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Bank Bag: OSU vs Penn State Week Part-Three

As undefeated Ohio State heads to Happy Valley to battle Penn State, Bill Greene is here to answer question from BSB subscribers. Here is Part-Three.

BuckeyePete: Bill -  Could you please give us a brief recap of your opinion of Dontre Wilson as he went from recruit, to “all the buzz” freshman, to oft injured and secondary, to last year behind all those stars, up until this season?  His long catch against Wisky was probably the play of the game. In his senior season, what do you think?  What do the coaches and players think of him?  I have been very impressed with his play and demeanor this year.  It seems like the light has come on.

BG: I liked him at the Under Armour game when he was a senior in high school, but he's been his own worst enemy at Ohio State with off the field issues. And he's had injury issues as well. I would agree with you that he's playing his best football of his career right now. The problem for him now is it's tough to put him on the field with Curtis Samuel, and Samuel is a lot better player. 

BuckeyeNatural: Last week asked you to make a starting lineup from All-time OSU players with Urban as the coach. This week I will do the same but this time using All-time great Ohio HS players.

BG: Man these questions are nearly impossible, but here goes. I only want to list players I saw in person or remember well. QB- Art Schlichter. Unbelievable talent. RB- Maurice Clarett and Ted Bell. WR- Omar Provitt and Desmond Howard. TE- Kyle Rudolph. OL- Jim Lachey. Orlando Pace. Alex Boone. Korey Stringer. Jeff Hartings. DL- Aaron Brown. Ross Browner. Gary Jeter. Chuck Jones. LB- Chris Spielman. Andy Katzenmoyer. Tom Cousineau. CB- Charles Woodson and Antoine Winfield. Safety- Mike Doss and Tim Fox. 

BuckeyeBoyle: Thank you for all that you add to Scout...I truly do look forward to reading your pieces each week. In a sports world full of hot takes and prisoner of the moment perspectives, you do a remarkable job delivering us authentic and objective insights on a topic we're all incredibly biased about (Buckeye football). In short, thank you for that; you help keep us grounded about our scarlet & grey Silver Bullets.  Anyways, my question is this...whats the best one or two pieces of advice you'd give to a young person (I'm mid-20s) to seek fulfillment and happiness professionally and personally as they transition into genuine adulthood? I know that's a mammoth question, but with children of your own in a similar age range I'm curious what your view is on this topic. In my experience, it seems that the biggest challenge for the millennial generation (of which I'm a member) is being happy/content/at peace with our career/life choices rather than actually finding a job that pays the bills and/or provides stability. 

BG: Wow, thanks for the kind words. I kind of answered this last week, and I think the same answer applies. Again, I'm a pretty simple guy, not complicated at all. Just an average guy, not some deep philosopher. And I hear you loud and clear on not taking a job to just pay bills. I wanted my kids to do something they have a passion for, and get paid for doing it. Both of them are on their way to doing that. The best advice I can give to live a happy life is to treat people like you want to be treated, and work your tail off on your job. You do those two things and you are on your way. The unhappiest people I encounter are usually lazy or selfish, or both. We are also Christian people and give thanks to God for what He has blessed us with. As I'm onto the back nine of my life, I would also encourage young people (and older) to take care of your health. I've seen the horrors of poor choices made early in life coming back to bite people later. I've put a lot of emphasis on health choices the past 30 years or so, and it is paying off for me today. Without health, you have nothing. 

sphinxbuck: Why did Purdue not try harder to recruit Ohio under Hazel? Does Cincinnati recruit northern and central Ohio hard enough?

BG: Purdue's recruiting under Hazell was weird, because there were Ohio guys they could have gotten that would have helped them. And Darrell has a great name in Ohio from his Ohio State and Kent State days. They were often late offering players, because Darrell had to approve every offer, which is right out of the early 2000's Jim Tressel playbook. Contrast that with Zach Smith, who offers 25 kids in Florida on a 3-day trip in the spring. They just did a bad job in evaluating players, and recruiting the ones they wanted. That's a death move for college coaching. Cincinnati recruits their own style and it's worked for them under Tommy Tuberville. They love JUCO guys, and these under the radar kids from the South. They actually do really well up in the northern part of the state, because assistant coach Robert Prunty is a great recruiter. 

tridentawc: With week seven behind us and teams starting to show just who they are and what they're all about. Who in your opinion looking forward with what you've seen so far who's the four teams that make the cut and enter the championship series?

BG: Alabama is the best team I've seen this year, even though I think they're vulnerable. The Clemson win over Louisville should put them in the final four, because that was an elimination game and the Coastal is weak. Washington looks like the PAC-12 winner and they look like a pretty good team. And the committee loves Chris Peterson. And then you have the Ohio State/Michigan winner in what amounts to a play-in game. If Baylor goes undefeated I still think they're out, because of the scandal. So right now, I'm going with Bama, Clemson, Washington and the OSU/Michigan winner. Should Washington lose in the PAC-12 title game or lose to Wazzou, I would have the OSU/Michigan loser as IN if they only have the one loss over undefeated Baylor. 

drewsus: What are you early impressions of Nick Bosa compared to Joey's freshman year? Nick hasn't gotten quite as many snaps as Joey who if IIRC was a true starter his freshman year...but when Nick is in the game he seems to always be making plays. Also, is Jonathan Cooper going to redshirt? I'm not sure if he's received any PT or not.

BG: I love what we are seeing out of Nick Bosa, and he would be starting on 95% of the teams in America. He's going to be another All-American, probably next year. He's going to be better once he gets another year with the knee injury behind him. I haven't seen Cooper yet, but maybe he played against Bowling Green and I missed it? I need to check on that. Cooper is going fall right in line with Hubbard, Lewis, Holmes and Bosa.

rollymolly2: Skipping to '18 recruiting class at this time do you think OSU lands these players Gill Oates Carman Woodbey Vincent Gant Gaoteote.

BG: Gill: Yes. Oates: Yes, if he's a taker. Carman: Yes. Woodbey: Highly probable. Vincent: Highly probable. Gant: Highly probable. Gaoteote: Yes. 

rollymolly2: Have you ever attended a night game at PSU vs OSU?

BG: I never have been to Penn State, and I want to go to a game there. Also have never been to Wisconsin, and want to get up there. With my job being to cover high school football, I don't really go to that many college games.

jnmbuck: If you could only have one this year would you rather see a Cleveland Indians world series Championship or a Buckeye Championship?

BG: For you guys, I want to see Ohio State win it all. For my son, the Indians winning would be beyond his wildest dreams. He's already seen two OSU titles and one from the Cavs, so I gotta go Tribe. 

stackdan15: Penn State always seems to be a tough place to play and the crowd usually comes into play. Has anything differently been done this week to better prepare the team and o-line to be able to effectively communicate?

BG: It's all about hand signals, and having a quarterback that has been through it before and won't get rattled under the noise. J.T. Barrett was fine in a similar situation last week, so they've already dealt with this issue for two weeks straight. I don't foresee any problems. 

WraithBuck: Bill if you were coaching a team, which style of offense would you run and why? Dual Threat QB or Pro Style?

BG: That's a great question. I'm a football old-timer, but I'm hip enough to realize Les Miles and Jim Tressel could not work their magic in today's game. The offense I've loved the most since I started watching college football way back when was the 1995 Ohio State team. Bobby Hoying, Eddie George, Terry Glenn, Orlando Pace and Rickey Dudley. They could run power with Eddie, and had a great passing attack with Hoying throwing to those great receivers. Could throw deep to Glenn, over the middle to Dudley, swing it to Eddie out of the backfield, and Hoying could also run when things broke down. That would be my type of offense, especially if I had all those NFL guys to run it. 

raider2426: A week ago Charlie Strong was on the hottest seat in college football. Now his job seems relatively safe. What caused the 180 on his job security? Tom Herman loosing? Political reasons outside of football? A win against Iowa State?

BG: His seat is still red hot. The Texas administration said they would not make any decision until after the season was finished, so he's safe through the last game. I believe they absolutely have to be talking to Tom Herman's agent on a weekly basis to judge whether they can get him or not. If they can, Charlie is done. Even if he wins out. They cannot let Herman slip through their fingers. 

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