Bank Bag: Ohio State vs Rutgers Week Part-Three

As Ohio State will come off the bye week looking to defeat former defensive coordinator Chris Ash this week in Columbus, Bill Greene answers questions from BSB subscribers about the matchup. Here is Part-Three.

financesec: Even thou we beat Okie, I was really frustrated with the play calling. While JT's stats were great, it was primarily due to the bombs to Noah. What happens when a good defense shut that down? Do we have a good enuf short-mid range passing game against tough defenses?  

BG: I thought play calling was fine against Oklahoma and the offense was more than efficient. As long as no team is stopping the zone read there's no reason to throw it all that much. Can they throw it if someone takes away the run? We don't know that, but I'm guessing we are going to find out at some point this season. 

bucksoup: OSU Scarlet Course looked great for last week Nationwide Children's Hospital Championship. (Raised over $1 million in donations for Children's Hoapital) Have you ever played Scarlet? Who would be in your ultimate fantasy foursome with you (dead or alive)? Schiano had Rutgers playing really well,but it was Big East. Do you think Ash can get them to .500 with 9 league games per season?

BG: I have never played the Scarlet Course and would love to some day if the opportunity came up. Ultimate foursome? I would probably name three different guys every time I'm asked this. Jack Nicklaus for sure is in it. The other two today would be Bill Clinton and George W. Bush, because they both seem like fun guys and have such historical significance. 

AMBuckeye: If jabrill peppers played for Urban Meyer how do you think he would be used? I know he is a great player but I definitely feel somewhat relieved that he plays defense for them. Before the season you said you weren't sure if Michael Jordan was a starter because he is that good or because they have no one else, how do you feel about him as the starter after 3 games?

BG: Peppers was the best high school player I saw the year he was a senior. I think he would be a Darron Lee type for Ohio State, but maybe they pair him at safety with Malik Hooker? I doubt he would be used on offense by Meyer. With Jordan, his play has been pretty darn amazing to date. Right now, it appears he's one of their top linemen overall. 

mrbigbux: Oregon football seems to be trending down after Chip Kelley left and they promoted an assistant coach. Is this the same correlation you see with USC and Helton?

BG: Not as obvious and severe as USC, but it's been a slow, steady decline each year. Not sure if Helfrich is in trouble, but it might get a little warm after this season if things don't improve. They're used to winning, and winning big, and that's not where that program is headed right now at all. 

350zjk: I see Baron Browning has an official at Mich. this weekend. Please tell me that they aren't really a player for his commitment.

BG: You don't go to Michigan in October for a game unless you're serious. I think OSU has a nice relationship already in place for Browning, but Michigan is in it for Marvin Wilson and he and Browning would make a nice duo for them. Right now, I would say OSU has a bigger jump on Michigan for Browning.

dukebuk: You stated that after you interviewed Carlton Davis and he reaffirmed his commitment to OSU, his 7on7 coach laughed and said that no way was he coming to OSU. When you hear these things do you inform the OSU coaches (or if it is in reference to another school to their coaches)? Do the OSU coaches expect you to inform them of this inside info or do they feel their intelligence is better than yours and don't necessarily worry about your info?

BG: The nature of recruiting and the basic paranoia of coaches combines in a way that they want to know what you're hearing. Far more than my evaluation of a player. They know they understand football better than I do. But I speak to these kids far more than they do, and my reputation and longevity should speak for itself. College coaches want to know what you're hearing, especially a few weeks out from Signing Day. If I have a relationship with a coach, or with a staff, I will tell them what I heard. If I don't know anyone at a school, I would just keep quiet but maybe drop something on a message board. That would usually get a coach from that school calling or emailing me within an hour. I'm to the point in my career that if I'm going to give you something, I better get something back. And that's generally how it works. I know where the line is, and I think I know what I can and cannot say. And I think coaches know they can trust me. 

BuckeyeNatural: Where do you think Danny Clark ends up? How about Lynn Bowden, Jaylen Harris, Thayler Munford, Danny Davis, Jarrell White, Charles Reeves, Derrius Mullins? Or any other Ohio guys of note? What Ohio guys do you think make it into OSU's class next year? What is your initial impression of next years Ohio crop? Any better than this year? What young class of 19'-20' guys in Ohio are really starting to stand out to you as potential studs in the future? I just watched a gangster movie set in Cleveland called Kill The Irishman, that I liked. I know how you like these type movies, have you seen that one? Seen any other movies lately you really liked?

BG: I think Danny would have Kentucky looking good right now, but Indiana, Rutgers, Iowa State and Minnesota could be factors as well. Bowden: Michigan State. Jaylen Harris: Ohio State. Munford: Pitt. Danny Davis: Kentucky. White: Illinois. Reeves: Pitt. Mullins: Indiana. I think 2018 might be similar to 2017. Ohio guys for OSU in 2017? Jack Carman. Jaelen Gill. Chris Oats. Possibly/probably Dallas Gant. I saw film on a 2020 QB named Riley Keller that has me intrigued. For 2019, I like Jamir Thomas and Andre Gordon a lot. Loved Kill The Irishman. Haven't really seen anything lately, to be honest. 

BraveFan: Any general thoughts and/or good stories you can share about Earle Bruce ahead of his dotting of the i on Saturday? Any thoughts on anyone else you think should be considered to dot the i in the next 20 years or so?

BG: I was at Ohio State's camp a few years ago and talking with some old guys that had coached in Ohio and were now retired. Earle was in that group. Someone asked about coaching at Massillon and said "Tough place to coach. They will throw garbage on your lawn." Earle snapped back: "NOBODY threw garbage on my lawn. EVER." Of course he went 20-0 in his two years at Massillon, but he was a tough ass guy. I wouldn't want to throw garbage on his lawn and have him catch me. People to dot the "I"? Archie Griffin and Jim Tressel. 

bookiewookie: 1. Love to hear your comments on Les Miles as a coach/leader. What type of situation will be his next stop. I've heard that there are no perfect rosters. What position groups need the most attention in your opinion? RB, DT, LB? In what order?

BG: I really like Les Miles a lot, as a coach and as a person. Met him once and he was very down to earth. His press conferences were classics, and the go-for-broke style was fun to watch. I hope he coaches again, but he will be 63 years old soon. For Ohio State, defensive tackle and runningback need some attention. I think linebacker is fine, although not sure who plays the middle next year after McMillan leaves. 

EncyclopedicBuck: I hope the Cleveland Browns don't go 0-16. If Terrelle Pryor has anything to say/do about it, they won't. Will Hugh Jackson get fired if they do go winless?

BG: The Browns can win this week. They aren't going winless. I'm a Steeler fan, but the Browns are playing hard for Hue Jackson. He should be fine going forward and I think he's a good coach. I have been VERY impressed by Pryor, and I have never been a fan. I think he can develop into a quality WR. 

EncyclopedicBuck: Who is the best high school football coach you've ever seen in Ohio? 

BG: I was in awe of Chuck Kyle in the '80's and I remain so today. How about 61-12 in the Ohio playoffs? With 11 state championships? And he's not done at all. Still a great coach today at 66 years old. 

buckeyebones: Building your hypothetical generic (not current OSU) recruiting class, rank the position groups from most important to least.

BG: Quarterback is so important so that would be number-one for me. I believe Urban Meyer would agree. Next would be O-line. D-line. DB. LB. RB. WR. 

buckeyebones: Of our specialty players who gets the Zeke Award for doing the most without the ball in his hands?In the receiving group who are our most skilled blockers?

BG: I would go with Parris Campbell for both. He's not a reliable receiver yet, but he is killing people as a blocker. He really takes it seriously and is as good a downfield blocker as I've seen recently. 

buckeyebones: I see Kevin Woidke on our depth chart but don't know much about him. Can you fill us in?

BG: He's a sophomore walkon from St. Ignatius. I do not remember him in high school at all. 

RyanMcGlade: How devastating is the Grant injury to Rutgers? Will they be able to recover from that at any point this season in your opinion?

BG: Chris Ash is one of my favorite coaches, but he doesn't have many players at all. Grant was one that could play, so his loss really hurts. Their offense is pretty bad, so having a big time return guy helped out the bad offense. They are only competing through Ash's coaching right now, and that can only go so far. They need players.

rollymolly2: Will Cameron Johnston bill on an NFL roster next season. I say yes.

BG: I think he definitely will get a shot. He's really good. 

rollymolly2: Right now who do you want Scott or Weber. I know Weber has only played 3 games.

BG: I think they're very similar players, and both should be three-and-out guys. L.J. Scott has accomplished more to date, but he's had more opportunities. 


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