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Bank Bag: Ohio State vs. Indiana Week

Ohio State is flying high at 4-0 and the Buckeyes look to keep things going at home against Indiana this week. Bill Greene answers questions on the Buckeyes from BSB subscribers in this piece.

joebuckeye: With a lot of coaching turnover, is there any coaching change to any school that would make Jeffrey Okudah reconsider? Do you expect any coaching changes in the B1G? Can Keandre Jones play middle lb next year? How would you rate Damon Webb's performance so far this year? Is Damon Webb getting pushed by Eric Smith or anyone else for playing time?

BG: If Urban Meyer goes to Purdue that coaching change might hurt Ohio State with Okudah. In the Big Ten, I can't believe Purdue will keep Darrell Hazell, and I wonder if James Franklin survives at Penn State although I think he should. I do not see Keandre Jones playing the middle. I think Damon Webb has been "OK", but I sure don't see anyone pushing him right now. 

diznick: Player = Stay or Go (Transfer, NFL, No 5th year, et cetera)  JT Barrett = Stephen Collier =Curtis Samuel Alex Stump =James Clark =Any of the 3 frosh TEs? =Kevin Feder =Kyle Trout =Brady Taylor =Sam Hubbard =Michael Hill =Tyquan Lewis =Jalyn Holmes =Josh Alabi =Chris Worley =Raekwon McMillan =Marshon Lattimore =Malik Hooker .

BG: Don't really like to play the transfer game, but I think you have a lot of the right names listed to start that discussion. As far as NFL early entries go, I think Barrett, Samuel, Hubbard, Conley, Raekwon and Hooker are likely gone. Baugh, Lattimore, Price, Lewis and Noah Brown could be looking closely at their options. 

BuckeyeBlind: I watched the Badger/Michigan game Saturday, and the thought that kept going through my head is these teams are both really physical, and the tOSU lines will have to show up and play physical in the run game on both sides of the ball. However, the team speed on both sides of the ball compared to tOSU is SLOOOOW. Am I being overconfident? I can't see either of these teams beating (really keeping it within 10 points) if tOSU brings their A game.

BG: I agree Ohio State has a speed advantage over Wisconsin by a wide margin, but maybe not that much over Michigan. I believe OSU wins all track meets. To beat them teams must make it a street fight, beat them up physically, and make fast guys not run so fast when they're getting beat up. I would have Michigan as the team most likely to do this. 

JohnCarrollBuckeye: I know you said Bubba Bolden wants in. So is Bubba Bolden at this moment in or out. If it came down to Bolden or Harris in a numbers crunch who do you take and why?

BG: A lot depends on numbers obviously, and these guys would both be back burner types. Right now, I think Harris might be IN and Bolden might be on hold. I think both could be IN by February. 

bobosu: Not disregarding Indiana , your thoughts on the to me biggest game of the year OSU vs Wisc ? Its night game at their place and they have a stout D ?I think to many overlook Wisc, Your thoughts on this really important game ?

BG: Ohio State is a better team than Wisconsin, but that does not guarantee a win any more than playing Michigan State at home without Connor Cook guarantees that win. There is a very SLIM path for Wisconsin to beat Ohio State, but it will take a lot of factors going their way. They have a strong defensive front, which is a must to be able to slow down the Ohio State offense. After that, they need to keep it low scoring and force OSU to turn it over a few times. It would be a huge upset should Wisconsin beat Ohio State, but it could happen.

buckeyeinsc: What other coaches do you see (outside of Herman) being in the running for say Texas (if reports are true), LSU, etc?

BG: I just think Herman to Texas makes so much sense. Why bang heads with Saban if you don't have to? I think it would be cool to see LSU or Auburn hire Lane Kiffin. If not Herman, I could see LSU going after Larry Fedora or Bobby Petrino. 

TB777: If you could swap Peppers for Malik Hooker straight up do you do it if you are trying to make the current OSU team better? Ash was very good at OSU. Schiano appears to be a clear step up in the same role. Would you agree with that, or is the incredible performance by the Defense been mainly due to other factors? With the way the Offense is now playing (#1 on 3rd down conversion, near the top in Scoring and Total Offense) compared to last year, how much of it do you put on the QB mishandling last year?

BG: Peppers is an amazing player and an All-American. Would need to see more games of Hooker before making that swap, but it's not an outlandish question at all. Chris Ash was good for two years including a national championship run. Schiano has had four quality games. Too soon to say he's an upgrade. The QB mess last year is on Urban, but this year's credit goes his way as well. The roles are defined this year, both the QB and playcalling by the coaches. But it's too soon to be drawing conclusions yet. Lots of football left to be played. 

tforaker2: Meyer played some freshman we thought were going to red shirt this year. Specifically looking at Benjamin Victor, with no one stepping up as the deep threat thus far, do you see him being a significant part of the offense? Will he be the wr that could compliment Noah brown? Mack doesn't seem to be making an impact this year, maybe Victor can?

BG: I don't think Victor is physically ready to contribute against decent competition. If Parris Campbell can consistently catch the football, he's the guy you are looking for because he blocks like a monster and has the speed they need at wide receiver. 

rollymolly2: Current recruiting is going thru the roof, how much if any, would it get if we won the National Champioship this year with these young kids.  And another bunch of Buckeyes leave early and are high draft picks. Second question, Hooker seems so good it's almost inconsiviable that he was not a starter last year. Did he have some quantum leap or was he coached up that much. Wow. Is it me or what, these DB's seems so much faster than last year. And I emphasize "much faster."

BG: You definitely get buzz from a national title, without question. It only elevates your program and puts more eyeballs on your product. The high draft pick thing would mean far more than the championship, in my opinion. Hooker played behind two guys that are now playing on Sunday, so far be it for me to criticize last year's rotation. Vonn Bell was a stud, and Tyvis Powell was a multi-year starter and helped win a lot of games, so no complaint from me. Eli Apple ran a 4.4 electronic at the combine, so he was a blazer. I do think Hooker is faster than Bell or Powell. Damon Webb is not real fast. Conley is still Conley. Denzel Ward can fly. They sure are playing fast through four games. 

Coors73:   I think the best Def. I've ever seen at OSU was the '96 group.  I think this year's Def. will be similar (maybe better) at the end of the year.  Which group would you take; '96, '02, '16 or another all together?  Post Ryder cup thoughts?  I thought the Europeans were awfully whiney afterwards but I've never liked Garcia and maybe I'm being a homer.  Thanks.

BG:  I loved the 2002 defense, but nobody will ever top the 1973 group even though that was a different era. Too soon to anoint this year's team with anything, but they have been great through four games. I loved the Ryder Cup, and thought Sunday's play was extremely high on both sides. I thought the American crowd was over the top with some remarks, but as a whole the golfers do whine a lot, LOL. I love Jordan Spieth, but he's on his way to the crybaby Hall of Fame. I loved Rory because he knew he had younger teammates, so he became the focal point for the crowd to take pressure off his rookies. He wanted the American crowd focused on him, and took the brunt, but still played great. The Sergio/Mickelson match was amazing, and I thought it was fitting that it ended in a tie. Neither guy deserved to lose that match. I really liked the makeup of the American squad before the event started, and still feel that way. I thought Europe went overboard with rookies, and would have been better served with Poulter, McDowell and Donald. 

dfaulkne: Meyer made a specific comment that they "learned" from the MSU game last year, and have a plan for teams that stack the middle of the box and take away the inside running game. Ross Fulton has examined this over the past few weeks, and they ran some new plays against Rutgers that demonstrated this. Knowing this, are you changing your tune that the way to beat OSU is to stop the inside run? It seems that Meyer is WELL aware of this, and now has a plan to counter this. Obviously its hard to be sure until we see it against a good opponent, but you have to think OSU won't make the same mistakes in 2016 that cost them the 2015 game against MSU. Do you still see this team losing two games this year? To help in your prediction, I'll remind you that Michigan has recently lost two of their best starters for the year in Jeremy Clark and Grant Newsome ;) 

BG: We are going to find out what they've learned, but if you get your azz handed to you physically, there are exactly ZERO new plays that will help you. Probably what they learned most was that Zeke Elliott was pretty good at football, and maybe he should have been used a little? LOL.  I'm not a big play-calling guy. I'm more about execution. And anything they did against Rutgers won't mean squat to me. That team wasn't physical enough to line up with Dublin Coffman. I think to beat Ohio State you some how, some way, need to make J.T. Barrett beat you. Take away Weber inside. Make Barrett keep the ball on the zone read. Play man coverage all over the field and bring blitzes in passing situations. See if Ohio State can throw the football when THEY HAVE TO. I think that's a slim path for an opponent to beat Ohio State, and that's why if someone does it's going to be called an upset. But upsets happen every week in college football. I think Michigan and Harbaugh have the right stuff to beat Ohio State, but the Wolverines will need to play a mistake-free game. I think it will be a great game. 


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