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Bank Bag: OSU vs Penn State Week Part-Two

As undefeated Ohio State heads to Happy Valley to battle Penn State, Bill Greene is here to answer question from BSB subscribers. Here is Part-Two.

HINYG8: 1) Tough win over UW...but a good gut check. Does that move your meter off of 2 losses?  I told ya I'm going to keep asking! 2) As of PSU game week, who do you think are the names most likely to leave OSU early? 3) Michigan starts 18 seniors plus has a couple of starters that might leave early... do you think they are in for a drop off next season...or does Jim have what he needs to reload? 4) Michigan State...opposite question: Do they have what they need to bounce back next year? 5) How long do you predict Franklin will be the HC at PSU? 6) Day got busy, didn't get a chance to run to the store and you don't have the time or energy to sit down and order...so what is the go to drive thru/carry out food option?

BG: I'm almost forced to move off the two loss prediction now, because last week was probably as close as they might come to losing until Michigan, but let's stick with two for another week or so, HaHa. For leaving early? Probably the same list of Barrett, Samuel, Hubbard, Lewis, McMillan, Hooker and Conley. The maybes would be Lattimore, Brown, Baugh, Hill and Price. I need to look closer at Michigan's roster before answering that, but I think Harbaugh should have them rolling. I'm shocked by Michigan State this year, and I'm tempted to say it's just one of those years for Sparty. I really like Franklin at Penn State and think he deserves another year regardless of what happens this season. O'Brien gets a lot of credit, but he coached a pretty good roster of Paterno recruits. Franklin is the guy that had to clean up the mess, and I think he's done a good job. But I know this business is all about wins and losses. In a pinch I'm headed to Subway, and there are a ton of items I like there. 

jjw9393: Hi Bill: What player or players will impact this team that has not played or is close to playing time. Anyone?

BG: Some of the guys I think can play are Austin Mack, Joey Burrow, Jake Hausmann, Johnathon Cooper and Keandre Jones. Not sure any of these guys get a shot unless there are injuries, but I think they're all going to be good. 

1XBUCK: Does the current staff understand the Penn State and their fans view OSU as their biggest rivalry? I never underestimate what a mentality can add the outcome of a game.

BG: The one thing I would never question with Urban Meyer is his ability to have his team ready to play on a weekly basis. That is one of his many strengths as a head coach. Ohio State will be ready to play this week, as they are every week. You don't get many clunkers with Meyer, nor do you have many games where the players just weren't ready to play. He really knows how to demand effort.

WSPBuck: If hooker, Lattimore, and Conley all go pro.. who is the starting secondary next season? is Tuf Borland going to be the answer at MLB? It seems like we are STACKED on the outside.. even more so if we land Browning..Browning, Harrison, K Jones, Pryor, Bolden, Simmons, White all seem like probable OLB to me of the future.. MLB seems like a huge hole but their targets & commits this year make me think they're more confident than it looks on paper

BG: How about Arnette and Ward at the corners, Fuller and Webb at safety, and Okudah playing the nickel? Have not heard anything on Tuf Borland at all, so I will check on his progress. Maybe Justin Hilliard could play in the middle? Or possibly Dante Booker? 

RyanMcGlade: Considering what Corey Clement did to the Buckeyes defense on the ground, will Saquon Barkley have similar success?

BG: I love Barkley as a football player and he might be the best offensive player in the conference. He's going to get his yards, because they might run him 25-30 times. Barkley can help shorten the game and keep the Ohio State offense on the sidelines if he's finding running room. 

victor64: Instead of whining and complaining, I would rather understand why JT holds on to the ball so long on passing plays. Can you help? I hate instant replay. It lengthens an already long game. I am not sure instant replay is even right 100% of the time. There is still subjectivity in the booth. Your thoughts?

BG: I think it all boils down to being confident in your reads, and trusting what you're seeing, then letting it go. Barrett could also be unsure of these inexperienced wideouts, and not trusting they are going to run the right routes. You never had that worry with Mike Thomas. Regarding instant replay, I like it when it overturns an OBVIOUS mistake. If you have to look at four different angles and 25 replays, that call is too close to change so just stick with what was called on the field. 

chibuck: What's your take on Big 12 punting on expansion? I think it's good for OSU keeping Cincy out of the big boy leagues as far as recruiting goes. Any insight on who replaces Hazel at Purdue? Which school in the Big Ten is the most difficult job?

BG: The Big-12 is destined to fail I believe. The idea of four super conferences just makes so much sense to set the playoff teams. Have four conference winners. Let the "committee" choose four wild cards from who's left, and play on. None of the teams that miss the wild card can complain, because they all had every opportunity to win their conferences. This is basically the Jim Tressel model from ten years ago. Cincinnati will never be able to out-recruit Ohio State, even if they move to the NFL. I'm hearing Bo Pelini would love the Purdue job, and I also heard P.J. Fleck will not take it if it is offered to him. In the Big Ten, a lot of jobs are really tough, but I would say Minnesota is the toughest of all. 

internationalbuckeye: Bill why do you think JT will go to the NFL after this year. I don't see him as a NFL QB at all.

BG: I would agree with you and think he should come back. But he might feel he's done all he wants to do at the college level, and think it's time to give it a shot. Much like Tyvis Powell did last year. 

EncyclopedicBuck: How did Oklahoma leap Ohio State in the recent Scout recruiting rankings? OSU has the most Top 100 players (11?), the most 5-star players (5?) and the highest player average stars (4.25?) of all the recruiting classes in the nation. They were supposed to be on pace to have the greatest recruiting class in the history of college football and they dropped to #2. Not that having the best class in the nation is important to what actually happens on the field in the future, but it would be nice have the #1 class in the nation every once in awhile.

BG: I don't really dig into the recruiting rankings all that much. There's a formula that Scout uses, and the total points value is what it is. Ohio State is going to have a great class at the end of the day, and they will have the highest star rating this year and probably of all time. And maybe if they add a few more five-stars, they jump back into the top spot? I think lower numbers are all that will keep them out of the top spot in the end. 

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