Bank Bag: Ohio State vs. Indiana Week PART-3

Ohio State is flying high at 4-0 and the Buckeyes look to keep things going at home against Indiana this week. Bill Greene answers questions on the Buckeyes from BSB subscribers in this piece. Here is Part-Three.

bucknutsinurface: Does Barrett stand a chance with the Heisman with Jackson putting up those gaudy numbers? Say, Barrett leaves for the nfl. Who starts at qb next year? I don't see burrow getting the nod

BG: You don't win the Heisman in September or October, so Yes Barrett is definitely in the running. He's going to put up huge numbers and Ohio State is in the national title picture, so he's right there. I think Joey Burrow can be better than Barrett as a passer, and is also a decent runner. I would favor Burrow over Haskins if Barrett leaves for the NFL, which I believe he will do. 

jnmbuck: I believe Danny Clark has a younger brother ( tight end ?) Do you see potential to be high level recruit?

BG: Caden Clark is a freshman tight end and going to be a big time 2020 recruit. He already holds a Kentucky offer, and is hearing from Ohio State and Michigan State. Caden is already 6-foot-4, 225-pounds, and more athletic than Danny. 

tridentawc: As a life long Browns fan, I along with many others have endured a rough period. in your opinion does Hue Jackson have what it takes to get the Browns back to their pre-Baltimore successes? I like the things he's done thus far to set up for the future with things like the last Draft. It looks like to me like he's building the foundation before acquiring the high end pieces that may not succeed without a good foundation. What is your opinion of Jackson's ability and the leadership he's shown thus far in getting the Browns back to being a respected program.

BG: First off, I'm a Steeler fan so you might not want my opinion on this subject, HaHa. I like Hue Jackson a lot, and I'm not sure he pulled the strings in the last draft. Taking all those wideouts was dumb in my opinion. Taking Cody Kessler and passing on the other QB's available was pretty dumb too. That being said, I think Jackson has his team playing as well as they can play considering the QB injuries. I think he's respected by the players and I like him as a head coach. They need to be much smarter in drafting and free agency, like the Steelers, to build a roster he can compete with. 

raider2426: Brian Kelly looked like a coaching stud at Cincinnati. He took the Bearcats to back to back BCS games and was a Texas loss away from taking his team to the National Championship. Why is he having a mediocre run at Notre Dame? How hot is his seat getting?

BG: He's definitely been up and down at Notre Dame, and it sure seems like they recruit really well. He's been to the title game and lost to a MONSTER Alabama team. You could make a case that they could have been in the playoffs two years ago when they lost heartbreakers to Clemson and Florida State. I think he's done enough to not be on the hot seat, and I think he survives a sub-.500 season this year. But it will start to get warm next year for sure. They sure seem to go through a lot of staff changes for such a great school, and that might hurt the product on the field.

AMBuckeye: Any chance Charlie Strong is our next defensive coordinator?

BG: I think Charlie Strong is in deep trouble at Texas and I think he could be unemployed as early as this coming Sunday. I think he's a great coach, but this one just never seemed like a good fit from the start. He has also had a ton of staff turnover on both sides of the football, and that has hurt the onfield product. To answer your question, I think Strong will be a head coach somewhere next season, maybe even back at Louisville if Bobby Petrino leaves for another job. I think Strong is looked at as a better coach than Will Muschamp, and will land on his feet with a decent head coaching job. 

buckeyebones: Tell us about your travel habits Bill. What kind of car do you drive? How many miles/year? How far away do you travel to scout HS kids? How many games/wk are you watching?

BG: I usually drive 20,000 miles per year, most of them for my job. Living in Canton, it's tough to get to Cincinnati three or four times per season. It's also 100 miles to Columbus, and I'm there ten times per year at least. I drive a Jeep Grand Cherokee and have owned four of them now. In between these vehicles I drove a Hummer for four years, and loved it. If they were still making them I would never drive anything else. I try to get to two games per week, and also go to practices during the week. During the month of June, I'm all over the Midwest going to college camps. Makes for a lot of driving, which I love. 

jwinslow: Who starts at MLB game 1, 2017? Who is the long term answer there? Can browning be a thumper inside? Will he need time or can he start in year one with some growing pains?

BG: Tough question to answer, but I'm pretty sure it won't be Raekwon McMillan, LOL. Maybe Justin Hilliard grabs it? I don't think it will be Browning because it's too hard to start at that spot as a freshman. I did talk to Luke Fickell last summer about his philosophy on the linebackers and their specific positions. He told me his philosophy is to put the three best football players on the field, regardless of positions. So maybe it ends up being Dante Booker, Chris Worley and Jerome Baker, with Booker playing the middle? 

BuckeyePavs: Bill...Do you see any scenario where Lynn Bowden ends up at OSU? Is there even the slimmest of chances?

BG: I just think it's going to be hard to squeeze in one more receiver, and I believe they want Jaylen Harris in this class. I love Bowden as a player, and think he might be another Curtis Samuel, but Tyjon Lindsey probably eliminated Lynn Bowden. Can't take them all. 

buckeyebones: Name and rank 10-15 HS programs from which you would recruit your next class.  Thinking about the strength of the programs and ability to consistently produce elite prospects.

BG: They seem to have good things going at Bishop Gorman, IMG and St. Thomas Aquinas to name three. In Ohio, the Catholic schools in Cincinnati and Cleveland always have great kids as well. With Ohio State, it's more about talent than a particular school. They want the best players, no matter what school they're at. 

Buckem: This team seems to be firing on all cylinders even though it doesn't necessarily make sense on paper. You seem to have reservations, as your football thought process has been well validated over the years, what do you see as their Achilles heal? Can Binjamin Victor be the difference maker they seem to lack on the outside come Michigan?

BG: I wouldn't say I have reservations because to this point they've exceeded everyone's expectations. I want to see them play a physical football team, which to date they have not. I want to see them go up against a great defense, which they have not yet. I want to see them react in a close game, which they have not had yet. All these things will happen over the course of a 12-game season. I would rank them at number-one right now, with Alabama. You don't win championships in September. They are right where they need to be considering who they've played to date. Victor is weak physically and not developed as a route runner, so I would say NO. Catching one pass for seven yards against the Rutgers backups didn't really have me jumping off the couch like I was seeing the next Randy Moss, LOL. Let the kid develop first before seeing him as a difference maker.

johnwic11:  Bank, Can we get the game were gonna hammer on Friday? got the girl I met from Oklahoma flying in this weekend. Beat their team steal their chicks!

BG: With each passing week, Las Vegas gets smarter and sharper and we get dumber and dumber. If they will give me another gift of Ohio State -27 against sorry Bowling Green I would accept that gift with gratitude. Now I get Ohio State -30 against a decent Big Ten team. In Week-One I knew I was smarter than Vegas concerning both Ohio State and Bowling Green, and I made them pay. Now that these teams are playing, Vegas knows 100X more than any of us. But I will post my thoughts on Friday, and will have a pick on the OSU game and another college game. 

RyanMcGlade: What were your thoughts of Binjimen Victor's first game at the college level? I know Urban Meyer has commended him for making so much progress in such a short time.

BG: He's going to be a really good player in time, but he needs to get stronger. That one catch for seven yards against a DB that couldn't be 7th string at OSU did not WOW me. And I don't think he could block Shelley Meyer yet. So I'd pump the brakes on him. His time will come. 

RyanMcGlade: Who are your top three to five Heisman candidates so far?

BG: You don't win a Heisman Trophy in September or October, so it's right there for everyone playing for a top team. The usual suspects are still alive: Jackson, Barrett, Watson and McCaffrey. I think Fournette and Cook are eliminated. There's still time for Jalen Hurts or Joshua Dobbs to win it as well. This will become clearer in mid-November. 

dplaw: any truth to the rumor that there is bad blood between Strong and Urban?

BG: I've never been told that by anyone. I know Nevada posted that a year ago, and I would never question him on something like that. I saw Zach Smith really backed Charlie Strong on Twitter a few times, so I think he's good with him. All I know about bad blood would be what Nevada told us. Will be interesting to see if Urban comments when Strong is finally let go. 

RyanMcGlade: Is it a positive or a negative that Ohio State hasn't identified a consistent deep threat with one of its receivers so far this year? Or is it a little bit of both?

BG: Can't see how that's a positive. It always helps to back off the safetys when playing a team that is strong defensively. The extra man in the box has hurt OSU in the past when playing stronger defenses.

BuckeyeNatural: What do you think about Trevon Grimes Ranking here? 24 in the country and 3rd ranked WR is too low to me. He might be the best WR to come up in years IMO. Top ten player for sure in my estimation. What players in OSU's recruiting class and in the state of Ohio do you see or think should be getting a rankings bump or a rankings dump by the end of this season?

BG: I haven't seen the other two wideouts ranked ahead of him, so I really can't say. I think he's a heck of a player and agree with you that he's the top WR Urban has recruited for Ohio State. I think these guys are all ranked so high that there's almost no way anyone goes up. And no reason to drop anyone that I'm aware of. I think these guys are all where they need to be. 

drewsus: I know you were high on Eric Glover Williams but is he in danger of being passed up/recruited over? Do you think Damon Webb keeps the starting safety spot for the remainder of the year? What are you hearing on Benjimin Victor? Can he play a significant role this year? Would Torrance Gibson have cracked the rotation at WR had he not ran into trouble?

BG: Eric needs to keep battling and working hard. He's been really good in kickoff coverage. Webb has been OK I think. If he gets pushed it will be Erick Smith I believe. I need to go back and rewatch that catch by Victor. It had to have been the greatest seven yard reception in football history, LOL. I think Victor is a year away. These wideouts need to block and I don't think he's physically strong enough to do that yet. Gibson has major talent, but is so far behind in learning the position. And this suspension really sets him back a lot. This suspension could really put him in a place he can't recover from. I hated seeing that happen. 

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