Bank Bag: Ohio State Week-Two PART THREE

Ohio State opened up the 2016 season by demolishing Bowling Green last Saturday at home. There were several other big performances last week. Bill Greene answers questions on the first week from BSB subscribers. Here is Part Three.

WraithBuck: Which OSU coach would you have wanted to play for?

BG: Obvious trick question, trying to get me in trouble. HaHa. I would pick Jim Tressel only slightly over John Cooper. Urban and Woody are all time greats, but not for me in terms of personality. I think what Jim Tressel had at Ohio State was different than any other program in terms of winning games, caring about players, fostering an environment of family, stressing education and creating an environment where someone like myself could be successful. John Cooper is just one of the nicest human beings I've ever met in the coaching profession. 

bucknutsinurface: I could be way wrong, but bowling greens receivers were whipping our corners on slant routes all day. Granted most resulted in incomplete passes, but it was there. I wasn't overly impressed by our corners, especially Arnette. If it wasn't for hooker coming over the top he gets beat twice on those interceptions. Do you see the secondary as weak?

BG: Not at all, and I thought the corners were pretty good considering there was no pass rush at all, and most of these guys were playing for the first time. I think the cornerbacks are the most misunderstood players on the field year after year. People complained all last year about Conley and Apple in coverage, yet Ohio State was ranked near the top in pass defense all year. The year before they complained about Grant and Apple. Before that it was Roby. With today's rules you aren't going to pitch shutouts in press coverage. The OSU pass defense was amazing under Ash, and should continue under Schiano. 

StarkFootball: If OSU beats Tulsa and somehow wins the game next week in Norman, do you think the Bucks run the table, notwithstanding your True Scenario in The(final) Game ?

BG: I think they definitely can run the table, assuming they get by Oklahoma. I think the two-game road trip to Wisconsin and Penn State can be problematic. Then they need to go back to back over Michigan State and Michigan, which won't be easy. If they can go undefeated against this schedule it will be a remarkable feat. I don't think they're go to do it, but it's definitely possible. 

Encyclopedicbuck: 1.) The best Ohio high school QB you've ever seen play in person or on television.  2.) The best Ohio high school RB you've ever seen play......

BG: Best QB I've seen in Ohio would be Art Schlichter, and nobody is remotely close. Art was so gifted and so competitive, that he stands head and shoulders above everyone I've seen. My dad thought Roger Staubach was better, but I did not see him in high school. I also loved Dennis Franklin, who played for Massillon and later Michigan in the '70's. Best runningback would be Maurice Clarett, and he gets the nod easily over Beanie Wells. The best pure football player I saw in person was Charles Woodson, who gets that call over Orlando Pace and Andy Katzenmoyer. 

buckeyebones: I was highly impressed watching Barrow in a televised HS game. Meyer says he will be taking a closer look at him this week in practice. Do you have any idea how that is going?

BG: I was told that Barrow is healthy, so that makes sense. Urban could not have been too thrilled with his D-tackles against Bowling Green, plus the injury to Sprinkle created an opening. 

deflection: Who has spearheaded the sudden success with Bishop Gorman recruiting? Will it last? Goldmine!

BG: This has been the perfect storm with Meyer and Gorman, The recruiting world has gotten smaller with the advent of social media, so you are seeing Ohio State and Alabama taking the top 2017 kids out west. And Ohio State can still get the best out of Florida, St. Thomas and IMG, as well as cherry pick the state of Georgia. Zach Smith deserves a lot of credit as well, because they can put him on a plane and send him anywhere to represent the program. Smith is one of the top recruiters in America. 

donfatman: If it was your job to fix LSUs offense, how would you do it with a coaching change and how would you do it without a coaching change?

BG: First off, EVERYTHING begins and ends with the head coach in college football. EVERYTHING. So you cannot fix their offense with Les Miles still as head coach, in my opinion. He only knows Tressel-ball, and that dog ain't gonna hunt in 2016. It's hard for people that have won consistently to abandon what they know best. He has gone toe-to-toe with Nick Saban and whipped him, but not much lately. Miles would have to walk away from the offense and completely give it to an offensive coordinator, and that's not going to happen. Much like Tressel would have a hard time walking away from the Covered Wagon, so would Miles. It's why his tenure is hanging by a thread at LSU. And I don't think he lasts the season.

success:  Bill, is it possible that because our defense practices against our spread offense, we might not be as strong on D in the interior. Last year it seemed that MSU controlled the line of scrimmage, and this year both, MSU & UM look strong on the defensive line. Just have a little concern that this might be a problem in these games. Again, if we lose late we are out of it.  Thanks & I always enjoy these.

BG: I don't think practicing against the spread is an issue at all. I think it's all about talent, not that OSU is taking average kids at all. But Davon Hamilton and Robert Landers and Josh Alabi aren't Christian Wilkins, Terry Beckner and Neville Galimore. And while Malik Barrow is pretty good, he's not Dexter Lawrence. They're getting good recruits, just not the best in America right now at D-tackle. And I totally disagree if they lose late that they're out of it. If they still win the Big Ten championship with one loss, to Michigan State for example, they can still get in. This is going to be the year of several really good "two-loss" teams in my opinion. 

rollymolly2: White and Pryor...what positions do they end up playing at OSU.

BG: Tough for me to see either kid playing safety, but if one of them does it will probably be Isaiah Pryor. White is probably a Darron Lee type, but could play wide receiver. Pryor is probably an outside linebacker, but it depends on his size. Pryor would be more advanced in pass coverage in my opinion. 

luvosu: OSU has brought in a lot of OL guys the past two to three recruiting seasons. Do you think there will be some kids moving down the road who have been here awhile and are not starting?

BG: Pure math tells you that you can't take 20 recruits for seven spots, so there is going to be attrition. I think O-line is a good place to start, because Jake Moretti, Wyatt Davis and Josh Myers are instantly better than some of the current O-linemen on the roster. 

glight: If Cam Akers decides to attend another school, what are your feelings & chances that Ohio State offers Morgan Ellison out of Pickerington Central & will he accept?  Appreciate the hard work.

BG: Morgan "looks" like an OSU tailback, but the production has not been there because of injuries. I think Ohio State would need to see a full season of goodness before offering him. And even then he would be competing against all the backs in America. If offered, Morgan takes it instantly. 

aurorabuckeye: The old trope says that teams make their biggest amount of progress between games 1 and 2. How much will the defense improve in week 2, or alternately, is this the defense we have and we will see only slight improvements from game to game?

BG: Great question. While Tulsa is a better team than Bowling Green, and will probably give 10X the effort the Flashes did, I think Urban will be all over the D-line and "encourage" them to play much better. This team should be able to get better at every spot throughout the season because they're so inexperienced. I thought the LB's and DB's were pretty good against Bowling Green, and they're going to get tested by Tulsa's offense. This should be a good test for the OSU defense. 

buckeyebones: Can we get Kyle Snyder to put on a football uniform? What position do we want him to play?

BG: Definitely a seek-and-destroy linebacker. Take him right now. 

BuckeyeBlind: You mentioned the DTs being a concern after last week (I agree btw). If we can get this group to play competently in your opionion are we good enough everywhere else to complement them for a championship run? I guess my point is I think we can grow in the secondary to the point we are exceptional, and we can be very good at LB and DE as well. I just don't see the DTs having the talent to be anywhere close to that. However, I do believe they can become competent, and my question is will that be enough to get us to the playoff if they do? Or in your opinion do they have to be more than that

BG: I think the DB's are a long way from exceptional, but they looked good last week. We just don't know about guys like Ward, Lattimore, Arnette and Webb to call them exceptional yet. I'm also concerned about the LB's. I think Hubbard, Holmes, Lewis and Bosa are going to be great. I think there are going to be some shootouts this year, and they are going to have to be on the right side of a few 30-28 games to go to the playoffs. They can do it, but I'm not seeing it right now. I think the Oklahoma game will show everyone who this team is, not Bowling Green. 

buckeyebones: Predict how Smith responds to being called out for playing poorly.

BG: Well he's been at Ohio State long enough to know the motivation drill by now. My guess is he responds positively, and he'd better respond positively or get passed by. 

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