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Bank Bag: Ohio State vs. Rutgers Week

As Ohio State will come off the bye week looking to defeat former defensive coordinator Chris Ash this week in Columbus, Bill Greene answers questions from BSB subscribers about the matchup.

HINYG8: 1) How about an update on the Bankometer for OSU's final record this season...has the needle moved? 2) Michigan-Wisconsin...who ya like to win this weekend? 3) Did you ever get a chance to see Arnold Palmer play? I saw him at the senior open years ago. His game had left him, but not the lion in his walk and his demeanor. What a champion! 4) You mentioned a potential decommit a few days ago but added it would not have a huge impact on the class. Were you referencing Clark..or is there at least one more about to leave the class? 5) Not a question..a statement: you make this site worth the fee. Thanks Bank!

BG: Sticking with my 2-loss prediction, but more concerned with the week-to-week games. It's so hard to predict 24 hours out, let alone 24 days out. As for Michigan and Wisconsin, I think the Wolverines are really good and I'm not sure what to think of the Badgers, so I'll take Michigan 31-20. I never saw or met Arnold Palmer, but admired him greatly like everyone else. There's a reason he was "Mr. Palmer" to all the young guys on tour. Clark was the decommit I referenced last week. Thanks for the kind words. You guys make this stuff fun for me, and I mean that with 100% sincerity. 

buck1075: The two RB's that end up in this class.

BG: I see no scenario they end up with Dobbins and Akers, so let's go with one of those two (likely Dobbins) and then maybe they take a flyer on a project with upside? Maybe local kid Morgan Ellison? 

JohnCarrollBuckeye: Where does Danny Clark end up? What is the best high school football game you have ever attended?

BG: I hope Danny slows down and takes his time with this stuff. I think Kentucky has an edge, but it's still very soon in this. The best high school game I've ever seen is Canton McKinley beating St. Ignatius from the 1997 playoffs. There are highlights on Youtube. I still get chills remembering how exciting that finish was. 

raider2426: Les Miles next job? Lane Kiffin's next job? Are either one coaching candidates for the big ten next year?

BG: The Mad Hatter is a GREAT coach and a Hall of Famer, but he is going to be 63 years old this November. That might be a game breaker. Miles would be UNBELIEVABLE on ESPN as a commentator, but he wants to coach. Kiffin should have a head coaching job next year, but Bama jumped his salary to 1.4 million recently. Don't see Kiffin in the Big Ten, but maybe Miles goes to Purdue? It would be bold on a school's part. I could see Kiffin in the SEC, and what about going to Auburn? Wouldn't that be fun? 

Coors73: Who takes the LSU job?  Does Miles' firing have any effect on Ohio State and recruiting?  Louisville or Clemson?  

BG: I would think Tom Herman will look closely at LSU. It's a great job, but does he want to bang heads with Saban every year? He might be best to wait and see what happens with Texas and USC. You have to see what LSU does with their new coach, but maybe it helps OSU with Cam Akers? Not sure. I have Clemson beating Louisville this week at home. They stopped the Cardinal offense cold last year in Louisville. Clemson has not played well, and they should play their best this week. 

tridentawc: Understanding that the 2017 class is far from being official, who at this point do you feel out of the class comes in and makes an immediate impact next year and why. 

BG: I really think Trevon Grimes can be a big part of the offense next year, because he's so physically talented and I don't see the depth chart being anything he can't deal with. J.K. Dobbins will be in the rotation if he's physically ready, because Samuel and Wilson will be gone and Weber will be it at runningback, along with Antonio Williams. 

MuskieBuck: With Danny Clark's decommitment, who do you see filling his scholarship slot? Is another QB needed or can we go after another position? I ask this question because I know that we are tight on scholarships.

BG: Jaylen Harris is just too good to pass up. Simply put. With Urban going to his school last week, that has to mean something. Harris was pretty much on the outside once Grimes and Lindsey committed, but Jaylen is having a great year and I think they are seeing they need to make room for him. I had him OUT of this class, but now I'm starting to think he might be IN. Let's see what happens. They won't take another QB.

rollymolly2: With many elite football powers needing a new coach...LSU,( USC, Penn St, Notre Dame having awful seasons and will be looking for change) does Herman stay in Houston. He is in the cat bird seat.

BG: He ABSOLUTELY WILL NOT stay in Houston another year. He knew this team would be good this year, so it was smart to return and see what Texas does. But if he goes 7-5 next year at Houston then he's not HOT anymore. He should string along LSU, waiting to see what Texas or USC does. I don't see him going to Penn State or Notre Dame if he has Texas or USC in his back pocket. Nor do I see him going to PSU or ND over LSU. 

aurorabuckeye: How hard is it to change the things (signals, etc) you have to change when you face a former coach like Ash?

BG: I'm sure they need to change the offensive play calls coming in from the sidelines this week, but other than that it's not that big of a deal. Chris knows this offense and he proved he knew how to stop it at Wisconsin, but he doesn't have the athletes to slow down Ohio State. Remember: Not about X and O's. It's about the Jimmy's and the Joe's. 

kevboa22: What do you think the top 5 head coaching jobs in college football are today?

BG: It's very tough to say and the top jobs are all very close. For me, I would want big money, a legit chance to win a national title, and a fertile recruiting area. I think Texas, Alabama, USC, LSU and Ohio State are the best jobs, and they can be ranked in any order. I would have Georgia just outside those schools, because they have everything they need to be great. Florida, Clemson and Florida State would also be close. 

BlufftonBuck: With the potential that we lose Fick, Schiano, and maybe you did with Ash can you throw a couple names out there as potential replacements.

BG: I love the D-coordinator at LSU, Dave Aranda, and the firing of Miles puts him on everyone's DC lists. If things fall apart at Penn State, offensive coordinator Joe Moorhead is really good and he's a great QB coach as well. Sonny Cumbie at TCU is a great offensive mind, but he's getting a head coaching job this year I believe. 

BuckeyeBK:  Do you think Urban would ever entertain another college job? Is Akers out or do we still have a shot? Anyone in Ohio a surprise commit coming signing day?

BG: I do not ever see Urban Meyer coaching anywhere but Ohio State. No NFL. And no other college. I think OSU has a shot at Akers, but I wouldn't say it's a great shot. Get him to take the official and see where that goes. I could see Thayer Munford or Morgan Ellison sneaking into the class if things break a certain way. I would have Jaylen Harris coming in to the class, which might take a spot an Ohioan might get. 

cjdjbucknuts: Ohio State recruits at the highest level right now at every position except one----Why cant we sign an "elite 5-star" DT?

BG: Good question and they have finished second on a lot of big time kids. Hard to answer really. I think Garrett and Cage are both really good, but not Christian Wilkins or Terry Beckner. I don't think there's any secret answer here. It just hasn't worked out yet. 

bucknutsinurface: Bill, I just met a former compliance guy from Ohio state. He left last year and was hired on after the disaster of tat gate. He told me some juicy stories none of which I will share, do you believe we are better now than once before?

BG: I would bet all his juicy stories were from before he was hired. I could see his stories, and raise a couple I'm betting. HaHa. In all seriousness, I truly believe Ohio State today is more in compliance with NCAA rules and regulations than at any time since I've been following the team. I haven't heard of any BS going on since the day Urban was hired. And if there was some BS going on, I might not write that, but I sure wouldn't praise their compliance either. I think things are miles better under Urban Meyer than how it was prior to his arrival.  

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