Bucknotes 8/22

There has certainly been a mix of bad and good news floating around lately. Dave Biddle takes a lighter look at the good and bad sides of things.

Here is the good and the bad as the Buckeyes prepare to open the 2003 season and defend their title. The ugly is so ugly that we just left it out.

Good: Le Regiment

Bad: Anything else French

Good: Just win, baby

Bad: It's rollin' baby; it's rollin'

Good: Roy Jones throwing an overhand right

Bad: Marlin Jackson throwing a Bud Light

Good: The Buckeyes' aggressive nature on defense

Bad: Their conservative nature on offense

Good: Chris Gamble's versatility

Bad: The constant puns on his last name (Gamble at corner a sure bet for Bucks)

Good: The Lydell Ross "Get Ripped" workout

Bad: The Derek Morris "Get Stuffed" cookout

Good: Jim O'Brien landing the top two players in the state of Ohio

Bad: Those that still think OB can't recruit

Good: The 35 or so Buckeyes currently playing in the NFL

Bad: The Rams not giving the league's best left tackle his just due

Good: Matt Wilhelm starting for the Chargers

Bad: Whoever labeled him an "overachiever" (That's something you say about a 5-11, 220-pound slow guy. Not a 6-4, 250-pounder that can run.)

Good: Paul Brown

Bad: Mike Brown

Good: Former Buckeye cheerleader Tara Zinslen's placekicking skills

Bad: The Grammatica brothers' cheerleading skills

Good: Getting rid of the halo rule

Bad: Calling the excessive celebration penalty, excessively

Good: Jim Tressel's demeanor on the sidelines

Bad: Lloyd Carr running 15 yards on the field to dispute a call

Good: The Woody "Block O" hat

Bad: That hat Earle wore his last couple years

Good: 14-0 (2-0)

Bad: 2-10-1

Good: 100,000-plus for every game at Ohio Stadium

Bad: Plenty of good seats still available for any U. of Miami home game

Good: Tom Brady's career potential with the Patriots

Bad: Drew Henson's .220 batting average with AAA Columbus

Good: The Blue Jackets' impact on Columbus as a sports town

Bad: Their record so far

Good: Making the bi-annual road trip to Indiana; watching Buckeye fans take over Memorial Stadium

Bad: My friend TJ's blood alcohol level on the way home

Good: Regular season conference championships

Bad: Made-for-TV conference championship games

Good: Craig Krenzel could teach biology at OSU

Bad: I got a C+ in Biology 101 at OSU a few years ago (but did not get any help from a tutor, I don't care what Norma says)

Good: Night games in the Horseshoe

Bad: Night games at Wisconsin

Good: The Washington game will be here in about a week

Bad: OSU will have you parking somewhere in Worthington if you plan on tailgating

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