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Bank Bag: Ohio State vs. Indiana Week PART-2

Ohio State is flying high at 4-0 and the Buckeyes look to keep things going at home against Indiana this week. Bill Greene answers questions on the Buckeyes from BSB subscribers in this piece. Here is Part-Two.

mrbigbux: You are an AP/Coaches poll voter. Who is your top 10 in order?

BG: We kind of went through this a few years ago when it looked like OSU might get left out of the first playoff. My way of ranking teams is simple: Show me your sweet wins and explain to me your loss or losses. So to me an 8-2 team playing a big time schedule can get ranked ahead of an undefeated team playing cupcakes. Early in the year these polls are meaningless until you see teams play a lot. 1- Alabama and Ohio State. 2- Clemson, Louisville and Michigan. 3- Washington. 4- Houston. 5- Tennessee and Texas A&M. 6- Wisconsin and Mississippi. 7- Miami and North Carolina. 

NoKyBuck:  When will Purdue be relevant and what do they need to do to become relevant?  a) facilities, b) backing by the administration, c) new/better coach 2.  How long might it take Coach Ash to get Rutgers in a position it can compete with and be in consideration to make the CCG?  Same general question regarding Maryland. 3.  Besides Purdue, what team needs to make an upgrade to it coaching staff? 4.  What team(s) must make improvements to their facilities to get/remain competitive with the Ohio States' and that TUN?

BG: It all starts with your coach. Michigan with Hoke isn't Michigan with Harbaugh. Ohio State with Fickell isn't Ohio State with Urban. I thought Purdue was doing well with Danny Hope and was making progress. Darrell Hazell makes a fortune and wasn't fired after the first, second or third year, so I think he has way too much backing from their administration. Chris Ash is a GREAT coach, but great coaches get fired when they take bad jobs. Ash needs to recruit Jersey and Durkin needs to recruit the state of Maryland. Both states have good talent bases, but you have to keep those kids away from Michigan and Ohio State. I actually like the makeup of the Big Ten coaches right now, other than Purdue. Not sure about facilities, because I've only seen a few of them in person. 

NoKyBuck: 5.  Is expansion a dead issue at this point or just in a wait mode?  What teams do you think would be a good fit for football?  Not necessarily for media but to strengthen the overall football respect? 6.  Has a University ever been looked at/asked to leave the conference?  Looking at football mostly.  Not spending on head coach, assistant coaches, facilities, etc?  I'm thinking much like Purdue at the present time; not spending on facility, head coach, assistants....  Indiana about 5 to 6 years ago was a prime example. 7.  We're getting into October and I'm curious how you view the current pledges?  Who, if any, won't be part of the group at signing day and conversely who will be the additions?

BG: Expansion is not dead in my opinion. As long as the Big-12 remains a mess, and it is a mess, there needs to be more movement. Jim Tressel talked to a few of us after an OSU practice and he thought having four super conferences made up of two divisions of ten teams would work well. You would then have an 8-team playoff, with the four conference winners and four wild cards. As for the current Big Ten, unless it's Texas or Notre Dame, I think it stays the same. Can't see anyone being asked to leave the conference. Purdue has a long and storied history so they're valued. Now that Danny Clark has moved on, I think there is some stability in the class. For additions I would watch Jaylen Harris and Bubba Bolden closely. 

miamibucki: Should Tony Romo be handed his job back or should the Cowboys stick with Dak?

BG: I like Romo a lot. Too soon to give the keys to Dak at this point. 

BadHabit48: I thought it would be interesting to switch it up and try some true or false kind of questions, if you don't mind: a) Jaelen Gill, despite having a similar frame to Parris Campbell, will be an RB at OSU b) After his year at IMG, Marcus Williamson should be ranked higher than Amier Riep. c) Jojo Scates does get an offer from OSU. d) Despite being in on Hawkins, Vincent and other OOS prospects, OSU hands out a committable offer to Leonard Taylor as he continues to build on an impressive junior season. e) Austin Jasinski will get a preferred walk-on spot at OSU. f) OSU receives a commitment from someone in the 2018 Thomas Aquinas class (Blades, Samuel, Bonitto, etc).

BG: True on Jaelen Gill, but he could play WR or DB as well. Williamson and Riep are both really good, so they should be ranked similarly. True on Scates because he's pretty good. False on Leonard Taylor today, but maybe true down the road. True on Jasinski. Not sure on the 2018 Aquinas class at this point, so I'll say false. 

HINYG8: Can you get a read on S. Wade yet..or will that not really start to play out until after his season is over? Do you think UM is a top 5 team? And I'm going to ask you every week: sticking with two losses for OSU?  Not to needle you, just curious if you are starting to shift your opinion now that we have seen some of the the pups can bite already.

BG: Nobody knows with Shaun Wade, not Urban or Saban. He's a Florida kid, so you expect this and hope he ends up like Torrance Gibson not like Carlton Davis. I think Michigan is really good and deserves to be highly ranked. Yes on two losses for Ohio State. I said it and I will own it. I've been following Ohio State longer than 90% of the BSB subscribers. I've seen lots and lots of September National Champions at Ohio State. Lots of them. Only none of them won a national title, LOL. Long way to go. I need to see Ohio State win a close game. To win a national title you need to find a way in the fourth quarter with everything on the line. No team walks to a national title winning by four touchdowns every week. Gotta see if this team has the stuff to play high stress football. I'm totally impressed with everything I've seen so far, but it's been low or no stress. A few years ago, everyone panicked and flipped out over the overtime win at Penn State. Not me. I loved the way Barrett and company withstood a bad night, a tough crowd and some adverse situations to gut out a needed win. That meant more to me than beating some hapless team 66-0. 

WSPBuck: Do you expect to see some of the 17 class compete for starting jobs next season? How much of a selling point for Bama is it to have three true freshman start the game last week?

BG: It's just so hard to start freshmen and win national titles. It's why I DO NOT have Alabama making the playoffs this season. I guess it's a great selling point, but it's so rare that it's not viable to me. Michael Jordan is an exception. Maybe Okudah could do it. 

emu513: Thoughts on the following Big Ten coaches and the future of their programs with them at the head... Riley, Lovie, and Durkin? And was Ferentz's extension through 2026 the worst contract in sports history? Thanks

BG: I think all three of Riley, Lovie Smith and Durkin are off to good starts and have reasonable chances to succeed. When you look at Iowa, what are reasonable expectations? Who could they hire? Urban Meyer, Jim Harbaugh, Nick Saban, Mark Richt, Dabo Swinney or Mike Gundy aren't going to Hawkeye Country. I think Ferentz is the best they can get, to be honest. 

WraithBuck: If you were a five star recruit, who would get your five OV's?

BG: I cannot answer that, because I don't want to single anyone out and insult others by leaving them out. With my job being what it is that wouldn't be too wise, LOL. I would DEFINITELY take all five officials. And WITHOUT my parents being along on any of those trips. HAHA. 

cjdjbucknuts: Why is it so hard to get top talent out of Pittsburgh? Seems like more kids stay and go to PITT than any other metro areas we recruit?

BG: Man you are 100% correct on that. Must be the water. Here's a funny story and a true one. A certain Ohio State assistant was with Jim Tressel the night linebacker Ejuan Price committed to Ohio State. They were in his home that afternoon and he committed. I got the headsup, and wrote the article. A few hours later I was texted pictures by our Pitt writer of Ejuan Price at the Pittsburgh Panther hoops game. He was with all the Pitt commits and wearing Pitt gear. I knew that party wouldn't end well, even when the kid signed with Ohio State. He was gone to Pitt soon after. It's a tough area to get kids to leave. 

dirtysouthbucks: have you heard anything from the trevon grimes camp about how he is doing mentally after the injury? any concerns about a WR coming back from this kind of injury?

BG: I usually wait a while after an injury to check in and it's usually with a parent. Obviously, you hate to see a knee injury but I don't know the extent of the damage. Another funny story. Met Trevon's dad a few years ago in Florida. Dad's name is LeBron. When I kidded him about his first name he told me: "Hey I had the name before HE did." 

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