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Bank Bag: OSU Bye Week PART-TWO

Ohio State is flying high after a 3-0 start and the Buckeyes have this week off to prepare for the Big Ten schedule. Bill Greene answers questions from the BSB subscribers in this edition of the Bank Bag. Here is Part-Two.

joebuckeye: Most likely to least likely to visit: Marvin Wilson Baron Browning Cam Akers Trey Smith Shaun Wade 10 years from now, who is most likely to be retired and on a golf course, You, Nick Saban or Urban Meyer?

BG: 1- Browning 1A- Wade 2- Akers 3- Smith 4- Wilson. In 10 years I think Saban will be retired. I hope I'm not. I am pretty sure Urban won't be. 

donfatman: Who are your top three fore Heisman right now?

BG: How about Lamar Jackson, Lamar Jackson and Lamar Jackson? This award is won in November. I would go McCaffrey, Jackson and Deshaun Watson, with J.T. Barrett right there. An outside choice would be Jalen Hurts. 

WSPBuck: How big of a selling point is being 3 & done in college to recruits? If I am a DB & I see 3 early departures from last year & potentially 3 more this year I would be salivating.. I know you say it's all comfort and relationships but how big of a sell is the "3 & done" best path to the NFL playing a factor in our recruiting?

BG: It's a huge factor and last year's draft was a great commercial for Ohio State. It's a great selling tool and recruiting is salesmanship. But you need salesmen to provide "comfort and relationships". They can start as early and go to the NFL just as fast from Michigan State and Notre Dame. They can also get to the NFL from most every other school in college football. Shaun Wade doesn't "need" OSU to make his dreams come true. But you need to make him think he does. And you'd better know exactly what his reasons are for choosing a school. 

Sports509: Any new players in Ohio HS Football that are starting to show as the year progresses? Ohio football over the next two years buying or selling? Coaches who will be gone next year?

BG: I'm just not seeing any new guys at all right now in Ohio. I think the overall top talent is down in the state. Greg Schiano wants a head coaching job today, but won't take a bad job. Ed Warinner wants one too, and might take any job offered. I think Luke Fickell will not be back at Ohio State next year, whether that's leaving for a head coaching job or DC at a big-time school. 

KeithBuckeyes: Watching Lamar Jackson run the football reminded me of Braxton. How would you compare the two when Braxton was healthy?

BG: I would agree with you. As Braxton got older and put on weight he was still fast but not quite as explosive. Jackson is lightning right now in space and he reminds me of a younger Braxton. 

Coors73: Bill I've seen lots of people criticizing Webb this week and many calling for his replacement.  I think much of it is un-called for and I honestly think his biggest flaw is he plays next to Hooker who's a future NFL star.  Where is he deficient?  Do you think he should be replaced?  If so by whom?  Thanks.

BG: I do not think he should be replaced, but I think he needs to play better. He has been shaky in coverage and taken some poor angles coming up to tackle. Some of the guys playing behind him would be Erick Smith, Eric Glover-Williams and Jordan Fuller. 

BuckeyePete: Only 5 of our 18 commits are from Ohio.  Was this a down year for Ohio recruiting?  Is the expectation of having about 10 Ohio kids in each recruiting class kind of out the window?  Is it a worry that we might be letting Ohio guys go that will come back to bite us?  In this day and age does it matter whether you have a majority of Ohio players on the OSU team, especially in regards to ttun?

BG: This was a down year for top talent in Ohio and I think taking ten could be tough to do going forward. With the ability to go to every state in America and grab top talent, the Ohio kids aren't as needed as they were 5-10 years ago. Our world is smaller now and lots of schools are recruiting nationally, rather than regionally. I do not think it matters where players come from, as long as they're good. I also think the Michigan "rivalry" is not what it was in past decades. The playoff system has killed the rivalries for the most part. The biggest rival now is Michigan State because Mark Dantonio lines up in big games and beats Ohio State. Michigan has not threatened Ohio State for so long that it's more of a one week rivalry, not 52 like it used to be. Beat Michigan and go to the Rose Bowl used to be the goal. Those days are gone. 

victor64: I know he has been great overall but JT still to me holds on to the ball too long or lock in on one receiver. Is it how he is coached? Is he afraid to screw up? Are the receivers running bad routes? He is just getting tons of time to throw and too often doesn't. I know I am nitpicking but he seems to have been doing this for a long time.

BG: He is a running quarterback. He is not Peyton Manning or Tom Brady scanning the field looking to his second and third options. This passing attack is not that type of scheme. He does his job very well, which is to run the zone read and get the ball to open receivers without turning it over. He is hesitant at times throwing the football, but this is not a passing offense, so you have to cut him some slack. He's doing his job very well through three games. 

TB777: Have you watched Tate Martell in any of Gorman's games this year on TV? If so, what are your thoughts? If you could play a golf round with one female golfer who would it be? If you could take any golfer's short game from any era whose would it be? Louisville has to play Clemson and Houston yet. Do you see them losing one or both of those games? If you had to wager right now on JT leaving or staying which would it be? What round if he goes? Which team has the best Cheerleaders?

BG: I like Tate a lot and think he fits Urban's offense to a tee. The female golfer I would love to play a round with would be Annika Sorenstam, because I love her swing and her attitude playing the game. I love Phil Mickelson's short game and he's a master with his wedges. In terms of putting, Tiger in his prime or Jack in his prime made everything. I do not see Louisville going undefeated and they could lose both games you mentioned. I think J.T. is leaving, which I think is crazy by the way. He might be a late round draftee, but I would not take him. The best cheerleaders and women in general are in Mississippi. They redshirt Miss America candidates down there. 

bucknutsinurface: Some feel we struggle against Wisconsin, I just don't see it. There offense is very vanilla with no deep threat receivers. Bill, how do you see this matchup

BG: Wisconsin can threaten Ohio State, but they need to play a perfect game like they did defensively against LSU. They need to make it a street fight and beat OSU up physically. They MUST, MUST, MUST stop the running game and make Barrett throw to beat them. A few turnovers wouldn't hurt either. They need a game that comes out 21-20, not 41-40 because they will never score 40. 

cjdjbucknuts: How good was Superman Hiley? Do you know anything about where Freddie Lenox ended up?

BG: Hiley was probably the greatest Glenville player of all time. He was a faster, better Marshon Lattimore. Freddie went to Cincinnati after signing with OSU, but never made any impact on the field. 

mrbigbux: Last week you poo poo'd the "Basic Defense" comment from the backup Oklahoma qb saying it has no effect. But after the game Kwan grabbed a "basic defense" sign from a fan and paraded it around the field. Also i read in SI that Tom Herman scoured ESPN reporting for any disrespect and found a nugget when Kannell called his qb "Gary" Ward. Herman took this to the team and it was reported that after the Oklahoma game his team was hollering Gary Ward. Maybe this stuff does not effect NFL players but it seems maybe there is some effect with this when dealing with 19/20 year old college kids. Still stick by your guns?

BG: It means nothing. Zero. Every team Ohio State plays from the Big Ten hates Urban Meyer, what the Buckeyes stand for, and the fact that they were not recruited by them. They still get killed. Jim Harbaugh guaranteed a win over Ohio State as a player and ticked everybody off in Ohio. He stuck it to them and won. Every team plays the disrespect card on a weekly basis. It works out well for 50% of them. The other 50% lose. 

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