Bank Bag: Ohio State vs. Wisconsin Week

Ohio State heads to Wisconsin to play the Badgers this Saturday night in one of the top games in the country, so there is plenty of excitement in Buckeye Land. Bill Greene is back this week to answer questions from BSB subscribers. Here is Part-One.

cjdjbucknuts: Do you "Jump Around" at home before 4th quarter. Please say u do. Can we get that on video?


JohnCarrollBuckeye: Do you see Samuel getting 15 plus touches this week What are your odds that Ohio State/Michigan is another #1 vs. #2 matchup this season?

BG: I think they know full well what a weapon they have in Samuel, and they can't think for a minute that nine touches is acceptable. I believe they get him the rock this week for sure. It's just so hard to go undefeated, but I think there's a reasonable chance that both Ohio State and Michigan can do that before they play. They could definitely be #1 vs. #2. 

ScarletandGray02: I think the Badgers can slow this offense down, because as you have noted if a defense can take away the inside run and make JT beat them throwing the ball....well he hasn't done that since his freshman year imo. My question to you is how can the Badgers score without TOs and sloppy play by the Buckeyes? I just don't see how this team puts up more than 10 points without help from the Buckeyes.

BG: I think you just might have this matchup pegged. This has to be a low scoring game for Wisconsin to have a shot at winning. I think it's obvious how each team is going to play defensively, and it's going to be to stack the line of scrimmage, play man coverage, and force the QB's to throw it well to win. Ohio State is the better team by far. But you don't have to be the best team to win each week. You just have to be the best team for three hours. 

TB777: Rank the next best five coaches in the B1G after Urban and Harbaugh? Which one player if you could take them off another college team would you choose to help OSU's chances to win a NC this year? Does Chris Ash survive more than three years at Rutgers? Does Brian Kennedy make it through the end of the year? What is up with Stanford fall? Will you play Golf this week, and if the answer is yes where are you playing?

BG: After Urban and Harbaugh, I would go with Dantonio as the obvious number-three. Then it gets pretty tough, but I would go with Fitzgerald at number-four. At number-five I would go with Mike Riley or Kirk Ferentz. Could you imagine Lamar Jackson in the Urban Meyer spread offense? Give me that guy. I think Rutgers is very pleased with what Chris is doing to clean up the mess left behind, but you have to win at some point. This week is a huge game for Ash. If they beat Illinois, they are 3-4 and looking at a bowl game. If they lose and go 2-5, they might not win again. I think you mean Brian Kelly, and Yes he's fine. Not sure with Stanford, to be honest, and they are getting pounded right now. Yes on golf. Staying local at Tam O'Shanter and Seven Hills. 

tforaker2: Do the Cleveland Indians win the World Series? They looked great against Boston. Secondly, where has the hurry up offense been? That's when JT seems to be at his best. Are they saving it? I know Meyer said he wants to go faster on offense, but I'm not seeing it. Finally, Benjamin Victor, when does he become tOSU all time leading wide receiver? 

BG: I have had the Tribe losing in seven to the Cubs all year and I'm not changing that. They go faster on offense when they're clicking. When they get slowed down a little by the opposing defense, they get kind of tentative and run the QB a lot. I almost wish I hadn't started the Victor joke, and it came about because everybody went crazy over the one-catch-for-seven-yards game. I couldn't believe all the questions I got about him. He's going to be really good, but right now he's not strong enough to block and that's what the wideouts are in this offense to start with. 

TeddyHeisman: What got you started in covering recruiting? To my knowledge, it's not something you were doing 20 years ago and probably had no plans to do at one point in your life. I know some people (Birm comes to mind) merely started out as a random poster on a message board and then started to gain some clout, but what was your progression like?

BG: Honored to be asked a question by such an esteemed member. I have always had good OSU contacts, going back before the recruiting web sites were formed. Duane Long and I had a private email list in the '90's that had great OSU info. Bucknuts hired Duane and bought his magazine around 2004, so I started posting with him on Bucknuts instead of the old AOL sports message board and our email list. That evolved to writing articles on kids, and to being paid to do it. When Scout and Bucknuts split, all the sudden Nevada and I were being fought over by the two sites. We went with Scout, and it eventually led to a full time gig. I'm proof positive that anything is possible in our great country. I would say Birm and Derek Young are following my career path to a tee. 

BUCKEYEL: How were high school athletes different 20-30 years ago? I'd assume not as much emphasis was put on measurables, and more on talent/skill.

BG: I think coaches did recruit more pure football players, and less on athletic ability 20 years ago. Things are so much better today with the current technology, that you see very few recruiting sleepers anymore. I do miss the days of the unknown recruit becoming an All-American. 

irishkiller: My son just committed to play college lacrosse. They are allotted 12.6 scholarships for teams that average 40-50 athletes. Most get a partial scholarship. You never see this in football. Why don't they split 4-5 of the 85 and use them for kickers/long snappers and some walk-ons that earn it?

BG: I believe it is allowed at the Division-I level for football, but it never happens. I have no idea why.  It does happen in football for the Ashland's and the Youngstown State's. No partials for the big boys that I've ever heard of. Only 85 full scholarships for football at the FBS level. 

BlufftonBuck: With Durbin entrenched at PK and a freshman on the Sean Nuernberger done?

BG: Depends on if they want to go with a true freshman, Blake Haubeil,  next season or not. I don't think it looks good for him right now at all. 

Pavs38: Explain to me why Jabril Peppers name is associated with the Heisman trophy please

BG: The award is basically a quarterback trophy, but a runningback can sneak in there every once in a while. Of the non-QB/RB guys, Peppers is as good a football player as there is in the country. I think he's a stud when you combine everything he does on the field. A totally complete football player. He can cover. He can tackle. He can play LB, CB or safety. He can play RB or WR. He is a great kick returner. 

TB777: Do you think there were politics involved rather than purely weather that caused the cancellation completely of the Florida-LSU game (others played on Sunday)? If Bill Greene was a 18 year old stud HS QB who had big time NFL aspirations, which program and Head Coach would you choose to play for right now? Same question as above but change it to you being a top OL and then a top DL? 4th and 1 in the NC game against Bama on the 1 yard line down 3 points with 5 seconds left. Does Urban kick the FG to go to OT, or does he go for the win challenging Bama on one play for it all?

BG: The SEC needed to step in and make a decision last week and not leave it up to Florida and LSU to reach a compromise. Sure seemed like Florida wanted no part of playing that game. To get to the NFL as a QB? Probably one of the schools that features a pro-style offense and a place that looked like I had a reasonable shot at getting on the field at some point. For the offensive linemen I'm not sure pro-style is a must like it is for the QB. I would go to a line coach that has proven he can develop NFL talent. Same with D-linemen. Great question on Meyer. I think he just might go for the win in that setting. Maybe it happens this year? 

buckeyebones: Rank these OSU teams in order of greatness: 2014, 2015, 2016, 2017, 2018.

BG: Can't top 2014 because they won it all. 2015 had great talent but the MSU loss kills things. The 2016 group can write their history in the next few weeks. I think 2017 is going to be a monster and the same with 2018. 

rollymolly2: Who will be the starting MLB next season assuming that RM is playing pro ball? Did you agree with call of an illegal block on the Hooker pick return?

BG: Maybe they put Dante Booker there? I have no clue on the Mike backer for next year. Maybe Justin Hilliard? The chop block call was a tough call to make but probably the right call. You can watch it over and over, and it's tough. By the letter of the law Arnette probably went too low. He started out at the belt, but ended up taking out his knees. A hard call either way, but blocking below the waist is illegal. To me, it was the right call. 

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