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Ohio State Football: Dante Booker Still Questionable For Saturday Game Against Rutgers

Urban Meyer met with the media Wednesday evening for the final time before taking on Rutgers on Saturday.

For the final time before kickoff against Rutgers, Urban Meyer met with the media to discuss recruiting, the Scarlet Knights and more. 

  • Meyer said he would like the NCAA to make a rule that high school recruits cannot commit until their senior year. He said when his staff finds out they have made a mistake in recruiting, honest conversation is the best way to rectify it. 
  • Meyer said Cam Johnston suffered a minor injury this summer and worked through it. He said Johnston took the first two weeks of camp off because of the injury and worked on his fundamentals more. 
  • "I don't think we have ever had three corners with the quality we have right now," Meyer said on his current corner play. He said they knew they had three solid corners all along, it was just a matter of getting them healthy. 
  • Meyer said he expects a lot of similarities between Ohio State and Rutgers on Saturday. Said the Buckeyes have mixed up code words and signals on both sides of the ball. 
  • Meyer said that Chris Ash had a couple of offers to be a head coach after the 2015 season. Meyer said he gave Ash his advice on which one to take, and Rutgers was the one with the best recruiting ground. 
  • Meyer said Greg Schiano has been "devastated" with the recent traffic incident. Said it has bothered him all week. 
  • Meyer said Dante Booker is questionable for kick on Saturday against the Scarlet Knights. 

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