Bank Bag: OSU Bye Week PART-THREE

Ohio State is flying high after a 3-0 start and the Buckeyes have this week off to prepare for the Big Ten schedule. Bill Greene answers questions from the BSB subscribers in this edition of the Bank Bag. Here is Part-Three.

BadHabit48: There's been a lot of buzz around Tyreke Smith over the past few months and what I'd like to know is what separates him from a guy who had a similar profile in Rashod Berry?

BG: Tyreke has played way less football than Rashod Berry. Smith only started playing this year, his junior season, so he has a lot of upside and that's what's creating the buzz. They are very similar physically, and I think it's a really good comparison of recruits to be honest. I think as a senior Tyreke will be bigger than Berry, with similar athletic ability. 

Coors73: Bill here's a bonus question.  What in the HELL is going on at USC?  Player punches Helton? Helton says he'll sign ALL transfer requests?

BG: This is a prime example of why I never agree with the mantra that "anybody can win there". When you have the wrong coach, you are not going to win. At Alabama. At Ohio State. And at USC. Clay Helton never should have been hired. Period. In sports, I would NEVER fire my coach and go look for a coach unless forced to. That was what OSU did brilliantly with Meyer and Tressel. Once they knew they had Urban, Tress was old news. And that was the absolute right way to do things. If I'm USC, I'm talking to Herman's agent NOW and trying to overwhelm him with a deal NOW. I don't want to fire Helton in November and start a coaching search. I might lose Herman to someone else, and get stuck with another Clay Helton. When Sark messed up, they had no choice but to elevate Helton. But giving him the permanent job? When you had all year to get someone proven? Inexcusable. Now you look bad if you fire the guy after one year, but he needs fired.

dplaw: Do we add one more DT in this class? If so, who is odds on favorite?

BG: They definitely want another one. I would say at the top of the board would be Marvin Wilson and Jay Tufele. I would think their chances are far better with Tufele than Wilson, but let's see how the official visits shakes out for both guys. Getting both in for officials would be huge, especially given Urban's track record for closing recruits late in the process. 

notobigkat: Next to commit? (Not including Okudah)

BG: Tough to say because I do think Okudah will commit by the end of October. Most of the big-timers they're in on will be waiting until later in the year to decide. My guess is we see a decommit from the 2017 class before we see the next commit. Can't give the name, but it won't be a difference maker. 

buckeyebones: You have said that the toughest task in recruiting is getting the elite big linemen because they are much more scarce. How do you think we are doing in that category? Compared to Bama?

BG: I think OSU is happy with the guys on the roster at defensive tackle, but they do not compare to the Alabama DT's like A'Shawn Robinson, Jarran Reed and Jonathan Allen from last year. Now they have Tomlinson, Davis and Payne terrorizing the interior. Missing Terry Beckner and Christian Wilkins hurt, because those are future first round draft picks. I think guys like Hamilton, Landers, Jones and Cornell are good. But they aren't Alabama good. 

rollymolly2: Will Herman leave Houston and take a bundle of cash to USC. If Texas fires Strong at Texas which team will Herman sign with. Assume both contracts are equal.

BG: Herman is in the catbird seat as long as he continues to win. If he stays too long and has a 6-6 year he gets knocked back a few pegs. I think he might get NFL looks, but I have not heard that yet. If both jobs are equal, he would take Texas. That is his area and his dream job. The Texas roster is loaded with good young talent and that team is going to be good next year, whether it's Strong or Herman. USC would require a total rebuild. Texas has gone through that with Strong, and is ready to win next year. 

SiamBuck: Does Schiano prefer a college head job or an NFL DC job next year?

BG: Great question and I think ultimately he wants an NFL head coaching job. I think he's an NFL guy at heart. I couldn't guess which of the two jobs you mentioned he would take, but I think being a head coach would have more appeal. He's a general, not a lieutenant. 

EncyclopedicBuck: If J.T. Barrett decided to leave after this season, what round would he get drafted in, or would he even get drafted at all?

BG: I think he's a guy that should take advantage of every college rep he can get, and not go to the NFL until he has no eligibility left at Ohio State. I don't see him as an NFL guy today at all. I root for the Steelers and would not want them to draft him. He seems a lot better this year than last year, and maybe he takes another leap next year? The NFL is a throwing league, not a zone read league. 

JCOSU86: The OU game was hard hitting.  Any idea of the status of the walking wounded?  Conley specifically?

BG: Have not heard anything specifically on Gareon Conley other than Urban saying he's "OK". He gets this week off and won't be needed for the following week's scrimmage with Rutgers, so he has plenty of time to get fully healed. 

rollymolly2: Football starts at the OL/DL. Do we get Taron Vincent DT and Jackson Carman OT.

BG: How about "absolutely" on Carman, and "possibly/probably" for Vincent? 

buck1075: Bill, refresh my memory regarding Jerome Baker's recruitment. I know he committed to FL before his senior season and he seemed pretty solid. If I remember correctly he said that he wanted to play in the best conference in college football and that was the SEC. Anyway, did you think he would end up a Buckeye?

BG: When he committed to Florida I was there and I've been to funerals that were far more fun. His family was there and looked sad. The kid took no questions at all from the media, and we were lucky they let us take pictures. This is supposed to be a celebration. I wrote on the message boards that he would be a Buckeye and stuck with that until he was indeed a Buckeye. 

buckeyejug: Who do you think will be the starter by the end of the year at S Webb or Smith and at DT Jones or Landers

BG: Smith isn't getting many reps at all, so either he's not ready to contribute or they like like Webb a lot. I think they're very comfortable alternating the defensive tackles next to Michael Hill. I would think the rotation of Jones, Landers and Hamilton will continue. 

rollymolly2: Will OSU land Dallas Gant and Chris Oates. Do we currently lead.

BG: How about "YES" for Oates, and "possibly/probably" for Gant? 

BuckeyeAlum98: In your opinion, what is the current condition of Ohio High School football - especially compared to 25 years ago? Holding steady? Getting better / worse?

BG: I think there's been a decline in the past few years in the overall top talent. I know Meyer wants to take 10 per year and that used to be easy. Heck most years there would be 15 guys that were OSU-worthy. Good luck finding 10 in the 2017 class without reaching a little. Same with 2016. I liked 2015 a little better but not by a lot. The 2014 class was similar to this one. For 2013, there might have been 10. The 2012 class would be where the line would be drawn, because there were probably 20 OSU types in Urban's first recruiting class. Is it an aberration? Or a trend? We will find out in the next five years. 

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