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Bank Bag: OSU's First Big Test

As Ohio State prepares to travel to Oklahoma to take on the Sooners, Bill Greene answers questions from Buckeye Sports Bulletin subscribers.

rollymolly2: A lot of moving pieces in DB recruiting. Is there any change in your thinking regarding Okaduh is "in." I really want this guy.

BG: I've had Jeffrey Okudah as a Buckeye for a while now and see no change there at all. They are still trying to lock down Shaun Wade. I don't see Lamont Wade or Darnay Holmes in this class. 

dfaulkne: Does it matter to Urban at all that OSU is the favorite now against Oklahoma instead of the underdog? Urban is so amazing as a dog, just curious how he can play that angle (or can he) now that OSU is favored...

BG: I really don't think he cares about the Vegas perception of this game. What's the difference if you're a 2-point favorite or a 2-point underdog? He will play it up that people think they can't win, but that's all BS stuff to me. Put your athletes in a position to win, and have them prepared to do what you need them to do. I don't buy into any of the silly motivation tools coaches use. Once you get smacked in the mouth you forget that junk anyway and play football. 

mrbigbux: Should the Pirates have traded Andrew McCutcheon prior to the trading deadline for some young talent? You think his skills are declining or just a bad year?

BG: On one hand I love the guy for his contributions to make this franchise go from awful to decent. On the other hand, he's not been the same player this year at all. Is it age? Injuries? An off year? The speed is gone right now. The on-base % used to be .400, and now it's just awful. He's signed through 2017 with a team option for 2018. I would keep him and hope he bounces back next year. He's only 30 years old. 

JohnCarrollBuckeye: Does Ohio State have any interest in St. John Bosco's 2018 recruit Real Mitchell? If he has hands to me he could be a faster version of Jalen Marshall. Follow up question do you still think Woodbey will end up at Ohio State. I know you once thought he could be the first 2018 commit.

BG: I would not be interested in Mitchell and I don't think they are either. He's good, but I did not see an elite playmaker when I watched him a few weeks ago. Woodbey loves Ohio State and Wyatt Davis is recruiting him hard. But he's only a high school junior that lives 2,000 miles away. Ohio State has a great shot at this kid, but it's a long way from February of 2018. 

HINYG8: 1) Which recruits currently committed don't stick, who gets added to fill  out the class? 2) Will Weber be THE GUY in the backfield ala Hyde and Zeke before he is done at Ohio State? 3) Do we have to put it all together to beat OU, or can we beat them even if we misfire in one or two segments of the game?

BG: I want to see what happens with Dobbins going forward. He's not happy they're chasing another runningback, and Charlie Strong is knocking on the door. I also want to see how Ohio State handles Danny Clark with numbers so tight. I think Thayer Munford has a chance to slide into the class because I don't feel good about Trey Smith. I think they're getting Okudah, but not so confident on Tufele, Browning or Hines. Maybe Bubba Bolden gets in the class later on. I do think Weber will be the man next year. Not a lot of competition at runningback to beat him out. I don't think Ohio State needs to play a perfect game to beat Oklahoma, but they need to play really well. 

dirtysouthbucks: looking at the starting 22, in spite of the fact that they are very young, is there a chance we could see another mass exodus to the NFL this offseason?  Just on the defense you could conceivably see Hooker, Conley, McMillian, Hubbard, and Lewis go pro and even guys like Lattimore and Hill with a big season.  How are the 2016 freshmen in the secondary looking?  Haven't seen too much of Fuller; Burns had the big play against BG.  Anything about Wayne Davis or Jahsen Wint?  You think the tackles next year are Isaiah Prince and Michael Jordan (assuming Jamarco goes pro)?

BG: I do see a potential mass exodus following this season, but it's too early to call right now. These guys are seeing how well all the early entry guys are doing and that is appealing to them. I do see Hooker, Conley, Hubbard, McMillan and Lewis as possibles. Lattimore and Hill would be foolish to think about it right now. Fuller has played some safety and Burns had the 15-second TD return in week one. Haven't heard much about Davis or Wint, but I think Wint had a big play on special teams I believe. Jamarco Jones should not consider leaving early and needs to return. 

buckeyeinsc: Bill - not sure if you have seen Wyatt Davis in person...but from the St. X game that dude looks like a beast...does that commit stick in your opinion? Or is this a layup line after Christmas type deal?

BG: I have seen him live and love his game. I think he's an inside guy that could play tackle if they needed him there. I do think the commitment sticks. He and his parents seem 100% solid to Ohio State. 

BuckeyePavs: Bill, did you happen to catch the Massillon vs Harding game?  How about the performance by Lynn Bowden?  I hear teams have concerns about some "off the field" issues..  Do you know anything about this?   I know we have a lot of these type of players already at OSU...but who would you compare him to?  Demario McCall? Dontre Wilson?  As good or better?

BG: Did not see the game but saw the film. He's amazing. Bowden is another Jalin Marshall. He's better than Dontre Wilson, and similar to Demario McCall. Bowden has a chance to be Curtus Samuel at the college level. I hear the whispers about character, but I've never heard anything concrete. He's also very respectful to me. 

Coors73: Bill thanks for doing this again. Does Hooker go pro this year? Is Schiano still here? If not does Fickell get a shot at D-Cord? Heard a rumor Tiger might be last captains pick for the Ryder cup; any thoughts?

BG: It's only been two games, but what I've seen out of Hooker translates well to the NFL. He's been better than both Powell and Bell, and they're in the NFL making money. Schiano should get a head coaching gig after this season. I do not see Fickell getting that job, and think he could be moving on after this season as well. You can't put Tiger on the team because he hasn't played golf in a long while, and he wasn't a good Ryder Cup player even when he was the best player in the world. Love him coaching them though. 

Buckrock: The Cubs Indians in the World Series? 1908 vs 1948. Wouldnt that be an event? Thoughts?

BG: For the record, I did not see either the 1908 Cubs or the 1948 Indians in person. I do have these two going to the World Series, and it would be a great event if it happens. This is the Year of Cleveland. Except for the Browns. HaHa. 

jnmbuck: I know they aren't in same class so not competing for same spot but how do you compare Jaylon Harris and Blue Smith? Who has highest upside?

BG: Harris is so much faster and Smith is going to get a lot bigger and play tight end in my opinion. He does not want to hear tight end, so you recruit him as a wideout and move him to tight end the second day of practice. I like Harris better. 

ozereb: How has Haskell Garrett been playing? Do you think he will make an impact for us going forward?

BG: He's a really good player and I think he fits in with the guys they've been recruiting at defensive tackle. He's not a difference maker in my opinion. He's like all the DT's on the current roster. Good. Not great. 

bucknutsinurface: If Urban retired today, who replaces him

BG: Well if Urban retired today that would be a heck of a story, HaHa. If he retired TODAY, it would be Greg Schiano. He would be the only coach on this staff that would be thought of as a replacement. If Urban retires at the end of the year, Ohio State would do everything in its power to hire Tom Herman. 

kevboa22: A couple weeks ago I asked whether the big name coaches (minus Urban) in the Big Ten would be coaching at their current school in the year 2020.  Today I'll ask the rest.  Will the following coaches be coaching at their current schools to start the 2020 season? Urban Meyer - Ohio State Darrell Hazel - Purdue Tracy Claeys - Minnesota Chris Ash - Rutgers DJ Durkin - Maryland Paul Chryst - Wisconsin Kevin Wilson - Indiana

BG: Going to say Yes on Meyer and I don't think retirement is coming anytime soon. Hazell should never have been given this year so I will say No. Claeys is in a tough place and he's never been a head coach, so I will say No. Ash is recruiting well so I'm going to say Yes. Like what Durkin is doing at Maryland, so Yes on him. Chryst fits Wisconsin like a glove, so Yes. Kevin Wilson is interesting, but they seem to really like him so Yes. 

cjdjbucknuts: What former OSU player are most surprised by not sticking in NFL?

BG: I really thought Doran Grant was in great shape with the Steelers. They drafted him high and I thought they really liked him. Was surprised they let him go. 

Todd2854: I have to ask.....do you agree with Davis Love's three captain picks and what chances do you give the Ryder Cup team to actually man up this year and win?

BG: He could have picked about anyone and I would be happy as long as two of them weren't Jim Furyk and Steve Stricker. I've seen enough of those two puking all over themselves against the Euros. Fowler has not been playing well, and he sucks at the Ryder Cup, so why him? He has talent, so maybe it works out. J.B. Holmes is shaky, but hits it a mile which is huge at Hazeltine. And J.B. has good Ryder Cup experience. Love Kuchar because he's playing well and does well in this event. The fourth? I would take Dufner over Bubba, but could live with both. I think the Americans are going to win this year and I feel strongly about it. 

TimMoodyBSB: Which would you choose (all expenses paid)?– Pebble Beach 10 times – Augusta National 1 time

BG: Not even close, it would be Augusta. I can go play Pebble next week if I want to. I have no reasonable expectation of ever attending the Masters again, let alone playing there. I was at the 2012 Masters and feel so fortunate that I was able to go even one time. If the opportunity ever came up to go again, I would drop everything in a second. To play there? It's beyond my wildest dreams. So this is a pretty easy answer for me. 

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