Bank Bag: Ohio State vs Rutgers Week Part-Two

As Ohio State will come off the bye week looking to defeat former defensive coordinator Chris Ash this week in Columbus, Bill Greene answers questions from BSB subscribers about the matchup. Here is Part-Two.

buckmill: Will Coach Schiano be a sought after candidate for any of these positions?  Are we recruiting a second running back in this class? Seems like we could use the depth and competition.  Does the decommitment of Clark and Sibley have an impact on Ohio HS recruits and coaches when it comes to being recruited by the Buckeyes?

BG: I think Greg Schiano will be in the mix for a head coaching jon in the off season, but he will be very selective. He won't take a bad job, which could keep him at Ohio State. They need two runningbacks in the class, but right now they are snooping around Cam Akers, which could cause J.K. Dobbins to leave the class. They might take an Ohio kid late in the process to keep Dobbins. The decomitments of Clark and Sibley won't hurt things in Ohio. Other recruits will still want to play for the Buckeyes. As far as high school coaches, they are basically irrelevant in recruiting anymore. Could a high school coach tell your son: "Don't go to Ohio State"? I don't think so. 

BuckeyeBlind: Do you see Wisconsin beating Michigan this week? I would have never though they could have beat MSU (although one could argue MSU beat themselves), and eager to see how that game unfolds. Also, do you think Weber eventually becomes the main workhorse back and Curtis is strictly a H/slot type of guy? Personally, I think Curtis might be that deep threat you have been talking about if we let him play WR on a more consistent basis. I understand getting the ball to your best playmakers as often as possible, but I love him getting it in space much more than between the tackles.

BG: I think Michigan is really good, and I'm not real sure about Wisconsin. I think Michigan wins rather easily, say 31-20. I agree with you on Weber, and he is needed to run inside. Samuel is more slot than RB right now, but he's so good with the football in his hands that they will move him around to get him the ball. It's hard to make Samuel a pure WR because they don't throw it well enough to get him the ball enough that way, and he needs the football. 

tforaker2: Is there any harsh feelings between Danny Clark and tOSU? I know it's football, but he seemed like a great kid. Hope he lands at a great school. Also, I may be wrong, but I believe you said you are a Gator fan? If so, what's the story behind that? Did you used to live in Florida? (Sorry for being nosy haha.)

BG: Danny is a great kid and I think he will be just fine. I AM NOT a Gator fan and never have been. I've been to Florida so much in the last decade that I really have come to love the state, but I'm always in Orlando or Miami, never Gainesville. The "Gator Greene" tag started when Ohio State was going to play Florida for the title in 2007. This message board had OSU winning by about 58-3. I kept saying to be careful because Florida's coach with the funny name was the best young coach in football. I wrote that taking Florida and 8 points looked really good to me. I also felt taking the Gators to win the game at 3-to-1 was good value as well. That wasn't too popular before the game, and less popular afterwards, HaHa. From then on, I became this big Florida fan, even though nothing could be further from the truth. Of all three Florida schools, Miami would be the team I'd rather see do well. I just liked Meyer a lot from his days at Bowling Green, and thought he deserved an edge over Tressel. Before the season, writing in Ohio High magazine I picked Florida to win the national title when all the Bucknuts guys picked Ohio State and that ticked people off as well. LOL. 

donfatman: Which spots could you see Schiano at; Herman at; LSU Penn State Norte Dame USC Texas Chicago Bears

BG: Herman fits at every one of the places you mentioned. I believe if he had a choice he would take Texas over all the others. For Schiano, I think the Bears could work well but I think they're happy with their guy. I just don't know if Schiano could get any of those college jobs other than Penn State. Would the Sandusky mess keep him out of Happy Valley? It wouldn't for me, but I'm not sure if they could hire an ex-Paterno guy. I know I would. Penn State has paid their price and it's time to start acting like Penn State again. They need to quit worrying about the media reaction and do what's right for their school. 

350zjk: How is Antonio Williams progressing? Could he be better than Weber? What former running bk. might he equate to? Thanks!

BG: They would have liked to have played him this year, especially after Brionte Dunn left the team. Williams is not ready right now. I do not think he can be better than Weber, but let's give him a year in the weight room to develop. 

donfatman: What are the top 5 Ohio High School Football PROGRAMS? Contrast that with the top 5 National Programs? And the top 5 Ohio High School Football Coaches?

BG: Not real sure how to answer that one, to be honest. The schools that are really good year after year are Cincinnati Moeller, Colerain, Cincinnati St. Xavier, Huber Heights Wayne, Pickerington Central, Cleveland St. Ignatius, Lakewood St. Edward, Toledo Central Catholic, and many others. Nationally? Too tough to say. I love that United League in New Jersey for pure talent. Bergen Catholic, Don Bosco, Paramus, DePaul and St. Josephs. Seeing those kids come out as true freshmen and start at Power Five schools is impressive. The coaches I really like and respect in Ohio are Chuck Kyle, Tom Lombardo, Ted Ginn, Brian White, Tom Bolden, Steve Specht, John Rodenberg, Sean Williams, Moe Douglass, Doug Pearson, Greg Dempsey, and so many others.

donfatman: 10-15 years ago the elite talent states (high school football) looked like this; California Texas Florida Ohio/Georgia  Is that still the same or have states like Virginia, Louisiana moved up or Ohio, Georgia moved down? Ohio seems down the last few years....

BG: Ohio has definitely dropped off at the top, and the line changes in 2012 in my opinion. This probably coincides with the explosion of 7on7 across the country, and spring football. Ohio is falling behind in producing top talent, no doubt about it. Georgia is way better. Alabama has caught Ohio and maybe passed them. Louisiana is as good as Ohio. Virginia is on the rise. North Carolina is coming up. 

sjblank1001: Do you think the coaching staff will make it a priority to get Joe Burrow some meaningful snaps with first string players? Considering the risks inherent with a running QB, is it not important that the backup experiences the full pulse of a game? (Obviously, they won't put him in if the game is in doubt. )

BG: I hear what you're saying and I do agree with it. They probably could have played Burrow against Bowling Green and not played J.T. Barrett at all. They could have played me at QB that game and won by 50. But after that, Tulsa was close for a half so you're not screwing around in that game. Get the win and get out. Against Oklahoma, it was comfortable but not to the point of giving away scores. I know coaches hate the thought of subbing in the backup in the second quarter, and disrupting the flow, then putting the starter back in after a series or two. I think Urban especially hates rotating QB's right now after last year's cluster-mess with Cardale Jones and Barrett. He probably wouldn't want to risk Burrow playing really well, putting Barrett back in and see him struggle. Then the fans start clamoring for the backup, and you're back to what screwed up last year all over again. It's a tough balancing act. I do think if Barrett goes down, Burrow can replace him and do quite well. 


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