Bank Bag: Ohio State vs Wisconsin Week PART-2

Ohio State heads to Wisconsin to play the Badgers this Saturday night in one of the top games in the country, so there is plenty of excitement in Buckeye Land. Bill Greene is back this week to answer questions from BSB subscribers. Here is Part-Two.

mrbigbux: Please reflect on your opinion on what is up with Michigan State's problems.

BG: It's still a great program and Mark Dantonio is a heck of a head coach, but they are killing themselves this year with turnovers. Their QB play has been very bad. They're also not as good defensively, and that's their calling card. They did not win with monster four and five star kids. Their margin to win was slim, and their edge was efficient offense and great defense. They have a turnover prone offense this year and they aren't stopping people defensively. I think it's just a bad year, and they should be back next year. 

BuckeyeBK: Can OSU develop a passing game starting with this week? Is Taron Vincent going to be a part of 2018? Does Osu have any chance better than .01% with DPJ? Mixhgian or OSU defense?

BG: I do think J.T. Barrett throws it well this week. Ohio State is the clear leader for Vincent, so I'm tempted to say YES. They aren't getting Peoples-Jones, but you fight it out to the end and see what happens. I think Ohio State is better against the pass, but Michigan might be more physical up front stopping the run. Both units are very good, led by great defensive coaches.

sphinxbuck: Was Ted Ginn Sr a great athlete like his son Ted Ginn, Jr?  Do you see Glennville making a big comeback to prominence of having college prospects. True or False: Joey Bosa is the best defensive end in OSU history. True or False: Ezekiel Elliot is the best running back in OSU history.

BG: No clue on Big Ted, and I will ask him that the next time I see him. My guess is he was a lineman, not a sprinter. Glenville isn't getting the athletes right now, and it seems they're spread out all over Cleveland. I think I'm going to say YES on Bosa, and he was better than Vrabel. I also want to say YES on Zeke and I know that's blasphemy to the Archie supporters. Had those guys stayed for four years both answers would be easy for YES. 

Coors73: Who is the def. cord. next year?  Who's QB?

BG: For defensive coordinator I'm sticking with Greg Schiano right now. Gotta see what jobs come open. He's not getting Texas or LSU. I know the consensus is that Barrett leaves after this season, even though I think that's foolish. I will go Joey Burrow until I hear differently. 

drewsus: Binjimen Victor - would you say he's the next Jerry Rice or the next Calvin Johnson? Or more like a combination of the two?

BG: He's going to be a heck of a player for sure. I almost wish I hadn't started the joke because I don't want anyone to think I'm not high on him. But the reaction to that one catch for seven yards was amusing to me. 

bucknutsinurface: Bill, I am concerned about the dline holding up against Wisconsin. There not very big and Wisconsin line is the typical. Your opinion

BG: I don't think Wisconsin runs it like typical Wisconsin this year. They did not really gash LSU, Michigan State or Michigan with the run at all. Also, Ohio State is so good in coverage that they can bring a safety into the box to help stop the run if they need to. There's no reason to fear their QB, so stack the box and make him beat you. 

tridentawc: Who will be the 3rd commit in the 2018 class and why?

BG: Just too tough to say right now, but maybe Jaiden Woodbey out of California could be next. I know they're in good shape with him. 

NorthPoleBuckeye: I can't remember ever reading anything in relation to recruiting Foster Sarell, did Ohio State even try to recruit him and if so, why no interest from his side?

BG: Never heard any buzz about him with Ohio State. He's a heck of a talent though.

EncyclopedicBuck: How good of a college football player would LeBron James have been? He certainly would have been the tallest WR in D-IA football and one of the fastest. I've heard reports that he would have been good enough to play in the NFL. So I am asking you the expert on his college, and possibly, his NFL skills. He has said before that football was his first love growing up. And we all know he would have played his college football in a Buckeye uniform.

BG: I actually saw him play wide receiver in high school as a sophomore, and he absolutely destroyed Canton Central Catholic in the game I saw. I was helping Duana Long with Ohio's Future Stars magazine back then, and we had him as the #2 football prospect in the state that year. He was a bigger, faster Cris Carter. 

dirtysouthbucks: What has been holding Austin Mack back from more playing time? It seems the team is missing a deep threat receiver. Why can't he be that player?

BG: He's more of a Mike Thomas than he is Devin Smith, so I'm not sure he's going to be a deep threat type at all. I think he will be a good player at OSU, but a possession guy like Hartline, Robiskie or Thomas. He better be blocking to get on the field this year, because these wideouts block like crazy. 

rkorch: Would love a segment each week on which players from he other team you would take over the OSU starters. If weather is a factor, is Cam our MVP this weekend? Thoughts on our current kicking game? Why haven't we used a screen or draw to discourage the opposing pass rush?

BG: That would probably be a short segment each week, because talent is not an OSU problem at all. I would not think the punter will be the MVP this weekend, because I think the weather will be just fine. To the Green Bay Packers this will seem like a weekend in South Beach. Love the punter and not confident in the kicker needing to make one at the buzzer for the win. I don't think Urban is a big draw play guy, but I'm surprised the bubble screens to Wilson and Samuel haven't been used. Getting one of them behind Campbell as the lead blocker would gain yards. 

buckeyebones: Do you get to maintain relationships with some of the players after they graduate? Any stories you can share about some past players who are doing good things outside of football?

BG: I absolutely do keep up relationships and it's great to see these guys as they progress in their adult lives. Saw Tyler Everett last weekend, and Mike Doss a few weeks before, and both are doing well. I gave J.B. Shugarts a good job recommendation at Toledo and they hired him as a GA a few years ago. Etienne Sabino is working in South Florida in real estate development and doing well. There are a lot of others. 

RyanMcGlade: Based on what we saw against Indiana, do you think Wisconsin will load the box and force Barrett to throw?

BG: It's really been the only way to defend Ohio State since Urban Meyer took over as head coach. I absolutely expect to see Wisconsin force J.T. Barrett to beat them. They will make him keep it on the zone read, and make him beat them throwing it on third down. This Saturday gives Barrett a perfect chance to jump into the Heisman race, because this game will rest on his ability to make plays. 

KansasCityBuckeye: How is Chryst's offense similar to and different from Bielema's and Alvarez's? The "Jump Around" from an Ohio State player's perspective? Nuisance, distracting, intimidating, zero factor? I seem to recall Terrelle's team being distracted with it. True?

BG: Paul Chryst wants to play smashmouth like the previous two coaches did, but I haven't seen it out of this team yet. And they switched QB's after a few games, so I'm not impressed with their offense at all. I think Wisconsin lost a lot when Bielema left for Arkansas. The Jump Around is great if you're winning, but sucks if they're whipping your azzes. When I predicted undefeated and number-one ranked Ohio State to lose to Wisconsin in 2010, some of it was due to Buckeye players spending all week planning for their Jump Around dance. They were over-confident and ripe to be plucked, and they got their faces ripped off that night. From what I was told all week long, there was no way I thought OSU would play well. They got rolled early and tried to fight back, but all in all that was a mugging. 

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