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Bank Bag: Ohio State vs Wisconsin Week PART-3

Ohio State heads to Wisconsin to play the Badgers this Saturday night in one of the top games in the country, so there is plenty of excitement in Buckeye Land. Bill Greene is back this week to answer questions from BSB subscribers. Here is Part-Three.

KansasCityBuckeye: I am of the opinion that there needs to be a no-tampering rule for both assistants and head coaches until their season is over. I don't think it's right when coaches are offered, interviewed, or accept new positions during the season. Do you agree? Why or why not? Why would or wouldn't it happen?

BG: I don't think there is a lot of that going on during the season, to be honest. Most of what goes on during the season happens between agents and university representatives anyway. There's no way to stop that, especially given the nature of these jobs where coaches are fired often so they are always on the lookout for the next landing spot. These guys know the best way to get that new job is to do your current job really well. I don't see it as a big problem in college sports at all. 

USFbuckeyeBG: Shaun Wade... I know the hurricane is what drove them to Bama, but thats just another visit to Bama... Heard anything new?

BG: There won't be much coming out until he finally decides where he's going. Welcome to recruiting the Florida kids, and this is normal with this state. Torrance Gibson did this and it worked out for Ohio State. Carlton Davis did this, and the Buckeyes got burned at the last minute. I wish I had something to add one way or the other, but nobody knows how this one is going to end right now. I would imagine he's telling Nick Saban he's coming, while telling Urban Meyer there's nothing to worry about. 

dfaulkne: Can you talk more about how OSU gets insight on whether a guy is likely to go pro or not. Are there open conversations during the year between the player and the coaching staff? Or do they rely more on "secondhand" information and chatter from family/etc. Obviously they have to plan their recruiting strategy on this, but it just seems difficult to pin things down unless you're dealing with a true superstar like Bosa or Elliott.

BG: It's different with every kid, but often times the team finds out when we find out. They had a clue, but they did not know for sure what either Tyvis Powell or Jalin Marshall were doing right up to their announcements. They found out what Zeke was doing when he met the media after Michigan State. The team definitely wants to know, but sometimes these decisions aren't finalized until very late as the kids try to get as much info as they can about where they might be drafted. I think they knew what Mike Thomas was doing pretty early, as well as Bosa. Not sure when they found out about Darron Lee. When Ryan Shazier decided to go, that decision was made a few days before the bowl game, and I was consulted for my opinion on the matter. They had not spoken with the coaches prior to that decision and never did talk to them until he announced it. 

buckeyebones: If your son was a big time recruit what would be your concerns as a parent and what advice would you give him?

BG: We would be totally forgetting whatever jersey we bought at WalMart, and who we've rooted for all our lives. That would mean nothing to me, because that is fantasy anyway. A hobby. Choosing your school is strictly business, and this becomes clear once folks go through it. If the kid is not at all interested in education, that should factor in it. If this is a decision made to play in the NFL, the school should be picked based on that factor. If you are looking to truly use your education after football in a certain field, you need to pick a school based on educational opportunities offered. Which school recruiting you can truly help you with life after football? If this is a football decision primarily, then style of play should be looked at. For certain positions, the depth chart needs to be studied, especially quarterback. Without knowing specifically the type of player and person we are talking about, it's pretty hard to answer. You need to identify the ultimate goal the player is shooting for, and if it's the NFL, or a degree, or winning a title, or getting on the field early, etc. etc. choose the school that fits what you're looking for. 

buckeyebones: How is the fit for Danny at UK? Do you think he ends up there?

BG: I do think it's a good fit for him in a lot of ways and I do think that's where he will go. I hope everything works out well for him because I like him and his family a lot. He's been through a lot at an early age, and he's been forced to grow up fast through his experiences at Massillon as a 14-year old kid and committing to Ohio State as a freshman. He's going to be tough enough to face life going forward because of what he's been through already at an early age. 

raider2426: What direction do you see the Oregon going after this year? If they make a move what kind of names do you see popping up for that job?

BG: That needle has been pointing down for a while now and that can't bode well for Mark Helfrich at all. This is a program that spends a lot of money on building a winner, and they expect to win. I don't think they are going to be all that patient going forward. I think Oklahoma offensive coordinator Lincoln Riley is young and dynamic, and an offensive guru. He could energize recruiting and keep up the tradition of wide open offence. 

BuckeyeNatural: Ok Bill, you get to build an OSU dream team with Urban Meyer as the head coach, selecting a full starting lineup from the best OSU players of all time. Go...

BG: It all starts at QB and I would love to see Urban paired with Terrelle Pryor, who was really good in Tressel's Covered Wagon, but what about in this offense? Wow. Runningback would be Zeke. Receivers would be Ginn, Warfield and Cris Carter. O-line would be Pace, Parker, Lachey, Hicks and Stringer. Tight end would be Jan White. On defense, the D-line would be Bosa, Vrabel, Willis and Big Daddy. Linebackers would be Gradishar, Spielman and Jack Tatum. Corners would be Winfield and Springs. Safety would be Tim Fox and Neal Colzie. 

buckeyebones: Could we have another JT QB in our future? Just read an article on JT Daniels, soph at Mater Dei. 2,234 yards, 35 TDs, 2 INTs in six games. Calls all of his own plays.

BG: They will take a QB in the 2019 class, so maybe it's this guy? I don't know much about him, but I went and watched his film and he looks awesome. Don't see this kid wanting to run the zone read though, LOL. Looks like an Alabama or USC type of QB. 

buckeyebones: Our 2017 class now has a 4.24 average star rating. On signing day will it be higher or lower?

BG: Hard to see it rising because every four-star kid they take makes the average go down. This is going to be an amazing class when all is said and done. Maybe they take all five-stars going forward and it goes up? 

JohnCarrollBuckeye: Bill will Okudah be a safety or corner for Ohio State?

BG: I think he starts at safety when Malik Hooker goes to the NFL. 

WraithBuck: Bill, can you and are you willing to share the best advice you have been given in the sports writing business and in life?

BG: The people that know me could tell you I'm a pretty simple guy and not complicated at all. I've been blessed with a great family and great friends. My dad was like me in a lot of ways. His advice to all of us kids was "treat people like you want to be treated and work your tail off." And that's what I've tried to pass on to my kids. I've done well in this business because I've tried to always do those things. I know I'm not the smartest person around, not the best writer, not the best talent evaluator, not the best photographer, or the best interviewer. But I try to treat people well, and I work as hard as I can every day. 

buckeyeinsc: Kind of like picking a person to make a putt with a championship or money on the line (Nicklaus, Tiger, etc.)...if you had to WIN one game in College Football be it massive rivalry game, Championship, etc...who would you chose?

BG: I think Nick Saban is on his way to being the best college coach of all time. Four out of seven national titles is amazing, and that number might keep growing over the next few years. He has a chance to continue this run as long as he wants to keep grinding away. I'll take him. 

bridgette: Living here in Los Angeles I have been able to see Wyatt Davis play a few times.  This guy seems REALLY good to me!  I don't see any way he's not one of our best five lineman next year.  Am I missing something?

BG: I saw him in Cincinnati earlier this year and was sold on him after watching 3-4 plays. I think he just might battle for Elflein's spot next year as a true freshman. 

BuckeyePavs: Bill, did you ever see Omar Provitt play? One of the best that never was....He was better than Mario Manningham and Lynn Bowden.

BG: I saw him play more than once and agree with you that he was amazing. Great hoops player as well. Saw him last year at Warren Harding and told him how much I admired his play when he was in high school. He was a great receiver who would have killed it in the spread offenses of today. Just an amazing talent. Put out this tweet last year from the game I saw him. 

Warren Harding honoring the 1990 state champs. Omar Provitt might be the best I've ever seen in Ohio.

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