners under that number right now, but I will make my official pick the Friday before the game. If Illinois can keep the in-state guys home, then I think they can be pretty darn good. You need to keep Jamarco Jones away from Ohio State, Nyles Morgan away from Notre Dame, and Raequan Williams away from MIchigan State. Right now there are six four-star kids in Illinois for 2017. Lovie has a commitment from one. 

BuckeyeL: Sorry if already asked but.... Alabama wow. If one of those QB's locks the job down, they'll be scary.

BG: Easily the most impressive team last weekend. The most talent. The best coaching staff. But I do not have them winning the SEC. I think the QB position loses two games for them. 

victor64: Kyle Trout and Alex Stump did not play. Any idea why?

BG: I could have sworn I saw Stump in street clothes, but I could be mistaken. Trout is way behind in the pecking order, and Stump is as well. They both have a long way to go. 

JohnCarrollBuckeye: What 2018 Bishop Gorman and St. Thomas recruits do you think are legit Ohio State possibilities?

BG: The 2018 LB at Gorman, Palaie Gaoteote, looks like he really likes OSU. There is an underrated corner at St. Thomas named Jaden Davis that I like. Runningback Daniel Carter has OSU's attention as well. 

TB777: 93 plays against BG. Believe it is a record for Urban at OSU, and one of highest in his HC career. Is the uptempo here to stay this year, or will we see white knuckle Urban return in pressure game like we saw last year against MSU? Cardale three 8 TD passes for all of last season. Now 6 in first game. Seems like 2014 offense again. What is biggest reason for difference? Does Curtis Samuel get 1000 yards rushing and receiving? If so it would be first 1-A player ever to do so. Did you know JT Barrett has the best TD per attempt in 1-A history for QB's with over 500 passes? ( will go over 500 passes this week, and only player to ever be below 10 passes per TD thrown on average with that many attempts in the history of big college football.

 BG: The uptempo always rolls undermanned opponents. Gotta see what happens when in tight game with a top team. I don't think we will ever see another MSU type deal out of Urban again. That was pretty bad. The biggest reason I saw was Bowling Green giving up after halftime and looking for the exit. I'm not drawing any conclusions from that workout at all. Hard to see Samuel getting those numbers, because those are both pretty high. If they played 12 MAC schools I would say Yes. Did not know that about Barrett, but still doesn't have me believing he is a great thrower at all. 

Coors73: Bill when do you think Lane Kiffin gets another shot at a big time job?  Also who are some of the coaches (head coach or otherwise) no one is talking about that you think will be big time head coaches?

BG: I definitely think Kiffin will be a head coach next year, and the hiring of Sark tells me that Nick Saban knows it too. I really like P.J. Fleck of Western Michigan a lot. I like Lincoln Riley, the OC at Oklahoma a lot as well. I think the world of Matt Campbell at Iowa State, but not sure anyone can win there. 

awhite991: Will the Indians hang on to the division?

BG: Yes they will. And square off against the Cubbies in the World Series. Winner to be determined at a later date. 

TB777: If you could pick one golf course in the world, and one person to play an entire day's worth of golf ending with a nice one on one dinner who and where would you choose? All expenses paid. 

BG: It would be Augusta National, of course. With Jack Nicklaus. With dinner right there in the course dining room, surrounded by all that history. That would be a dream day for me. 

ohiostate2002nc: Hey Bank .. as always, thanks for doing the Bag .. absolutely LOVE IT and look fwd to it every week. so gonna save time and fire away a few questions on one post, hope u dont mind: whats up with Stump ... is he just not as advanced as other receivers right now .. does he have a shot in the future ??

what position group can ill afford 2 injuries to the group . .meaning the 3rd guy or guys in makes it dicey ...

based on what u saw in wk 1 ... give us a quick outcome for OKL game .. no score, just something like: tight game but OSU by small u like our backup TE .. kid from Fla. that redshirted last yr ....

forget athletic ability for one second .. name me the top 3 instinct players on team ... kids who "get it" even if footspeed is slower then guys ahead of him ...

is Wisconsin or Nebraska a game we look past and possibly get stung ??

if you were OC and designed plays, is there 2 plays you would add to our playbook ?? please share:

are u happy with our punt team .. receiving the ball ?? should we be able to block one once in a while .. should we be able to design better return plays (ie 2 man back) ... thx in advance

BG: Lots of stuff here my friend. HaHa. If I ever get back to New York City we need to hang out again. Really enjoyed that. Alex Stump appears to be buried right now, and there are talented receivers coming in next year. I would not want to see injuries at the linebacker spots. Hoping Dante Booker is back soon. Week one meant nothing to me at all. Oklahoma prediction is the Sooners right now, but my real game preview comes the day before they play. I think you mean A.J. Alexander at tight end? He is coming along according to a guy I trust. Chris Worley has great instincts and it's how he stays ahead of Jerome Baker. I think Austin Mack has a great feel for the game. Defensive end Johnathan Cooper is not a blazer on the clock, but he is going to be great. Wisconsin or Penn State could be troublesome. Not Nebraska. I love the wide receiver bubble screen, and the old fashioned screen pass to the runningback. The return team should be good, but it's only been one game. They will block a punt or kick soon, maybe this coming week. 

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