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Bank Bag: Ohio State's Bye Week

Ohio State is flying high after a 3-0 start and the Buckeyes have this week off to prepare for the Big Ten schedule. Bill Greene answers questions from the BSB subscribers in this edition of the Bank Bag.

drewsus: Is it too early to crown this OSU secondary? I'm just in awe of their hands and playmaking skills. I can't remember ever having so much fun watching a group of defensive backs. How much of their playmaking ability should be credited to Schiano? Would we have seen similar early results if Ash had hung around?

BG: Way too early to crown this secondary, but they have been amazing to date. Greg Schiano is obviously doing a great job, and I expected that he would. I think Ash would be getting the same results because he's as good of a defensive mind as there is in college football. 

tridentawc: Who or what was the biggest influence in your decision to become a sports journalist Bank. Why did you pick this profession. It seems you truly love doing what you do Brother. 

BG: This just came out of nowhere really and the internet created a work place for guys like me without journalism degrees on their walls. I started posting on the old AOL message board back in the early 1990's when there were only two providers, AOL and Compuserve. There were no sports sites. No Scout. I had great Ohio State connections and people liked what I wrote on the message boards. I got hooked up with Duane Long who was publishing Ohio's Future Stars magazine, and I tried to help him with Northeast Ohio kids. I wrote no articles, just identified talent. Duane and I exchanged emails, and pretty soon people started wanting added to our list. We grew to an email list of over 125 people, and Duane and I dropped OSU knowledge. Of that original list, I believe MuskieBuck is still around. There may be others. When Bucknuts bought out Duane's magazine, I started posting on their message boards and became kind of popular. They encouraged me to write articles, which were painful in the beginning. I was the 7th guy on a team of 5 guys, so there were no thoughts of doing this full time. When Scout and Bucknuts split, I was offered a lot bigger role with Scout, which I gladly took. That started the wheels in motion to make this a career after I had achieved my retirement at my sales job. I worked both jobs for three years, and then here I am today almost 10 years later. It was basically a story of what can happen in America. 

buckeyetd: Assuming Browning and Hines were at the game Saturday does seeing is believing come into play here at all? By that I mean did seeing how much better OSU is do anything to make them lean our way at all? The future and present is much brighter in Columbus than in Norman, or are neither likely to land here?

BG: One game's results mean nothing in recruiting. PERIOD. The Florida State recruits are not decommitting and heading to Louisville today. Notre Dame will not lose all their kids to Michigan State. You'd better have the comfort and relationship thing down pat, or you ain't getting Little Jimmy. I don't think Ohio State is getting Hines, victory or no victory. They are in great shape with Browning, and that win will impress him if he thinks Ohio State is the right school for him. If not, that win means squat. If THAT KID'S future isn't brighter at your school, you can forget him even if you go undefeated. Comfort and relationships. Not big wins. 

JohnCarrollBuckeye: Is the Marvin Wilson talk just that talk? Do you think when it is all said and done the 2016 team is or will be more talented than the 2014 & 2015 teams?

BG: I see no reason to be excited about Marvin Wilson until his plane lands in Columbus. More talented? I don't think so, but it's too soon to tell. If you've followed Ohio State football for a long time like I have you've seen lots and lots of September national champions. Only none of them ever won a national championship. This team is off to a great start and is playing great. Let's see if it continues. For pure talent, I don't see a Bosa, Lee or Zeke on this team. But it's only been three games. 

buckzip: Wrong board but I have to ask. Tom Woodson, JoJo Natson and Jerome Lane. Any chance for Sunday's?

BG: No on Tommy Woodson. Natson has a chance if he stays straight, because he's a playmaker out there. Lane is very intriguing, because of size and speed and I think he will be in someone's camp. 

raider2426: Had Urban Meyer not taken the OSU job, who would be Ohio States's coach today? You mentioned that conversations occurred behind the scenes between OSU and Urban Meyer before Jim Tressel's departure. These conversations allowed OSU to get rid of Tressel knowing they had Urban Meyer in the bag. Were there similar conversations with any other current coaches of other teams? Bob Stoops, Mark Dantonio, Bo Pelini? You mentioned in a previous week's bag that LSU's struggles on offense were based on Les Miles' failure to adapt to the evolving college game. How successful would Ohio State be if they were still under the leadership of Tressel? Do you think Tressel would have eventually budged and moved forward from the "limit mistakes, don't turn the ball over, and play great defense" model?

BG: Ohio State just might have Mark Dantonio as their coach today, and I think he would have taken it. I think Urban was it for Ohio State. There were no other candidates. Other than Jon Gruden, HaHaHa. I think Tress did evolve with Terrelle Pryor and he might have even evolved more with Braxton, but we will never know. I think Ohio State would still be good today with Tress, but 53-4? Probably not. 

BuckeyeBK: BIll, Will Wisconsin or MSU be a tougher game for this team?If there is a mass exodus after this year, is the talent going to be there to keep reloading? Do the Bucks really have a shot at Marvin Wilson or is it just being caught up in the excitement of that OK game? What's up with the delayed play calling? It reminded me of some of the Tressel games when we couldn't get the calls in from the booth?

BG: I have them beating Michigan State as the ultimate Urban revenge game, but they are who they are. They have a system that gives Urban problems, and MSU is a threat. I think Wisconsin plays a style that can give Ohio State trouble as well. Plus it's a road game in a tough place to play. I'm waiting to see the Marvin Wilson visit. The play calling system is new this year and that takes time to get worked out. No worries from me. 

BuckeyeBlind: You mentioned earlier in the year that you felt that Penn State was a bigger challenge to tOSU than Nebraska......do you still feel that way? I think Barkley could potentially have a nice day, but I can't see their passing game having any success against our defense. Armstrong for Nebraska is just dynamic and could cause the Buckeyes problems. I don't see either one of those teams being able to stop the Buckeyes offense though.

BG: Yes, I have Penn State as a bigger threat because they're more physical on defense, and Nebraska has to come to Columbus. I know Riley has a history of winning games as a 20 point underdog, but I'm not seeing it. If someone can stop Ohio State running the ball between the guards and make Barrett throw, they have a chance to win. That's the recipe to beat them, ala Dantonio's way. 

joebuckeye: Any concerns about Jaelen Gill? With the season 1/4 on the way over. Give us your champions in each conference and your playoff teams. Most likely to least likely to visit: Marvin Wilson Baron Browning Cam Akers Trey Smith Shaun Wade 10 years from now, who is most likely to be retired and on a golf course, You, Nick Saban or Urban Meyer?

BG: No concerns from me on Jaelen Gill, as I have him as a Buckeye. I have the Big-12 out of the playoffs. No clue who ends up winning. The Big Ten will come down to Ohio State and Michigan like the old days. The SEC will be Georgia in the championship against Bama or Arkansas. The PAC-12 could be either Stanford or Washington against UCLA. The ACC should end up being whoever wins the Atlantic between Clemson, Florida State and Louisville. Might be a lot for FSU to hope Louisville loses twice while they go undefeated the rest of the way though, so the Seminoles might be out right now.

mrbigbux: No disrespect to Houston - but my feeling is that Oklahoma has more horses than Houston and if Oklahoma and Houston were to play 10 times that Oklahoma would win 8 out of the 10. Agree? Disagree?

BG: Not sure I agree with that. After watching Houston beat Oklahoma, I'm not sure those two teams aren't pretty even across the board and they might split 5 and 5. The QB might tilt the advantage to Houston though. Ward is really good. Oklahoma has been pretty bad through three games now. Not sure if they're any good or not. They could be a 6-6 team. 

dirtysouthbucks: although you've correctly picked all three games, has the progress of this team surprised you at all? any ideas where the bucks go if dobbins flips and akers stays in the south?  RB recruiting is quietly one of the biggest needs in the 2017 class....

BG: Ohio State is better than I thought they would be to this point, so Yes I'm surprised they've been this dominant so far. The runningback recruiting has to concern them. I think Dobbins is listening to Texas, but I'm not sure he flips if Akers stays away from Ohio State. If OSU lands Akers, then Dobbins is gone in my opinion. And I think OSU would take that tradeoff. 

donfatman: Who are your three favorite college football announcers?

BG: You have to look at these folks as teams, so it has to be Beth Mowins and Joey Galloway. Oh wait, I thought you said the WORST two announcers EVER in the history of television. I would listen to the North Korean broadcast over those two. The best? Really like Verne Lundquist, Todd Blackledge and Mike Patrick. NO on Gus, Brent and Herbie. 

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