Bank Bag: OSU's First Big Test-PART TWO

As Ohio State prepares to travel to Oklahoma to take on the Sooners, Bill Greene answers questions from Buckeye Sports Bulletin subscribers. Here is Part-Two.

rollymolly2: Does USC hire Herman at the end of the season. They are a mess.

BG: Makes all the sense in the world to me. Clay Helton? Please. I just keep wondering if the NFL will come calling for Tom Herman. Offensive guru. QB guru. And that's an offense driven league nowadays. I could see Herman coaching the Cowboys if things fall apart again this year. 

donfatman: Oklahoma won 47 straight games in the 50s. In your opinion has there ever been a more dominant run than that? 

BG: That's an amazing statistic. How do you top that one? In the modern era, Bobby Bowden had 14 straight seasons finishing in the top-5. And that's going against the great Miami dynasty, and Steve Spurrier's Florida run, so he had a lot of competition for great players. Try finishing in the top-5 for 14 straight years. Good luck to Saban and Urban. They each have a streak of two seasons in top-5 right now. 

curt414: Bill from your own perspective and the best scouts you know what one thing do you believe is most important that a QB needs to thrive first in college, then into the NFL. I ask because some scouts, coaches have the knack for seeing talent and refining that talent (ie) Jim Harbaugh. While others just have a hard time.

BG: For me, it's being quick with your decision, being quick getting rid of the ball, and being accurate. That's what I look for. Now college is different because Terrelle Pryor, Braxton Miller and J.T. Barrett are all Heisman types and they did none of the above. The running QB craze of the past decade has skewed QB play overall. And it's affecting the NFL, where there are fewer and fewer pro-style QB's developed anymore. It's why there are some truly awful players sticking as backups, and there aren't 32 quality starters. And I agree with you that Harbaugh is a QB genius. 

WSPBuck: Now that the open try out part of the season is over.. who will be the WRs who see the most snaps going forward?

BG: I'm not sure we know any more about these guys today than we did last spring. As I keep writing: is this group really good, or just above average? I think there's a gap between Devin Smith, Mike Thomas, Jalin Marshall, Braxton Miller until they get to Victor, Mack, Grimes and Lindsey. How good are guys like Noah Brown, Paris Campbell, Corey Smith, Terry McLaurin, Johnnie Dixon and James Clark? They better be really good this week. 

BlufftonBuck: I am surprised that one of young freshman TEs has not moved ahead of Alexander. Is it how he is playing or have the freshman not produced yet?

BG: Alexander is playing better. And Jake Hausmann is pushing him for time. Hawkins and Ferrell have a ways to go. 

Bluffton Buck: One more...give me one key for offense and one key for defense for OSU to beat Oklahoma

BG: That's for my Friday article, HaHa. I will say this: I don't think either QB can throw it up and down the field all day. Run the football well. Stop the run cold. 

NorthPoleBuckeye: Any surprise commits or de-commits?

BG: Things are pretty quiet right now, and the big timers are starting to take their five visits. I have nothing earth shattering at all right now. I would keep an eye on J.K. Dobbins, because I know Charlie Strong is really pushing for the kid to stay home. And Ohio State continuing to recruit Cam Akers is smart in my opinion. 

TB777: Talent check: Would you take OSU's OL, or Oklahoma's for just this season. Same question for RB, WR's, TE, and QB position? Basically where do you see the talent and player advantages comparing these two high profile offenses up against one another?

BG: The O-lines appear about even, and both had key losses from last year. I like Perrine and Mixon slightly better than Samuel and Weber. Of the wideouts, I probably like Mark Andrews the best but the units are pretty even. For the QB's, I think Mayfield throws it better, but Barrett runs the ball better. I think the offenses are pretty even to be honest. Who will turn it over? Who can convert third-downs? Who makes bigger plays? 

TB777: If you were the deciding vote, and the criteria was who had the most success on the field as a College Football coach to get into the college Hall of Fame who would you pick out of Les Miles, Earle Bruce, John Cooper, Barry Alvarez, Phil Fulmer, Mark Richt, or Lloyd Carr? Rank the other six from 2nd to 7th using same criteria?

BG: Richt has a long way to go, so he gets an incomplete grade. John Cooper won 192 games and that impresses me greatly. Want to beat that? Win 10 per year for 20 years. Coop is a Hall of Famer for me. Fulmer and Miles are the same coach to me. Great records with one national title. They are Hall of Famers to me. Alvarez, Carr and Bruce were all very darn good coaches, but not Hall of Fame good in my opinion. I would have Miles and Fulmer tied for first. Cooper second. Carr. Alvarez. Bruce. 

rollymolly2: Jackson Carman...Buckeye and how good is he.

BG: Yes a Buckeye for sure. He's not as good now as he can be in 3-4 years. Most potential of any tackle in Ohio since Orlando Pace. He has everything he needs to be a great college player. 

donfatman: Help me- How do you pronounce Studrawa? Who are the top five non head coach/ non Ohio state recruiters in the nation? Cage match - Hillary vs Trump - Could Trump last three rounds?

BG: I believe it's pronounced: stew-draw-wa. Everyone calls him Coach Stud. I love Vince Marrow at Kentucky and he could recruit for anyone. I like Brent Venables at Clemson, Mario Crystobal at Bama, Tosh Lupoi at Bama and Vance Bedford at Texas. After watching Hillary collapse in the sweltering 72 degree heat on 9-11 last week I don't think she could last one round with any of Bill's girlfriends, let alone The Donald. 

BuckeyeAlum98: As a head coach, if you had to build your "brand identity" around one or the other, which would it be: Offense or Defense? Why?

BG: With the way the rules are constantly changing toward more of a 7-on-7 game, you better be able to score a lot of points. A decade ago, I would have said Tressel-ball was my style. Run the football and play great defense. In today's game, you need a QB that can put points on the board, not a Craig Krenzel type. 

sphinxbuck:  Who is the best Linebacker at Ohio State since 1980? What do the Ohio High School football coaches think of Urban Meyer? What is Jim Harbaughs recruiting plan: Will he dive back into Ohio recruiting again? Who has surprised you the most with his play this year at Ohio State?

BG: Andy Katzenmoyer remains the best middle linebacker I've ever seen at Ohio State. Great combination of speed and power. On the outside, I would take A.J. Hawk. I think the high school coaches know that Urban is not Jim Tressel from a people skills point of view. They admire him as a coach, but I'm not sure they know him like they knew Tress. And they never will for the most part. Harbaugh is like Meyer, in that he sees no borders or recruiting areas. He wants the best players he can get, from Texas, California, New Jersey, Ohio or Michigan. Malik Hooker has blown me away with his football IQ. I knew he was a great athlete, but he has not played a lot of football to be out there looking like a 4-year starter. 

rkorch: Which guy is more likely to become a head coach at OSU? Herman or Vrabel? Any up and coming football minds that you really like? Outside of Noah Brown and Samuel, who steps it up at WR this year?

BG: I would say Herman is way ahead of Vrabel, but the Herman timeframe might not match Urban's. I think Tom Herman will have a destination job before Meyer decides to retire. Vrabel could end up the DC with the Patriots in a few years, and then it would be interesting to see how he feels about coming back to college. I love Lincoln Riley, the offensive coordinator at Oklahoma. Most people here have never heard of Riley. I hope they don't learn the hard way this Saturday, HaHa. I like Brown and Samuel, but your guess is as good as mine after those two. Someone needs to step up and be good. 

BuckeyeNatural: Lots of good WRs instate this class, could you rank them for me? Do you think Jaylen makes it in this class? Any chance for a second one sneaking in at the end? Who are your top 5 guys for next years Ohio crop? Who do you see as the biggest sleeper right now in that class? How many Current OSU players go pro? my number is 6 right now.

BG: I have Jaylen Harris as the top wide receiver in Ohio, with Danny Davis a distant second. The rest are all OK. Not seeing Jaylen Harris in the class, but there's a long way to go. No chance for a second, unless they see Lynn Bowden as a wideout and he might be. Bowden is a monster and we have him listed as an "athlete". Not seeing an OSU-type WR for 2018 in Ohio. Biggest sleeper in the 2018 class? How about Jeremiah Wood of Pickerington Central? Could be a Darron Lee type in waiting. Going pro? Impossible to say right now, but I'll have the exact number around the bowl game. I would go with Hubbard, Lewis, Raekwon, Hooker, Conley, Price, Baugh, Samuel and Barrett as candidates right now. 

EncyclopedicBuck: Was Dareus "Superman" Hiley the single most talented high school player you've ever seen in Ohio High School football? I know you've given him extremely high praise before. I have to admit, from what I've heard, he was as good of a talent that there ever was in Ohio. To this day, he is the one player I wanted to see play at OSU the most--in the worst way. Too bad, it didn't work out for him. The top five most talented players you've ever seen in Ohio.

BG: Hiley is up there for sure, but Charles Woodson is number-one and I doubt I ever see anyone like him again in my lifetime. Woodson, Hiley, Clarett, Pace and Schlichter would probably be my top-5 I've watched play in person. Next would be guys like Katzenmoyer, Robert Smith, Keith Byars and Chris Spielman. 

NorthPoleBuckeye: How important is it that Urban has a good/great relationship with high school coaches?  For example, if Saban had a terrible relationship with Alabama HS coaches, but knowing that Bama is highly coveted, would that brand trump anything high school coaches could say to kids that would not want them to go there?

BG: Not very important anymore, because the high school coach is almost irrelevant in recruiting these days. I have coaches ask me about their own players all the time now. That never used to happen. Could a high school football coach talk your kid out of going to Ohio State because he did not like Urban? No chance. The mom. The AAU "coach". The "uncle". These people matter more most of the time in today's world. 

WraithBuck: Bank, in regards to recruiting, can you take us through a day in the life of a five star prospect? Lets assume 30 D1 scholarship offers and during open contact. What is the earliest in the day a prospect can be contacted and the latest? Is there a limit to the amount of texts on a daily basis. I am just imagining their cell phones constantly buzzing.

BG: There would be an almost constant barrage unless the kid was smart enough to cut his list to a working number, which most of them have done by now. I'm sure the texts start in the AM and go until late at night. But you answer what you want to answer. You put on ignore the ones you have no interest in talking to. Once you get blocked, it's time to move on to the next player. If you've been around teenagers, there phones are always dinging, HaHa. 

bookiewookie: Stoops Family What do you think of Bob? Mentioned regularly as potential replacement for Urban. Will Mark survive @ Kentucky? Will Mark ever be able to win @ Kentucky?

BG: I think Bob Stoops is a lot better coach than people give him credit for, and he's probably branded as a loser rather than the Hall of Famer I think he is. His greatest sin? He's not Urban or Saban. I think he's in that second tier of coaches that are all pretty darn good. Not feeling so confident on brother Mark at Kentucky, although he's a good guy and I hope he survives. It's obviously a tough place to win, and they're close. Last year they went 5-7, with last second losses to Florida, Auburn and Vandy. Win two of those and they are 7-5 and headed bowling. Win all 3 and they are 8-4 and receiving a contract extension. There's a fine line between winning and losing for some of these schools. 

PleasantonBuck: Who are some of the best students on this year's team. Curious as to those who have a tough major. To be an accomplished student while playing OSU football is awesome.

BG: I really don't know that answer and would not want to guess. I agree with you 100% about being a great student and playing football or basketball at the highest level. The time demands are unbelievable. 

PleasantonBuck: Do you like IPA's? If so, what's your favorite?

BG: I'm a non-alcoholic guy, so I can't help you on that one. I packed it in on December 9, 1988 and stayed pretty much alcohol free since then. Might have 2 or 3 glasses of wine per year, unless Trailrunner and Zulu overserve me. HaHa. Might have 1 or 2 beers per year, mostly whatever is cold and wet. I might not have had any alcohol this year to date, so I'm not the guy to answer this one. 

TB777: If Urban lost every Assistant, and Katich and the Oho Congress said he had to fill every Assistant spot with a current Ohio HS Coach who would you tell Urban to go recruit for Offensive Coordinator, Defensive Coordinator, and Recruiting Coordinator? Basically the best Ohio HS coaching mind for Offense, Defense, and then the individual who you know would be able to recruit at similar levels as right now.

BG: That's a tough question to answer. I've always loved Chuck Kyle's offense because he ran a complicated pro-style back in the '80's and it's still good today. He can run it or throw it at any time. Great offensive mind. I love Steve Specht at St. Xavier, He tried to explain his 3-3-5 stack defense to me one time, and I would have had a better chance understanding Kim Jon-il explain North Korean math. I know it stops the spread offenses. For recruiting coordinator I would get Moe Douglass, because everybody likes him and likes being around him. A great people person. 

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